Green lady needs help


Hi there (;
I’ve recently finished ( ? ) illustration below.
I know there’s little details like ear and fingers that still need some work but my main problem is breasts/ chest area. I don’t want to make it too detailed because it may distract viewer but at the same time dont want them to look like unfinished and too sketchy. I can’t really find that balance. Maybe someone of you guys have some idea how to achive it ? Or maybe that isn’t the main problem and something else is wrong with this one ?
Will be gratefull for some feedback, cheers (;


If you’re including nude breasts in an artwork, then there must be a reason for it. And you can’t control the fact that people’s attention will immediately be drawn to it–we are conditioned to respond that way by society and also because of our primal instincts. So if you’re going to put nude breasts in the image, then don’t try to downplay them–just portray them as normally as you would if you didn’t have such concerns, since people will notice them no matter what. If you really don’t want to draw attention them, then have her cover them up with some kind of clothing.