Grand Space Opera Voting open!



I don’t know how we got to this point… my suggestion was to use numbers instead of names with regards to the works (and development threads) produced.

Just a thought, like I said, I’m not even in this one.


Amen brother! Well said and to the point…


Tommy Lee


Based on history, I would think the next one would be announced around April/May.
(maybe?) :rolleyes:

Face what? Oh well… :shrug:

baby: I went to your thread and, as I recall, I said:
Dude, what the heck???
Man, that is the most weird, surrealistic, wacked out, “what drugs were you on?” entry I’ve seen through this entire challenge.
:drool: :smiley:

Anyways… I am done with this thread and thinking about the Challenge (at least, until February 14th when they announce the winners); I have a brand new project to work on (and maybe with a little luck, be able to finish it in time to submit to Expose 3) and have better things to do than listen to people complain about things they don’t know for sure.
See ya, all. :thumbsup:


good luck for every body !!!
All works is very beautiful!


hi guys…i miss this nice discostion a lot…

what dim say is for sure righ…the most important is you learn how to hear to crits…i never

feel ,crits are this much helping the job…


Based on history, I would think the next one would be announced around April/May.
(maybe?) :rolleyes:

Or earlier :wink:


Hey Mibus…while we’ve got you here…any chance on increacing the page borders for the widscreen images on the voting pages so the res. matches somewhat to the portrait entrys…the widscreens look increadibly small next to them on a side by side. :shrug: …if not then no prob’s…your team is doing a great job hosting all of this…much respect… :applause:


any chance on increacing the page borders for the widscreen images on the voting pages

Not really, it’s a design thing. We tried having a wider layout to start with, but it didn’t have the same clean look that we’re used to.

You can of course click on the image to get a better look - that one is bound into a 1200x1200 box, so it’s fair both ways :slight_smile:


I figured it was a page borders issue…thanks for the response though.

…hope everyone reading this who votes checks out the hi_res versions of the images…many things you may be missing… :wink:


By the way, any other 3D guys here who can’t help but think that the 2D guys did a lot better in this challenge? I sure don’t envy the jobs of the judges picking a winner from those fine pieces.

(It also felt like the 2D guys, on the whole, had a better feeling for the theme of space opera, without straying off the path so much like the 3D folks tended to.)

Here’s one guess why: Talented 2D folks are artists first, and technicians second, whereas 3D artists usually have excellent technical skills, but generally use those skills to create the visions of someone else. (I know this is a sweeping stereotype, but I do think it’s somewhat true.) Another possibility is that 2d software is easier for a talented artist to pick up and start creating artwork.

Anyhow, I think I’ve got to go practice some more. Seeing those nice 2D pieces made me realize how much further I have to go.


yap, I was also amazed with the 2d works. I didn’t look much at their work during the competition, and now I see taht was a mistake. Truly wonderful works of art. I think that there are a few reasons for that. There was a small sum up here: in enoachin’s thread:)

I can’t wait to know the next challenge’s theme!


I can’t wait!!

I’m glad this discussion about the voting has stopped (right?)
For me personally it’s thrilling to go against the big guns and to even suggest a couple of things for their artwork. And you know what? They listen. They might be popular, but they’re cool people. And it’s even thrilling if one or two of them give positive comment on your work.

This is the reason, baby!
Bring on the next one!

Ps. I must confess, I did give more votes to the 2d guys than the 3d… because, well, I thought we did a little better too :wink:
Maybe I’ll do 3d next time and get my ass kicked :smiley:


barely recreated and the next challenge seems to appear sooner as expected.

I´m looking forward.



can`t w8it till next challenge… .and yeah … i can say 2d > 3d … anyway manny good works… i voted for so manny!


||) |V| |^|,
I can’t understand why you can complain so much. You have nothing to lose in this voting process.
Most of the artists that have something to “lose” here has stayed out of this discussion. They know they will be placed among the top 15, no need for them to be anxious.

I have to quote you on a few things in an attempt to bring you down to the reality. Looks like there has been a bit too much “fantasy” in your mind the last months.

first, your pic:
Click me

There is no place in your image for cool stuff. It’s already smackfull with, not so cool stuff.

Who’s the better contestant here, you?
I’m sure there are some truth in what you say though. Public voting is always risky. I’m sure some good artwork will be missed and some crap slip through. See this as an advantage, you might be the lucky one.

well, you have content.

Listen to what “baby” said, and try follow his advices. If you work and study more, there might come a day when you understand our point of view. and when you do, you’ll know you’ve become a better artist.

Sorry for being so harsh. No intend to make you feel bad in this even though I can understand if it does.
I’m sure that you can make it in the future if you work hard. you have the technical ability already.

Good setup on the public voting Mods. It’s fast and easy for the lasy viewer to look through the entries and cast their votes.


dont forget me :x
i might not have finished since i had a shitload of isp issues :\

but im still here :slight_smile:


I was not able to join this contest, but all of the great work has inspired me to join the next one! good luck everyone!



there was a contest ?




Good Luck to all! It is an amazing process, and an incredible amount of talent displayed!

Thanks to CGTalk for keeping it free, I cant wait to buy the book!