Graphics card voltage for GPU rendering on laptop


Hello I’m looking to buy a laptop with RTX 3080 for GPU rendering (mainly redshift & octane) and I’m in between two laptops with similar specs only the graphics card voltage on one maxes out at 100w and on the other one at 165w. I was wondering if this voltage difference would have any real-world impact on GPU rendering performance or is this only important in gaming? When rendering how do you use the full voltage potential of the card?
Thank you


Yes it makes a big difference to both work and gaming. I have a 135w 3080 and its not very fast compared to others I’ve used.

For example you can look at some benchmarks where the 3070 out performs the 3080 because of this power restriction. The only real advantage in this situation is you can get a 16GB 3080 - so larger scenes for rendering, speed wise the 3070 will still be faster. So I recommend the 165w.


I think 165W will perform best for rendering. I am currently using AMD Radeon

A graphic card with 100W also performs well. 165W Graphics card performs better than 100W Graphics card maybe because it’s a new technology.