Hairy Contest



submission deadline 6/12/04.

how about this as a guide and we use Hash’s deadline as a guide (I have modified for 3 days earlier)

we may get more entries from the mailing list too. (I notice the number of submissions are down in the contest galleries so we could be helping Hash also.)

I’d like to have a go and will start a thread along the lines of previous contest entries.

Any other views??


I think this sounds great, especially since we didn’t get any more interest in the past week. Thanks for getting us started!

I did do some tests for a “hairy” submission.

Though the NEW ver.11 hair looks great, I can/might wait until Christmas;) I tend to upgrade about every other year as I just do this as a hobby and don’t make any money with it. I only have AM up to 10.5r. It only has the begining of the new hair system and I am limited to what I can do with it. So, two questions…
Does anyone have the last beta that still works with the “Perk” CD? and
If I get to a point in my project that really needs ver.11 hair, would anyone like to help and do a team entry in the HASH portion of the contest? I’ll ask again too if I get there;)



hi thekamps
answer 1 - I think you’ll find the betas are very time limited. You may be working on the assumption that they have a long shelf life like the version 10 betas did (for me they did anyway). The version 11 betas have usually been time-limited to 1 month or so at a time.
answer 2 - I don’t mind joining or sharing information. My 3D CGI isn’t for money either (most of my money comes from physical 3D models so I have no qualms.)

I’ll wait another 6-8 hours andf then post a [WIP][hairy troll][hoochoochoochoo] thread.

If we don’t start soon - this mini-forum may die!


Hoochoochoo (contest startin’ man) -

Is the goal just showing off the hair? I have a model I’m already 90% done with that needs hair. Would that be within the rules for the contest or are we to start from scratch? Thanks for kick startin’ this one.


Stuck this thread so that the topic and deadline remain at the top.



Originally posted by modernhorse
Is the goal just showing off the hair? I have a model I’m already 90% done with that needs hair. Would that be within the rules for the contest or are we to start from scratch?

That’s a REALLY hard one Doug. I wouldn’t want to make a decision like that one! Then again, if we’re also going to post these to the Hash website - how about you check the Hash rules on this. If you’re on the Hash forum, you could ask Steve the same question.


Ya know, I just had a better idea. I have another character, yet to be modeled, that will need hair (feathers to be exact). These will use the new hair system I’m thinking.

How about that? Birds are hairy in a way, eh? :slight_smile:


it uses the hair system Mr Horse and that’s what counts! If you chose to use an image of a leaf to create a leafy character then you are still in.



I think out final turnout on this contest was sadly very low :frowning: So I don’t know that declaring a ‘winner’ in this case is required in any way.

TOTALLY AGREED! well done David, loved your little model.


thanks hooch,

like I said wish I had more time for him… the texturing is no where near complete but cest la vive.

I really dig the troll as well, the mossy fur really looks cool. it was a treat watching him come together.

a hearty congrats to we who finished :slight_smile:



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