Greetings CGS


Hello, all…

Just joined, hoping to expand my circle of cohorts, and to get a little more exposure :). I’ve been into 3D medium since I began with Ray Dream Studio 4 (yes, many years ago).

Not sure yet how much forum time I’ll find. First I need to get my portfolio setup… See what that’s all about, and explore other parts of this (great looking) place to be.

Finally, of course, the proverbial invitation to visit my site, wherein find my complete Gallery.

Regards to all!


Well, I started out here with a disappointing, embarrasing yet honest mistake.

After joining Friday, and posting my short hello here, I proceeded to setup my portfolio. Within “Manage Gallery”, I began uploading images. Therein, I was excited to see the option of submitting the work to CGTalk at the same time. Following the instructions, I uploaded more than 20 images, when suddenly I got logged out, and couldn’t log in. I took a break, and went to check e-mail. Therein I found numerous messages from here, stating that I was “thread flooding” and that my account had been suspended.

I had no idea what that meant, and since I couldn’t login, had no means of asking, apologizing or correcting my mistake. Please note that nowhere in the upload instructions, FAQ or terms of use does it state anything about this, so it’s impossible for a new member to know, and easy for someone to do.

Anyway, I sincerely apologize. I am very excited to have found CGSociety, and I assure you, I would never intentionally do such a thing.

Regards to all,


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