Hair or no Hair - Please Help Me!


Hey guys I really need some help here. Please help me decide which technique I should use. It basically boils down to render time and visual quality as I would like to animate this model with a rider.
You can follow the development on this thread, please C&C! :wip:

The problem I’m having as of now is deciding which model looks better. Both have their appeal and both have about the same rendering time 30-40 seconds a frame. The top one uses bump mapping and GI with no hair and the bottom one uses Ornatrix Hair plugin, bump mapping and several light sources. Which one looks better? This is suppose to be a creature that inhabits a wintery wasteland.

I’ve been playing with trying to get hair to work right for about 2 weeks now :cry: and this is actually the best hair configuration i could come up with that looks realistic and is somewhat good looking. Please comment:D


Wow…that is really hard! I like both of them honestly…I think the top one reminds me more of a dinosaur-like creature, but I like the fur on the bottom one as well!! I also think it would be neat to see what it looks like with scales…but that is just my opinion. I like the eyes on the “fur” one better though…it looks like maybe you adjusted the color value of the eyes different in each one…the top one seems to be more of a darker red, and it makes it harder to see in my opinion.


Yup they both have their appeal. However, as far as i can recall, there is no being on earth living in an arctic region that does not have fur or feathers. Needs them for insulation. I’d go with the hairy one.


Definately the one with hair it looks better. Maybe refine it later on :wink: Good luck.


Well… looks like I’ll have to settle. Thank you guys for all your advice. :thumbsup: This isn’t as high quality as I would like it but I did manage to tweak ornatrix, lights, and my renderer to get some nicer color in the hair along with ray traced bump maps. Check it out.


hey my name is stan,

the hair is with the zbrush?


The hair is done with Ornatrix by ESPHERE. Its a great beta plugin and its free. You just have to mind the crashes and memory errors while using it. Check it out

Wouldn’t mind some C&C’s either. :wink:


to be honest i like the one without hair most! nice and clean, and if youre gonna make a rider he will be the “focal point” (imo)


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