Grass kit v4 | cinema 4d r20+


Hello everyone…

I’m really excited to share with you this completely reworked Grass kit that works with C4D r20+ and use new Multi-instances and other powerful new tools of new Cinema 4D. Some of new features are:

  • 3 versions in one purchase (Corona, Vray and Physical render)
  • New grass blades generated from geometry with much more customization
  • Multi-instance clones for extremely fast navigation
  • Deflector objects to adjust grass edges and overlaps
  • Possibility to change material and use it with any render engine
  • Container object plugin included in download
  • Support for Broadcast version of C4D (along with Studio version)
    …and many more optimizations and updates.

you can purchase it on this link: MY STORE PAGE

and you can see more on tutorial video here:
YouTube tutorial


Any chance for a Redshift version?



Yay, more cool shit to waste money on. So I guess, shut up and take my money?!

On a more mature note. I second that Redshift ask.


Hello again and thanks for the interest in GK. :slight_smile:

Considering Redshift - my Nvidia card died and I use some Radeon now until I buy new Quadro… so I could not try Redshift.

BUT this version of GK use geometry to generate grass blades (instead of fur or hair) - that means that you can use it with any render engine. All you need to do is create your own material and replace existing one with ALT+drag on it. I explained this in more detail on my YT tutorial in first post.

If you find time to try this please let me know does it work :wink:


Thanks BossCo. I purchased it and played with it last night. I really like the concept of the plugin. A couple of comments:

  • In the description, you mention it uses “Multi-instance clones”. When testing it on anything other than a very basic scene it would max out my memory or just lock up. It acts like a regular “instance” object instead of a multi-clone. Any ideas?
  • any sort of documentation other than the video?
  • you sent me a license number but I don’t see what to do with it?

All in all, a really fantastic plugin that I hope you continue developing. If I can offer up a suggestion: It would be nice to have an option where the density of the grasses were controlled with the distance from the camera. Closer is thicker, further away is thinner.


Yep, I bought it too and really like it. Actually prefer it to Forester grass (although Forester is still awesome for other stuff); they make a great combo.

One thing: it’d be great to have colour variations built in, if possible. Just so you could have slightly different coloured clumps of grass, as Forester can.


Hello and thanks for purchase and making effort to test GK v4.

Considering clones they are surely Multi-instances. I’ve just tested it on my old laptop HP 8540, i7 with 12 GB of RAM. I added field of 100x100 meters and inserted 500.000 clones of wild grass. In point mode it took maybe 5 - 10 seconds to refresh, and after that viewport was very fast. With that ammount of clones C4D used only 1.6 GB of RAM. (see photos attached)

For documentation, there is only that video and couple of videos for previous versions.

License number is only for future updates or as a reference to prove your purchase. Just keep it in your emails :slight_smile:

All in all thanks a lot for nice words, and I’ll try to add density control in next version


Hello to you too Darth_Mole and also thanks for purchase and testing…

to answer your comment - there IS actually slight color variation already. It is done in material with colorizer inside layer shader. If you wish this color variation to be stronger you can change colors or strength of colorizer slider. And also for some bigger change you can create your own material and use it instead of default on by replacing default material with ALT+drag of new material over default.

Best regards, and I hope you enjoy using GK :slight_smile:


Hello Bossco.
I purchased, and am currently testing it out.
I noticed that the instances don’t work with the Corona VFB interactive rendering - is that a known limitation? Perhaps it’s because multi-instance don’t work in Corona VFB (I’m not sure of this though). Would it be possible to choose whether to use multi-instance, or render-instances?

Also noticed that the deflector mask doesn’t seem to work for the wild grass (I can get it to work with the lawn grass and flowers though).

One more thing: the object axis for the flowers seems to have been rotated 90deg, so that the Z-axis is pointing up (instead of the Y-axis) - this is annoying when trying to replace the flower object with a custom plant that is set up (correctly) with Y-axis up :wink: Also - if I want to switch back to the default flower again, how can I?


Hello friends,
I’m happy to present to you a new, updated version of Grass Kit 4.5 for C4D. This update contains some very important changes and some exciting new features that will make the grass generation much easier. Here’s wants new:

  • New grass generation module with dynamics support
  • Native Multi-instance support enables millions of clones
  • New 3D blade profiles (flat, triangle, square, circle)
  • New random grass colorizer
  • New camera and/or distance clipping option
  • Corona, Vray, and Physical render support
  • Supports Cinema 4D R20, R21, …



If we bought the previous version is this a free upgrade? My Gumroad account only has the old 4.0 release.


Hello Darth_Mole,
This update is free to everyone who purchased GK 4… I’ve just send email with discount codes to all customers …

I hope you will enjoy using this version :slight_smile:


Got it, thanks! Had a very quick play and it works really well. Looks great too! Good work.