GSO Challenge Judging - Important Notice About Community Interaction


To All Challengers:

Please be aware of how judging is taking place, and who is judging this Challenge.

>> GSO Challenge Judging - Jury and Methodology <<

Community Interaction
Because of the way judging is taking place, Community Interaction is worth 25% of the final score. This is judged in the final internal phase based on how each shortlisted challenger interacted with other members, gave information about their work, helped others through critique, how early they started submitting work-in-progress, etc.

There are also community awards for challengers who do an outstanding amount of community interaction and help others.

How this affects you:
If you are regularly posting your work-in-progress, answering questions about your work and helping others out when they ask for critique, you have no problems.

If you are ‘holding back’ your work-in-progress to the last minute of the challenge, being secretive and preventing yourself from helping others and interacting with the community for learning, you will be penalized and this may affect your final standing.

The original intent of the Challenge is for learning - we called it the Challenge because we want to challenge each artist to get better at what they do, and learn from each other. This is also why we made it mandatory that all contestants must provide Work-In-Progress and winners must provide Making Of’s. This is the legacy that has lasted 15 challenges and will continue into the future.