Hair&Fur&Feathers + Lookdev for Bear rider(collaboration with Maria Panfilova), Andrew Krivulya (3d)


Title: Hair&Fur&Feathers + Lookdev for Bear rider(collaboration with Maria Panfilova)

Name: Andrew Krivulya

Hello everyone!
This is my collaboration with awesome 3d character artist - ??? ??? (Mariya Panfilova).
She gave me this model and I created the all grooming and lookdev work for it =)
Maria gave me Substance Painter file, so I exported the all textures and adapted them to Vray Next.
Hair and fur was created with Ornatrix Maya. Rendered with new Vray Next beta for Maya on very fast Vray.Cloud
Render was done on a very fast Vray.Cloud. Very-very bright cloud =)ChaosGroup made incredible =) Given the ability to render simultaneously on 50 steep servers … and this is still beta, still didn’t connect the GPU servers and … IPR waiting for us on the our PC, 7000 running cores … Hell yeah … Guys, this is a dream !!! Dreams come true! Thanks ChaosGroup =)
Awesome HDRi from
BearBody - 25 734 guides, Bear head - 6611, Brows - 1171 guides, Hair - 155 guides.
For bear body and bear head I created many guides. because it is more comfortable for me in this work, but for simulation of course I recommend 2000-3000 or smaller =)
Feathers was made with Propagation modifier, Very soon I’ll upload the tutorial about them.
Material for hair, fur and feathers was created with new awesome VrayHairNext material.
Enjoy and happy viewing!


Impressive Work. It Is A Pleasure To Be Ur Follower And Liker


thank you very much!