Grand Space Opera Voting open!


hm… arturro good idea… but people dont want to “play” so much in voting … they just want to click once and that is all… half of them didnt even see half of images because they are bored to look through them :slight_smile:


That is why my idea is good:) We would get smaller number of votes, but those received will be more beliveable. At least I think so…


I have few useless ideas for the future voting system.:rolleyes:

What if we would be given certain stylistic goals? Like the amount of characters have to be used in the picture. Or whatever stated for a stylistic goal. More detailed information what to achieve. So the easist difficulty would be given more freedom of choice.

So artist could pick out a choice of stuff to do, harder works equal better X factor
That goal would be the multiplier for the public voting.

Just like the olympic swimteam jumpers receive diffuculty factor

Public voting X Difficulty ( or more detailed goal for the artist )

So artist could pick out a gategory for themself when they start the challenge. How bout that?


Haha, your joindate was oct 2004 and already over 1000 posts, that’s what I call interacting! :thumbsup:
You all have interesting ideas. I don’t know how the judging went in the past, 'cos I’m new to these challenges. I can imagine that for the pro judges, judging each piece or more than they have to do now, will take a lot of their time. I don’t know they have that luxury.


I am very impressed with the artwork here. Kudos. Seriously.


I forgot to say anything about the order pictures are displayed at the voting.

They should be shown in REVERSED ORDER. So the first one to complete their challenge would be shown first. People who almost didnt make it in time should be the last one to be shown.

It would also take lot of unnessary panicking from the last days. When people are trying to upload their picture at the last moment so they hope it to be seen first.


Some of you guys are really over-analyzing this voting thing.:rolleyes: Its really not that hard, look at the entries and vote for what you like, its that simple. Who cares if some people put more work into it than others, all that matters in the end is which images you like best.


I like the idea of voting for everybody (or at least a given number of entries) in different aspects. It would give some credibility to the results of that phase. Plus that would discourage friends, family members and classmates of a participant from voting without even checkin other peoples work.

Anyway, we’ve got to understand that the voting is run this way cause otherwise judges would have an impossible task to do. After all this challenge is about learning, right? And I think I speak for all of us when I say that we all have learnt; in fact this experience has given me motivation for future projects, and that’s all I could ask for. :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet or not, but it would be a great idea if the names could be stripped off of the images until voting is over.

I would love to give public kudos to the two that I think deserve to win first and second, but I feel like I can’t because it may slant the voting public’s decisions (not that I’m arrogant enough to think my opinion matters THAT much, but still) or be deemed inappropriate by CGTalk et al. (understandably so). If I could say “Great work whoever did #??, it really hit the mark for me” or something like that, it might be more diplomatic.

At any rate, good job all. Unfortunately, I didn’t get time to play in this one, but I’m already looking forward to the next one!



I agree with AJE.

Most people’s concerns seem to stem from voting based on favorite or known artists rather than the work (that’s not to dismiss that some of these know artists haven’t done exceptional work, it most cases that’s why they’re known… but you get the point.). While I think this may be a relatively small portion of the vote stripping names from the pieces and assigning numbers would allow for a “blind” vote of sorts.

It’s an interesting idea…


AJE & cgkrusty : I think theres even a problem with that somewhat.After three months of WIPS most people know who’s work is whos.Not all that’s true,but for the the most part the better or more outstanding works are remembered and who created them.

I think the best way is the way 3D total did there contest vote system.Each person that voted would write down 5 names.Sure with a challenge this big perhaps the amount of votes could be 15 or 20.For example: 15th gets 1 point.14th gets 2 points all the way down to 1st place which gets 15 points.
People open up there own thread and cast there votes.All can see and for the most part people will have to vote honestly.I think this way as it is now many of the true contenders could be left out because the competitors wont vote for them because they are real competition.Some real good entries just might not make it to the judges.
After all the votes are in the totals for each challenger is added up.Than the hoghest point totals get moved onto the judges.Than 25% of the vote can still be the peoples vote,25% the community interaction,and 50% judges.
Just another thought.:slight_smile:


One more thing…

the random viewing of the pictures should be random I think:) and not each time the same setting. If with each refresh a new random seeting appeared, it would be better:)


ı agree.



huh? :argh: :curious:


Yes, but why are names important in the WIP threads? Imagine that for everyone who enters (like if you sent your name to a mod/contest master), you are given a numer and a thread to post images in… in that thread, your name doesn’t appear (your name is added to the word filter for that thread), so nobody knows who it is working on the piece.

It sounds like a lot of work, but the end result is unbaised, straight up, honest truth judging.

People are a lot more honest with anonymity… which makes the work that much better.

These are just my thoughts anyways, I just think that having names attached to artwork for the purposes of competition skews the final results. By all means, credit the artist… just do it after he or she wins.

(and no, I didn’t enter this round… lol)


When you set random viewing, the order is always the same. It was set up randomly but once in the beginning, not not during each visit.


I’m going to regret getting into this so I’ll leave it with this post ( my 10 foot pole should have been longer ). The REAL value of this challenge should have been in the interaction with other artists here guys, the prizes are just the icing on the cake IMO. I didn’t finish my entry but I have learnt a lot out of this all the same, seen a lot of cool work that has and will no doubt inspire me further and made some great contacts, I find the discussions that have been going on about the voting and in another thread about the judges disappointing, but if it makes you happy carry on, I’ll be curious to see if you can come up with something that will please everyone :shrug:


Yeah, I noticed that as well; it would’ve been nice if was random every time you visit the page.


I agree but you are forgeting one big detail.

If you do not get enough votes during the public voting, your entry doesn’t even see the light of day in front of the judges. From what I understand, 15 shortlisted entries from each catagory will go to phase 2 (judges) based on the number of votes from the public.

This is why I agree when you mention popularity, someone could have a powerful entry but because the other artist has more popularity there is a bigger chance they will get more votes. And this happened during Machineflesh if you look at some of the honourable mentions in comparision to some of the entries that didnt’ even win.

As I mentioned before in this thread. Challenges like this (outside of Cgnetworks) are handled by having “ALL” the entries submited to the judges for voting rather then just the top 30 entires that are picked by the public, like in the case of this Challenge.

I would keep public voting, but I wouldn’t leave it up to jsut the public to decided which top 30 entries get to go to the judges.

oh… Please correct me if I am wrong. Because the judging process is a little wordy and can be misleading.


if it is like that then it sucks! … i thought that 25 % is from net then come judges… and vote… ALL entries