Grand Space Opera Voting open!


It seems to be true. Look at what it says in the judging process. Pay attention to the outcome of phase 1, it says 30 total. Does that mean 30 entries are picked from public voting to go to the judges? This is what I mean.

Grand Space Opera Judging Method
Phase 1: Public Voting/Scoring
Outcome: 15 shortlisted entries in each category (30 total)

Phase 2: Internal Judging
Use shortlisted entries, the internal judging will be weighted accordingly
50% - Jury scoring
25% - Public scoring (phase 1) weight
25% - Community interaction scoring (how well each shortlisted challenger interacted with the community, gave information about their work and helped others, how early they started submitting work in progress)

Again. I do not want to start a panic, but I feel that this is how the voting is done. Please correct me if I am wrong.


hm… it sux big time… :frowning:


AirbORn: No, you’re not wrong; that is how the voting for the Challenge is conducted (I don’t necessarily agree with this type of voting process either, but that’s just how it goes, I guess…).


hm… has anubody got a lot of cg friends ? :smiley:


I’ve now realised that the 15 shortlisted are selected from public voting! Oh that’s not fair at all! Yes ArtisticVisions and markovicd, I don’t agree with that either! I think all the images should be handed to the judges afterwards, not only 15 from each category!


AirbORn, markovicd, ArtisticVisions, Lovliebutterfly, Its now that i am realising this.It is really and totally unfair about those 15 shortlisted whose future about the challenge is determined only by public voting.I think that those decision makers on the voting method should realise that the public here do not have the eyes and experience of the judges who are fully qualified for this.I now totally disagree with this method. Judges should be prioritised on the votings.I am not trying to start a war here but i think that where justice is to be done then it should be done.There are many artist whose work are not that appealing to some here but when you have a closer look at their work you`ll notice that in certain aspects of their work, they really exceed others who seem to be at a quick glance very impressive. :shrug:


yep, because its turning into an america idol voting fiasco… where the better contestant looses because of the fickle audience voting system. Look at what happens on that TV show… you can expect it to happen here too, sad day to see when people’s opinions are put ahead of the professionals. I was designing my entry for the judges with content, emotion, drama… And here at the end all the matters is popularity and “coolness”, I will doubtfully participate in any further challenges voted this way. I may enter, but I will not submit a final. At this point I actually wish I had missed my submission date. It has been alot of fun, but I don’t like popularity contests! I wanted to know if the professionals would like what I did, not am I popular here enough for them to even see me!?

I KNOW THIS!!! Based on the outcome of this “voting process” I may totally ignore the “THEME” of the next contest as soo many peolpe obviously did here. I was expecting the “MODERATORS” to moderate the entries.

…nope sorry that one is not on the theme, DISQUALIFIED…next!


I dont care if some artworks end up higher or lower than they should. Every voting system has holes. Winners will no doubt be good artworks anyway.

Im personally more amped about the next challenge than i am with the voting.
And so should be everybody else. So id rather ponder about the next challenge topic.

I cant wait to begin it. Anybody have ideas when the next challenge gonna start and what will be all about? :slight_smile:


Before everyone goes off into a tangent here, I feel I have to remind everyone that none of us knows how the voting will turn out, nor the state of the curent voting; it doesn’t help to get so worked up over this when you’re not aware of how it’s turning out.

I personally have hope that, despite the “unfairness” (my own opinion here) of the Phase 1 public voting, the members of CGTalk are more mature than some of you believe them to be and will show a degree of professionalism and dignity in their votes rather than just voting for the images that are the “coolest” or were done by their “buddies”. :arteest:


That is right. I tried to be as unbias as possible. Looking at all the entries and being as professional as possible. Noting all the strengths and weakness of each entry and how well they delievered what was in the brief, and then reviewing their prorgess work and see how much time they spent on concepts.

Once again! Great work everyone! Lots of great talent participated in this challenge.


Guys…i am sorry but i thing u are loosing the point in this matter called “CHALLENGES”.
(Some of u at least…)

When i first started participating in the “Post Apocalyptic challenge” some years back…i couldn’t possibly think to try to make a character …now i know i think the basics to make something a bit descent…So in the time i devoted in the Theme of every Challenge i participated, i learned better not only to accept critics (good or bad) but also that …there is a way to make my work better… FOCUS on that…not on the prizes and if the voting system is good…
In my opinion it’s better and more solid every challenge passing…but my thoughts about that stop there…My humble opinion…




The creme rises to the top.And remember that popularity goes hand in hand with results,at least most of the time.There is a reason some are more popular than others you know.It’s called better work and results.
If your work dont get by the peoples vote,well just what do you think the pro judges would think of it.And last time I checked many of the voters are pro’s and soon to be one’s anyways.


Before everyone goes off into a tangent here, I feel I have to remind everyone that none of us knows how the voting will turn out, nor the state of the curent voting

face it man…


I am with you Dimitris. This is a contest, have you ever lisened this say “wining is not all”, personaly I am very glad with my work, I know that is no the best one, but i know to that for me is my first step in a leader of learning. This is the firt time I enter a contest, and the first time I finish one, and like I said to Donhuan, I printed my image and hang it on my wall, there is space for my next challanges beside me first image and I am shure that they will be better, thats the way the persons become winers. I knew since this contest started that I had no chance in front of guys like Dimitris, or Michael and a lot of contestants that are better than me, and I am shure that a lot of the people in here knew that too. Wining is a long proces and you need to loose a lot of times to learn.


I wanted to know if the professionals would like what I did, not am I popular here enough for them to even see me!?

||) |V| |^| : just want to say, that I read your messages and you can be really annoying. The only thing I had in mind was a big S… U. but well you can express yourself…this forum is here for that…

I would suggest to spend all the time you took to write those messages, well… practicing 3D for example… you might need it… don’t know how long you’ve been working on 3D…it’s like any form of art, it takes time…sometimes years…It’s not only a matter of tool…it’s also a way to educate your taste and your sense of esthetics…colors…composition… ect…

I’ve been doing that for a little while, but I keep learning things every day… trying to keep modesty and learn from people with more experience or better results…I see people with much less experience producing things way better than mine…well…I keep on working…

If you want to have feedback on your work, well this forum is full of professionals that can give you feedback… just write to some of them, the one you find work interesting and ask…
sure lot of them will be happy to help you…

The jury is not here to give you feedback…the Jury is here to vote for what they will consider the best artwork…so don’t wait for them for that…
I think also that they are enough professional to know what was the theme, and to respect that when voting…so maybe it would be good to stop insulting them on this point…

But I agree on the random order…I ended being first on the random page…and I though…wooo…weird…people will see something very strange as a first pic…poor people…are they ready for that ? LOL I would have suggest to have a different order everyday or something like that…not every minut otherwise the voting process would have been a p… i. t… a…

It has been alot of fun, but I don’t like popularity contests

well it’s true that quality and popularity are not going necessarily in the same direction here…but stop complaining, it was exactly the same during the last monthes of the creating phase…I’ve seen things I find awfull and they were very very popular…
so now, well, we can expect, and it’s normal, that people who support some members during the creating process to vote for them…ok…but nothing prevent them to vote for others entries…so the vote system is not to blame…electors are responsible for their choice…
and if some might think it goes in the wrong direction…well it’s a public vote/choice…

I don’t want to make a comparison with a recent big election…but I could…that’s how it works…and sometimes the result is…weird…

I had only 5 pages, almost nobody came to give feedback on my entry, it’s 5 pages of fun with my dear Fellah and some other funny folks…you were part of it with a funny quote !!!
let’s keep this spirit…I was a bit sad about that…but well…that’s how it goes…

nb : when I decide to enter, quite late, it was totally for fun ! I read about the prices 2 days ago… but well if I’m not disqualified, I wouldn’t ming a little Expose 2 :slight_smile: …I bought first one, not the second…


I agree.Hey whos Dimitris, or Michael ?


Dimitris Liatsos, Michael Madic. I mean, those guys have excelents works for me, they are referents…




Oh OK cool.i agree with you,refreshing thoughts cool attitude dude.:thumbsup:


Glad I’m not the only one who thought this thread had been hijacked by whiners.