Hair Symmetry in C4D R19+


I understand that this topic has been widely speculated, but nothing very clear or substantial has been recorded on how to use the hair symmetry tools in C4D.

The issue is that the hair symmetry tool just doesn’t work as it is offered at face value. I’m up to a point where I wish to mirror hair onto the right-hand side of my model, I can clearly see that it knows what it wants to do, but just doesn’t.

If anyone could clearly tell me how to do this I would be very grateful, I will also make a video of how to do this for everyone who wants to foray into hair because currently there is nothing on Youtube.

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I recommend these tutorials on the C4D hair System by Rectro.

Rectro is pretty active on C4DCafe. Check out this thread as it covers your issue.


Hi Nimpsy,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve seen all of these tutorials previously, unfortunately, he doesn’t talk about mirroring hair.

I’ve just gone onto the thread you posted, the animated eyeball with lashes is pretty interesting with animation but he still doesn’t mirror the hair.

Do you or anyone know how to turn the hair into a static mesh, so I can flip/mirror it using symmetry?

I don’t need to animate or anything fancy, just mirror to XZ.



I’ve actually just figured it out! :joy:

I’ll post a video in around 10 minutes.



Thanks for sharing!


No problem!


seems more like a workaround, doesn’t it? ideally you’d want it to actually mirror the guides, so you could alter one side and break up the symmetry afterwards. and what if you don’t want the hair to generate polygons? on a simple test the hairs symmetry function works flawlessly. are you sure your model is perfectly symmetrical? i could imagine the hair system might get confused if that is not the case.


Nice job, Everfresh. Thanks for sharing, it really is so easy. :slight_smile:


Hey Everfresh, glad you chimed in. You are very correct here, but that is only the guides being mirrored, but the actual hair won’t go on those new guides, and it is ruining the styling as well - so I would really like to hear your take on what could be my problem/mistake here.


Oh, silly me - figured my problem… I started out with a polyselection of only half the head, and of course it couldn’t symmetry hair onto anything not contained by the poly-selection the hair originally was generated from. Just including the other half of the head in the polyselection on the mesh solved this for me - hope this will help anyone else making the same f*ckup. <3


hey, glad you solved it :slight_smile: