Graphic Primitives releases XSIMan


Just got this in the mail:

Los Angeles, CA - February 10, 2006 - Graphic Primitives LLC today released the introductory version of its first product, XSIMan version 1.0, the industry’s only commercially available XSI to RenderMan pipeline tool.
XSIMan brings to the XSI community the speed, quality and flexibility of RenderMan renderers for the first time. XSI users will now be able to enhance the quality of their work and functionality of their 3D pipelines by using the industry leading and Academy Award winning RenderMan standard. RenderMan is used to render the majority of visual effects in today’s feature films.

XSIMan is fully integrated into XSI and allows users to render their scenes with RenderMan renderers such as Pixar’s PhotoRealistic RenderMan, SiTex’s AIR and 3Delight by the 3Delight team. XSIMan will translate camera, lighting, material and scene geometry information including nurbs, polymeshes, subdivision surfaces (including creases and corners), curve primitives, particles (point primitives, spheres, blobbies and sprites) and hair. XSIMan also allows users to import RenderMan shaders and register them as XSI presets. XSIMan offers many additional features designed to help exploit all the advanced rendering features available in the RenderMan specification. XSIMan also provides render job management features to allow users to fine tune their workflow.

XSIMan is available on Windows XP and can be purchased at Graphic Primitives’ online store for only [font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]$395 per seat.

This introductory will only be available for a limited time.

About Graphic Primitives
Graphic Primitives offers software development and consulting services to the visual effects and computer animation industries. Graphic Primitives’ founders together have decades of experience developing custom CG software and have developed 3D pipelines at some of the leading visual effects facilities in the industry.

Graphic Primitives Contact Information:

RenderMan is a trademark of Pixar. 3Delight is a trademark of The 3Delight Team. XSIMan is a trademark of Graphic Primitives LLC."


Out of Beta… Alright!

Congratz to GP!


i am very glad to see this out finally. Sometimes its very hard being the first at something and be he should it could be done. I also enjoyed watching the development on xsibase as doug added many features and squashed bugs.

congrats to him.

and to everyone else that complains xsi doesn’t have another rendering option :slight_smile:


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