Guys, Blender might NOT be FREE forever


And once again you are wrong… amazing how you don’t know the facts and construct a parallel world that fits your opinions.

With the Blender cloud you get a lot of dvd tutorials and exclusive content produced exclusively for the cloud (very recent and updated one, not just old DVD’s) which later is licensed under CC0 so you are lucky that you can share it with your friends without pirating it.

Also you receive three services, if they are useful to you or not is your decision to make but you receive those services:

  • Blender Cloud Sync: this is free for everyone, no need to be a subscriptor

  • Flamenco: Renderfarm management software, you can have several managers and manage different groups of computers, for example a local renderfarm + a cloud AWS renderfarm

  • Attract: project management software in the cloud, similar to shotgun but a bit more simpler, designed towards small productions

It’s clear that you only want to spread miss-information and later accuse who answers you of being a blender-zombie.

We reached a point where you are simply lying, I cannot believe that if you did your research you didn’t knew about Flamenco or Atttact, so you just want to miss-inform.

And you even modified your previous post instead of answering because it was not convenient to you LOL

I don’t know if you now really think the conversation ended… but I’ll repeat to you that I don’t speak to answer you but to avoid people thinking that your miss-information is true when it’s not.


Hey Luis.

Yes, you support part of Blender, the cloud money goes to the animation studio productions, communications and tutorials production, without the open movies Blender would not have many features that are designed for production.

You support Blender in both ways, with the cloud you receive some services and assets also :slight_smile:


Some of big company has supporting Blender development fund, there will be progressive improvement on Blender. I thought CGSociety should add new subforum in software section for Blender. :slight_smile:


This category already exists.


OK then let’s talk software.
I want a Software that I own, I hate software subscription,
I want my privacy being respected by the software company,
I don’t want to count seats of my license or my render nodes
or be bothered with license management.
I want to take my software with me on an USB Stick and run it
on a meagre PC in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere.
I want a dedicated developer team that reports their progress on a weekly base.

I’m not a fan boy, so just point me to a full featured 3D software that complies with this requirements and I will take a look.
Oh, and if you have a hard time to find me a software with this requirements for free, name me a paid one.

What I want to say: I don’t care about free as in no charge, I care about
free as in freedom.
And I am grateful that the BF is doing a great job to give me a good alternative
to the Software of Autodesk, Maxon and all the other greedy companies with their software getting more and more an annoyance rather than useful tools.

Talking about religion, how would you define all this guys, who show up here lately and desperately try to find a fly in the ointment of the BF and Blender?
Reverse fan boys? Influencer? Click baiter?

With all respect to your unfortunate history with the Blender community,
with all this little hidden accusations and hints, it’s not Blender/the BF that left a bad impression.


Oh c’mon. You are only technically correct, that the GPL allows for selling the software. It also does not prohibit redistribution of the software. So they can sell it to you for a price but they can’t prevent you from giving it to the next person. And to go commercial they would need to be able to do that.
Technically, I can sell blender. So could you.


Ah, more wild accusations. Shall i answer, shall i not answer. Okay a short one. And please don’t expect me to continue in case you start to flame me like Cerberus here.

Well, first, you run into open doors here when you dislike the business model of Autodesk. I even offer a second solution to this besides Blender. I am the developer of Bforartists, the fork that tries to improve the Blender UI. Same freedom than Blender since it is Blender under the hood. But with a imho better graphical UI, without the Blender Bubble, and really free. No cloud subscription, no shop, no donation nagbuttons. I really do it for joy and honor. And when you enjoy Blender instead, then i am the last to have anything against it. It has its flaws, but it is a good software now. But it is at the same time completely valid for a professional to use Autodesk products. He is the professional, he decides what tools he needs. He does not need to be convinced.

Andit is also simply not true that i would hate Blender or search for a fly in the soup. When i can help a 3D fellow, then i do. And this completely software agnostic, and since many years in various communites. This was never different.

The problem is some members of the Blender community, and how they thinks about the software. And you seem to know what i talk about. I was over the years flamed, trolled, hated, called an asshole, moron, idiot, a liar and everything else, and in the end discredited as a sex offender, pedophile and rapist for starting the fork. And all this for pointing at some UI flaws with the wish to improve it. Which i did in the fork then. When i started the fork it was completely unthinkable to have icon buttons in the tool shelf. Yes, that’s another story. But nevertlheless belongs into the current problem. This community has killed a potential developer. That’s how different thinking people gets treaten there. Their loss, my win.

And then look at this thread and who freaked compeltely out since my words looked like critics. And he will not rest until he has succeeded. He has arrived now at flaming and calling me plain a liar, and adds more and more wild accusations. He even accuses me now that his freaking out was the evil plan from me. Which is plain crazy. What is missing is that i am responsible for climate change, worldwar 1 and 2 and that i am the antichrist. Would you continue to discuss with such a person?

The folks that you defend here hijacks threads in categories where it does not belong , tries to convince the people from their Blender religion, and bring hate and flame into every thread that looks like the slightest critics against Blender. Just look at the Cine category here. It is war. It is toxic. And i hate it.

This war is what is the problem, this Blender must succeed crusade. I don’t want to see this here at this board. That’s my motivation. This and that here is freedom of speech. Not a hilarious anti religion or reverse fanboy that you introduce here. I had this shit enough at Blender Artists to fill ten lives. And that’s why i said no, not with me, the discussion is over, this just wastes my time.

Which did not stop Cerberus. He will surely answer to this post, and pick it apart. Shall he.

I can to some degree even understand you folks. You want the underdog Blender to succeed. But you choose the wrong weapons. Get the war out of your heads please. Blender is no religion, it’s a software. With flaws, like every other software too. And to talk about the software in general, the business model, or the weaknesses of a software is not searching the fly in the Blender soup. This is how you should normally be able to talk here, without yelling flaming, and name calling.

Just curious. Why yell around in the rest of the forum, call every critics with names, and whine about how bad Blender gets treaten? Why don’t you folks go into the Blender category where you belong to, have fun there by helping each other and other people and enjoy Blender? Nobody has the slightest thing against this. You might notice that even i am to find there when i find a question that i can answer. I haven’t seen one of you folks there yet though.


Sure. I said legally. Practically is of course a different chappter.

But i don’t even see a contradiction here. The Blender addons at the Blender market are commercial. And GPL. And they get away with it. Just a fraction of it is really in the wild for free.


Well I didn’t accused any one, I just observed that the better and well known Blender gets,
the more folks feels to post something negative and most of the time
plain wrong and absurd things about Blender.
Maybe a coincidence maybe not.
However, I didn’t mean you in particular though.
I know who you are and I feel sorry for what happens to you in BA.
But a few a***h*** in an internet forum aren’t the Blender community.

Now come on! As much as I appreciate your work, why is it necessary to
claim such a bull*** about blender?
Blender is completely free.
Why should I have to subscribe to the Blender cloud?
There are more free (and very good) tutorials for Blender than I can ever read or listen to.
I couldn’t find a nag screen yet.
I couldn’t care less if they have a shop.
I don’t need to visit, if I don’t feel the need for a Blender cup or a T-Shirt.
I don’t mind having a large offer for add-ons, most of them are free anyway and
the prices for the rest is more than fair compared to plugins of Cinema4D or AD products.
And you can run Blender perfectly out of the box with the add-ons shipped for free with blender.

Well “must” is a big word, but yes, I’d rather prefer having an alternative to these
other greedy, rotten software companies.
It’s not about Underdogs, it’s not about a cult or a secret handshake,
it’s about staying free and get your work done.
Even if you live in a country disliked by the USA. (Ask the Artists in Venezuela how they feel about subscription models)
I think these reasons are a bit more important than some brawls in the BA forum and
if or not one should pay 20€ for a useful add-on.

And therefore sorry, but I will add my 2 cents to this hilarious accusations I read here lately.


Start selling bforartists tomorow. Name your price, I suggest $99.95 a year or $9.95 monthly. Now it is commercial software.


See, that’s what i mean with freedom of speech and war. For me it’s simply stating how i see it, that the base software is free, but the periphery not anymore. For you it’s a personal attack. Why?

Guess what would happen when Autodesk users or Cine users would hijack the Blender section here to praise how great Maya or Cine is. Would you as a Blender user be happy? But exactly this happens here, at this board, in this moment, in the Cine section. And you wonder why people get upset? It’s because the Blender users in this thread acts like morons. Sorry, i have to name it. Leave the cine users alone there, it’s their playground. They don’t want to be convinced.

When you feel the need to praise Blender, then do it in the Blender section please. Or here in the general section. Well, not you personally, but those folks. They even think they are completely right, and still wonder why the hijacked thread gets flagged to death.

The damage that these people do to Blender and its reputation is a hundret times higher than any critics at Blender could ever do.

Yes please. As Voltaire said: I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It!

Please give me the same right. And please in an adult and civil manner. And with some common sense, see thread hijacking. When i say that Blender is a business then this is my opinion, and not bullshit. Disagree. I’m fine with that. But please respect my opinion in the same whay that i respect your opinion. There is no need for flaming, accusations and escalation.

The best you can do though is to USE Blender. Blender does not need guards. Blender needs users.


Won’t happen. But yes, then it would be business :slight_smile:

Mh, i think you mix business with commercial here. When there is money involved, then it’s business. When you sell something, then it’s commercial. That’s at least how i see it. The base software Blender, and also the Blender Institute, is non commercial, but is business. The cloud and the shop, which is part of the eco system, is commercial. And the paid training for example too. And the whole addon periphery.


LOL you are very fast thinking that others flame you,

I’ll repeat again, I answer you to clarify that half of what you say it’s not true or is completely distorted and different from the facts, I want to prevent others from trusting your distorted opinions by giving facts, not opinions.

Also the information I give is out there available for anyone to be researched, not like your accusation of the Blender Institute having their fingers inside Blender Market based on your own research LOL

And you keep insisting in the business thing, then ANY non-profit organization is business for you, and the RSA, that apply some taxes to the businesses apply the same taxes to any non-profit, right?

So anything in the world that involves any kind of money donation is business…

You are, again and in purpose, mixing Blender (the Blender Institute, a non-profit) with the Blender Cloud (actually a real business).

Facts that people has to know again, since you keep distorting the reality:

  • Blender Institute (Blender Foundation): NON-PROFIT organization, not a business, they can’t do whatever they want with the money, the donations are very tightly fiscalized and the money MUST go to Blender Development.

  • Blender Cloud: Private BUSINESS, commercial products, they can do with that money whatever they want, unlike in the Blender Institute (Blender Foundation)

  • Blender Animation Studio: Private BUSINESS dedicated to animation productions.

  • After this conversation I won’t trust anything you say, to me it’s clear that you distort facts so they accommodate to your opinion.

I’ll keep posting this, if you keep insisting in proclaiming your distorted version of the reality, and if you think this is flaming you, it’s your problem, IMO you are the one that likes flaming others, like calling me Trump. LOL


Well, you have a common misconception about free speech.
You are perfectly free to express your opinion but I-and that is the part, most people neglect- am also free to disagree.
I don’t consider your statements a personal attack, but I consider it what is called
called “alternative facts” these days.
I don’t like “alternative facts”, hence I disagree clearly and maybe a bit too straight forward for your liking.
If you mean “that the base software is free, but the periphery not anymore”
(which is still not completely correct)
why do you say “…and really free. No cloud subscription, no shop, no donation nagbuttons.” ?

No one(!) needs a subscription for a cloud to run Blender, that’s simply not true!
So why do you imply such things? And why am I a mean fan boy if I dare to correct this?
I run Blender for some month now, and I didn’t pay a cent, there is no nag screen, no advertising,
and no need to be ever online again after the download.
On the contrary, I got additional stuff for free, that I had to pay a lot of money for
in a Cinema4D or Adobe environment.

Talking about alternative facts, what did I hijack?
This is a thread about Blender, I am not the thread starter and this is the general discussion forum, right?
As for the thread(s) in the C4D forum, you should really take a closer look about what happens at Maxon lately.
People are upset, well at least I am, and they are looking for alternatives.
I challenged you to show me additional alternatives like Blender, how much did you find?
See, that’s the reason for these Blender threads, not some moronic fan boys.
These guys aren’t Blender fan boys with a secret right click handshake.
These guys are long time C4D users who are sad and angry about what their software company came up with to lure them into a subscription trap and charge them more money for less.
They have all rights to voice their dislike in their forum and search for alternatives.

At least one thing we can agree.
Now that Blender is accessible for normal human beings, I have to learn it first and
get into the flow. And as I have no alternative anyway I have to try harder this time.
Freedom isn’t for free, it comes always with a price.

However, as I told before, I respect you but I claim as well the right to disagree.
And depending on the statement, this will come in a more or less straight forward way. :wink:
Fair enough?


We still share the same point of view about free speech. But that you consider my facts as alternative facts does not give you the right to flame or attack me. Just the right to disagree.

Now for the sad rest …

As for the thread(s) in the C4D forum, you should really take a closer look about what happens at Maxon lately.

What Maxon did or not should not matter. Since nobody stops the people that uses Blender now to leave the Cine forums to continue the discussion in the Blender forum. Interested people will find it with ease. And when Cine sucks this big now, then the thread in the Blender section would explode. Without getting flagged to death.

Instead they continue in the Cine section. To offend other Cine users. That’s what makes this behaviour the behaviour of fanboys and trolls. That’s what massively damages Blender reputation. I told it before, you defend the wrong people here.

Ah, here we go. Putting words into other ones mouth. How unexpected.

I never said that, i didn’t even do similar claims. I also did not call you a fanboy, or have thrown you into the same group than the trolls in the Cine thread. I did also not accuse you that you personally hijacked anything here.

Wanted or not, that’s the good old straw man arguments. Trolling techniques to let you look right and me wrong. You have for sure arrived at the Blender community.

I told you what happens then. That’s the end of the discussion.


According to you trolling you or flaming you is disagreeing with you, and keeping answering you while you insist in repeating things that are a distorted reality.

Sorry, this is not flaming you, this is clarifying things to avoid others entering here thinking that they may have to be forced to pay for Blender at some point, or that Blender is a business instead of a non-profit.

I agree with this, I mean, with the fact that it’s your opinion, but facts prove that you are wrong, now that you want to see the facts, ignore them or distort them so they are in line with your opinion, that’s your choice.

I already explained where the business is, and where it is not.

Well, you imply this in this whole paragraph:

Otherwise there is no reason to say "really free. No cloud subscription, no shop, no donation nagbuttons."

Blender is really free, no cloud subscription needed, no shop needed, no donation enforced and no donation buttons when you use Blender, Blender IS free, and you keep trying to imply it’s not.

Again, your opinion is yours, but facts are different from your opinion.

I’ll repeat basic facts here:

  • Blender Institute (Blender Foundation): NON-PROFIT organization, not a business, they can’t do whatever they want with the money, the donations are very tightly fiscalized and the money MUST go to Blender Development.

  • Blender Cloud: Private BUSINESS, commercial products, they can do with that money whatever they want, unlike in the Blender Institute (Blender Foundation)

  • Blender Animation Studio: Private BUSINESS dedicated to animation productions.

You can have the opinion you want about calling a non-profit a business, but try going to RSA and tell them that you are running a non-profit and we will see how it goes (except IF you are REALLY runnig a non-profit).


I gotta be honest, you sound knowledgeable, but very naive. As to this huge other issue that’s developed around Blender’s donation money and people are having their character assassinated over an explanation (which is absurd) The FACT is as a non-profit the Blender Foundation can’t just pocket the money. The problem is that from year to year they don’t know what donation levels will be and I’m certain there are/have been a lot of peaks and valleys.

[edit] Oh, yeah if you think Blender is the genie that can’t be put back in the bottle, there was a free app named ManuelBastioniLAB I think a lot of people are familiar with that was also open source that was shut down last year and because all the downloads were removed, website removed, facebook removed it pretty much has vanished like a fart in the wind. Certainly some people still have the old downloads, the source code, because no one has the right to “publish” it legally none of the necessary infrastructure can be built/rebuilt to actually continue it’s development in a significant way and eventually OS upgrades will break it. This is the path of all free software because human beings that have families can’t support themselves on the potential and erratic generosity of others.

Blender development isn’t autonomous anymore. If you believe in a hypothetical scenario Blender could tell Nvidia, after taking their money, “CUDA is closed, now new parts of it are conflicting with open standards…it doesn’t align with our values and we’re not supporting this.” without ramifications you’re just naive.

Nvidia could bake all kinds of little blender bombs in their drivers to make blender unstable with Nvidia GPUs and they don’t have show their code to anyone. If Nvidia reps were questioned of course this is what would come out “We are working to resolve the problems, but I mean it is free software what do you expect? (or another less curt statement that means the same thing)”

Nvidia or really any other company developing in the commercial sector would never try some shit like that with AutoDesk or other commercial industry partners, because AutoDesk could sue as they have legal agreements in place and too many paying professionals that use commercial software would go “Team Red” and really blow up in Nvidia’s face. Autodesk is going Metal crazy rebuilding their apps currently, which is diametrically opposed to CUDA and Nvidia can’t do anything to AutoDesk even thought they are in the middle of a blood feud with Apple. In the hypothetical scenario the bad rap on Nvidia could even spread like wildfire and spread to the see-saw PC gaming market where their hardware sales could even be more adversely affected then it already is by AMDs cheaper but efficient GPUs.

The fact is, in the commercial sector blender has no legal recourse because it is free. If these commercial companies flip on Blender they could easily push passive aggressive measures to impede blender’s growth and influence. Litigation is about claiming monetary damages and as blender is free there will be no monetary damages to claim if support or even outright sabotage occurred.

The other thing is if you think that AutoDesk, Maxon, Foundry, SideFX, Pixologic, et. al. are going to continue to sit on the sidelines while blender advances “accidentally” eroding away the userbases these commercial companies worked the last 20 years to grow? Again if you do it’s naivete. There will come a point if Blender grows too far into the commercial market commercial companies will use their strategic partnerships to manipulate blender out of the environment.

If Blender remains for some freelancers and hobbyists I agree that it will stay free. However if film, game and commercial VFX studios begin adopting the app I believe they will go commercial to reap the financial benefits of being an industry leader and to avoid being cornered in indefensible positions against companies that are better suited to operate LEGALLY in a commercial market.


I really think you are wrong, however I understand what you mean.

You have to check the Blender source code to know that it’s very easy to disable parts like CUDA or Eembree, it does not matter if Nvidia wants to stop supporting Blender.

Why? because Blender is built upon the same open standards foundations as videogames or other 3d apps, there is nothing proprietary there, it’s OpenGL, when you hear that there is a Blender specific bug in the drivers, well, that’s not the case, usually are Blender developer who fixes the bug, ir it’s a driver bug that affects the whole driver, so videogames are going to be affected too.

Regarding Optix support, again, that’s not an specifi Blender support, and no, if they put any kind of “bomb” there it will be avoided, to provoque this they should be actively and purposedly be programming some super specific things against Blender specifically.

  • Do you think Nvidia cares about this? No they don’t, have you noticed that there are no specific drivers for Quadro cards that works better with specific softwares? In fact not even the studio drivers are specific, in words of someone from nvidia, the studio drivers are LTS drivers, stable enough to be trusted, but nothing special about them right now, all the changes made in those first studio drivers are not in the game drivers.
    I don’t know of any specific arrangement between other companies that forces Nvidia to anything, in fact that would be unfair competition and market managemen, and at the size of those companies those are crimes, so when and if they commit those crimes they try to go as low profile as the can, I won’t be launching accusations without knowledge or proof.

Also when you say “We are working to resolve the problems, but I mean it is free software what do you expect?”

Well, that has been already the case for years, and will continue to be, you know that Nvidia and Autodesk certify certain drivers for certain software, like Maya for example, while there is no certification for Blender, why? they don’t care.

But in any case, do you really think Nvidia will put in risk all their customers that right now are purchasing Hardware (the real and only Nvidia business) for Autodesk?
Nvidia is way more powerful than Autodesk, the part of Nvidia we know it’s just a super tiny small part, very visible because it’s consumer oriented, but really, their business is hardware and goes far beyond rendering with Autodesk software or any other software, and even Autodesk has nothing to say about anything to Nvidia, they don’t have enough power for it.

Now, the real question of “fear” I see here: can Blender stop developing for Nvidia? Yes, no problem with that, but why?

I mean, you know that Blender 2.81 comes with Optix integrated in Cycles, do you know who created that patch? I’ll leave that question without answer, it’s not hard to find the answer :slight_smile:

Blender development process is very different from any other company, there is no need for big companies supporting it, it’s scalable, now there is more money, great more devs, as soon as the money goes down, well, slower development pace and less developers, that’s the reality.

Blender development fund has been receiving between 5000€/month to 7000€/month for YEARS, how do you think they survived?
Blender is not company dependant, Blender is higly driven by a community of users/developers that donate their time to the app, by studios that donate a lot of development, Blender is not developed by the Blender Institute, it’s maintained and organized, and part of the development comes from there, but not all the development.

For example all the improvements in the sculpt mode started by a guy in his home, a small genius, Pablo Dobarro, that started improving the sculpt tools for him because he is both, programmer and artist, so he decided he wanted something better with a better behaviour, after having done several developemnts he was hired by the Blender Institute, but he did a lot of improvements way before the B.I. knew him.

Blender development is very different, it’s a different way of evolution, it don’t depends on Nvidia, or Epic or AMD, those are great supports, but not the basis of the support, in fact, in the medium/long term AFAIK, and I may be partially wrong, the idea is to support Vulkan for viewport AND for rendering, and to try to even odds with the GPU’s, but that’s now a problem for Nvidia, CUDA is still needed for MANY MANY things, like photogrammetry, there is no photogrammetry software that runs over OpenCL or Vulkan, they use CUDA, Blender is a tiny spot for them, and they won’t bother trying to undermine Blender.

Now, all this pose is filled with both, facts and opinions of course, but that’s how I see things, and I think fears are completely unfounded, regarding the behaviour of bigger companies:

  • Autodesk: M&E is the only part that is under “menace” from Blender, do you know how big and profitable is that part of the business for them?

  • Maxon: well, they are still king of the hill in some areas, and users are more or less happy, some disliked the licensing changes, will see where the future goes, but if they want to be kept king of the hill they will have ot continue improving things, Blender does not give the same ease of mograph creation as C4D, mainly because in C4D there are many super useful presets and that are easy to use and modify.

  • Foundry: no idea, but Foundry has never been a “competitor”, Modo is great but it’s hard to have modo as the center tool in the pipeline, or at least I don’t know any studio whose center app is Modo, there is evolution, but there is also fear, Foundry is a very agressive company and many don’t want to work with their software because of that, others don’t care about the pricing or bahaviour, they just want to work with Nuke, but it’s not because of Modo, it’s because of Nuke, Katana and others, and mainly in big productions, not small to medium productions.

SideFX: right now there is no competition out there, not a fully real complete competition, and Blender won’t be a direct competitor, not even with everything nodes, they really evolve on each version, and they really invest in R&D, it’s not possible for Blender to compete with Houdini right now, and maybe not even in the future, because Blender is designed towards all the production levels, not just FX or animation (that they seem to want to target now)

Pixologic: no matter what, Zbrush is the king in sculpt, I’m not sure about the future, but right now and in the near future Blender won’t be competing with Zbrush at the same level, again, Zbrush is specialized and their 3D engine makes it useless for many other things, while in Blender your sculpt abilities are more limited (right now more in the supe-amount-of-polys part than on tools, because improvements have been amazing) but Blender has a different type of 3D engine, which gives less in that area, but more in others, it’s a matter of balance.

Substance Painter: well, they will turn fully compatible as soon as they fully embrace Material X open standard and Blender implements Material X open standard, and that will happen sooner or later, Material X is very similar to Substances, but in Open Source flavour :slight_smile:

I really don’t see anything to fear about, we can be as conspiranoics as we want, and we can see the sky as dark as we want, but right now I don’t see that black possible future some of you fear.

BTW there are several animation studios shifting to Blender, for TV series, others working in features with Blender, and that fear is like if some studio that adopted Softimage could make the company owning Maya before autodesk sue that studio, or the softimage owners becaue it was more used, that’s not what happened.

And IF that black future happens, well, we will cross that bridge when the time comes, I never thought we would be “throwing to the trash” all our precious Autodesk licenses and changing all our pipeline to Blender, and here we are :slight_smile:

To finalize this, the strenght of Blender is that as much users it has, much development comes, better evolution, and don’t be mistaken, no matter if there is a commercial addon, Blender will integrate new functionalities no matter if there is a commercial alternative out there or not, because their target is to avoid a third-party ecosystem of commercial addons.

You want proof?

Flip Fluids Addon: Blender market addon

Mantaflow: Main blender integration developed has just been hired in the B.I. to accelerate the implementation of Mantaflow (theoretically a direct competitor to flip fluids + also smoke sim, so more powerful in some cases)

Addons won’t limit the evolution of Blender, unlike 3dsmax or other Autodesk software that thinks that since you already can rent Thinking Particles, why would they speed the evolution of particles inside max? (even now, Bifrost Graph is not yet inside max).


If Blender remains for some freelancers and hobbyists I agree that it will stay free. However if film, game and commercial VFX studios begin adopting the app I believe they will go commercial to reap the financial benefits of being an industry leader and to avoid being cornered in indefensible positions against companies that are better suited to operate LEGALLY in a commercial market.

I think you still don’t understand a thing, Blender WILL ALWAYS STAY FREE, no matter what, it may die (it’s very hard that that happens, but who knows XD ) but IT WILL ALWAYS BE FREE

Please, stop fearing that :slight_smile:


BTW I don’t understand what you mean with this, Blender can fully operate fully legally in the commercial market, there is no doubts about this.

Also if you mean that Blender is more defenseless than those companies, I think Blender has more defense that what you may think, specially if it’s actively attacked, remember that Blender licenses is clear, while others licenses not only are not clear, but also they use Open Source parts, so attacking Blender in any legal way if it’s not breaking any laws, which is not of course, would be attacking theme selves, all those big companies are HUGE users and benefit theme selves from open source, check the EULA’s and the credits of the software :slight_smile:


First, it’s always nice to wake up to an insult. Thanks for that. Gonna make the rest of my day SO much brighter. Second, I in no way suggested that the Blender Foundation can pocket any money. There are layers of accountability and transparency. Donation money is tracked down to the last rusty penny.

Insulted twice in one post. I feel so special. You were clearly captain of the debate team.

Okay then.

Look. Money might be able to buy you sway, but not a seat at the table. Just ask any lobbyist in Washington. The Blender Foundation knows full well what they’re getting into when they accept donation money from big groups. They know that special interests are going to be, well, especially interested in having the dice roll in their favor.

At the same time, McDonalds can’t, for example, just donate $3mil and say, “We want every 3rd button to make it rain clowns and arch logos.” Never going to happen. The Blender Foundation has to ultimately think of what will best serve the prolonged sustainability of both the organization and the app itself.

Fundraising is about short term gains leading to long term goals. Sponsorship doesn’t equal ownership. Even mega lobbyists such as big pharma and the tobacco industry have their limits. Imagine some crazy billionaire saying, “Here’s $10B. Bring back slavery.” Okay. Yeah. Sure. We’ll get right on that.

Sponsors may be able to somewhat direct the river, but they’ll never steer the ship. Influence only goes so far and rarely does it go unchecked. What we’re talking about here with the Blender Foundation is on a much smaller scale.

Historically, disgruntled companies can and have been spiteful in this regard. I won’t deny that. However, it rarely serves their best interests to do that. They’re not just hurting the viablity of the other app. They’re also potentially hurting their own reputation. They can plausibly deny playing dirty til the cows come home. If they don’t eventually “fix” the problem then it makes their development team look incompetent.

In the end, both parties have to acknowledge the existence of a sort of mutually assured destruction and keep the show going. IOW, “We can nuke you, but maybe you can also nuke us. Nobody wants that. Let’s play nice nice.” NVIDIA’s arsenal may certainly be bigger, but Blender Foundation and the surrounding community aren’t unarmed. To put it more bluntly. Everybody’s sharing the bed here. If one party shits the bed, they all stink. Neither party wants the blowback or potential fallout from a feud.

Again, I think that all parties will acknowledge to subtle redirections of the river so long as Blender Foundation gets to steer the ship. Call that naive if you will, but we’ve seen this sort of symbotic relationship play out elsewhere over the years.