Guide me about high poly modelling!


I am a student . My institute teachers have taught me in high poly modelling we can break every rules of modelling and make endless numbers of tri, quads, pentagon, hexagon anything that favors me to model a particular object,
Its very confusing for me to understand because in YouTube and other platform nothing is taught as such .
Please guide me whom should a follow my teacher or other mentors.



The statement seems wrong to me. But i don’t know the context in which it was told. You could simply ask him for clarification. But i would say, follow your common sense :wink:

I can just guess that he meant sculpting. Here you don’t care about poly count really, as long as your pc can handle it… It’s not endless though. And sculpting usually works with tris, since this is the most stable geometry.

In traditional polygon modeling a high poly count can be achieved by subdivision surface. But that’s quads and tris then, since the algorithm creates quads and tris out of n-gons.

Kind regards