Grill Holes



Anyone can help me with some basic steps how to make these kind of holes…?



do you need geometry for some reason? if not a normal map or displacement would be a much better approach

actually modeling the geo would sort of be a pain


Yes… geometry better to see whats the process…!


This is actually not as hard as it first looks, I’ve had to do this for a shower head pattern a while back.

If you look up Sunflower math or Fibonnaci & flowers, you’ll get some good info and elegant mathematical solutions.

However it’s really simple to create in C4D.

Drop a MoSpline in to a Cloner in Radial mode.
Have the MoSpline Curve 180° and you might need to angle to get aligned to your desired plane.
You can then array them to the desired density, but you’ll still need a mirror of that rig to get the full array, so instance the cloner and flip it on the necessary axis.

You can then mesh it however you like, via a Sweep (after connecting the resulting splines) or a Volume builder perhaps.

The Bose speaker mesh you have above appears to have drilled the first few center holes that aren’t quite on these lines, but this should get you close.

brasco_C4D_Grill_Holes_Fibonacci_Pattern_v01.c4d (363.4 KB)



You also could use a cloner to make the holes and then cut them out of a shape.

speaker_example.c4d (149.3 KB)


Thanks guys for sharing nice process of making this.
Really appreciated.



i do a lot of loudspeaker product vis, so speaker grilles are part of my day to day work. the best way i’ve found is stay with splines up to the very end, then do a spline mask to subtract the holes from the main shape and extrude that. this way you have the most control over bevels and mesh subdivisions, important if you wanna do curved grilles for instance.