Gunther - is a retired Gear


“Gunther is a retired sergeant, Pendulum Wars veteran. After the war, not being able to find a place in the peaceful life, he became an active participant of “Unreal Tournament” matches. Right up to the Emergence Day, he has demonstated quite notable combat skills on the arena, - which, obviously, came from his military experience.”

          I'd like to show you a character model I'm developing for Unreal Tournament 3. The design is based on the Coalition uniform from Gears of War. My objective was not to copy the original designs, but rather to use their aesthetics and basic concept to produce something of my own. I've tried my best to make unique elements and details with skill and experience I have. At the moment, the model is at the stage of export from 3ds Max to ZBrush for additional detail pass. Still, you can already see it's current state.
          If you think that there is a problem with modeling or design quality, you're most certainly welcome to bring it up, I'd really appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance.



work in zbrush


Final work in zbrush :wink:


Great work! The only thing that immediately caught my eye was the thumb, it looks too small.


I was just about to say the same thing, great work though really like it!


Great work!
You could add some “polish” effects here and there to get harder edges, it could give a better effect on your metal armor. Actually it looks a bit smooth.
Keep it up :wink:


i really like the details and so on, but the shape/silhouette is not “bulky” enough. He needs wider shoulders. his body looks like an “I”, but i would suggest a more “V” /“Y” Shape


Final Work


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