Greetings from the Netherlands


Hello everyone,
My background is with photographic typesetting and book binding skills - they now seem ancient and absolete. The year I left the prepress and print school is when the computers were just about to get more serious - especially from Apple’s point of view.

In the past my job mostly has been that of DTP, mostly working with large volumes where the actual design already has been done and all I had to do was assign the proper attributes to the proper parts of the text.

Now I’m trying to find the courage to step up and do more than ‘data entry DTP’. So I’m slowly designing business cards (though often it’s making a card based on what the client designed), letterheads and posters. With the posters I can go nuts, they’re often for bands, choirs and the like and most of the time I’m given the free hand.

I’m commited to not just be able to work with the Adobe programs, but I also want to become an ACE in my field of expertise (Print Designer). Currently I work with Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

I use Poser Pro as a muck up tool and light study for the comics I want to draw again. To create them I have Manga Studio 5 EX (and 4 and 3). I make quick scenes (like city scenes, streets) with Hexagon. It has limitations but it’s very easy to use. And when I mean a street scene they’re very basic scenes with cube-shaped buildings, simple sidewalks and roads … Again, it’s just so I can place a light source (or more) in Poser and create a lighting I like (for the right mood/atmosphere).

I notice it’s rather quiet in here, so I hope I am actually in the right place :slight_smile:

Digital greetings,



Hello everyone,

Like FranR am new here and I have been in Canada for about a year and few months now. I have been moving around a lot mostly from Mauritius to Singapore . And now I have decided to move west. Mostly for new opportunities .

It has been a pretty interesting read of FranR’s post. And its pretty cool to meet others that are equally motivated to become an ACE. So here I am with a rather mix background in CG. Started as a Junior Animator , studied animation art. Worked in various field of both 3d Architecture and Virtually Reality. So I have a rather complex set of “Skills”.

It has been an amazing journey in the field. But now that I have reached a new plateau. I have seriously decided to rebuild all my 3D knowledge from the ground up. Start fresh once again and aim at specializing in the field of 3D modelling.

Although I have been using 3dstudio max for a while now. I have decided to let go of it and focus on Maya instead .

My goal is to give it one last shot , giving it my very best . I become one of the best modellors out there. It is not going to be a joy ride but I intend to all I can while I still can for it to work out the best possible way.

So I have wiped out everything I know and my entire portfolio clean , start fresh and get rid of all average work I have been doing over the past 8-9 years . I come up with ultra quality work.

Until next time…



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