Hades - Valiant, Christian Hecker (2D)


Title: Hades - Valiant
Name: Christian Hecker
Country: Germany
Software: Photoshop, Vue

this is the second image i did for a small and dirty personal concept project. i had this idea about a very dangerous planet environment in my head for a while now. the inspiration for this one came from blade runner and privateer 2 (an old pc game). for this project i did two images. while the first image was showing the scene from farther away… we now are directly within the city. originally it was intended to look as voilent as the first concept… but somehow i drifted away and made this one more peaceful. can’t help myself… love backlit situations. =)

the image was made with vue, to create me a base to work with, and photoshop to refine and overpaint everything.

3400px wide - 8hrs ps work - intuos3 - vue - photoshop

render without postwork: http://projects.tigaer-design.com/hades/valiant_pure3d.jpg

more specific info, and wallpapers, can be found here: http://v5.tigaer-design.com/?p=138


nice but it`s oversaturated



Beautiful work


I really like it! Could you post the image with Vue before the PS work?


thanks for your feedback. here is the pure render without postwork: http://projects.tigaer-design.com/hades/valiant_pure3d.jpg


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