Hair disappearing on some rendered frames?


Hi folks,

I have a figure set up with both head and facial hair objects. Both are set up the same other than length, neither are dynamic, and both use the same material. On my machine the animated frames render perfectly, and also when using Team Render across 2 machines here.
However, I have used Pixel Plow to render them (there are about 8000 frames), and I am getting frames throughout all of them, that are randomly without the facial hair! - I’ve examined the files, and tested them rendering locally once again, and the issue is only on the farm it would appear!

If it had been both the head and facial hair missing on the same frames, I’d have perhaps concluded that whatever node rendered this frames might have ‘Hair Render’ switched off, however unlikely that might be!..

Anybody else experienced this in any form, whether locally, via Team Render or a render farm?



I have experienced random frames of hair disappearing over local, 1 machine only renders as well as team-render renders over 3 machines. I first noticed it in R18.


Hmm. This is R19 in this case. A bug maybe?