Grand Space Opera Voting open!



hm… i will just say… this … u are doing possible FLAME on this topic… because read my
last post (before this one) … well done! now they will feel obligation to vote for u … and other people will say that some works u vote are not in top 15… u voted for them just because of popularity that they got in MachineFlesh…


Hmm, maybe printing your choices isn’t such a wise choice, as you ‘may’ potentially influence peoples vote ( for example they could check your choices out of curiosity ). If the vote is anonymous then all the decision rests on the voter.
As for what should be considered in the vote, that’s up to the voter, some might rate composition more than technical prowess, some the opposite. The image as a piece of art might be much more important than how they addressed the brief ,or how the artist maintained and informed through their wip might influence their decision.
Really I don’t think there should be an argument over this, just sit back and wait 'till the 27th and see what’s left after the smoke settles :slight_smile:

I would however agree with EssenceDesign in that the widescreen images, due to the regular thumb width ,are appearing on the page much smaller and less detailed to other portrait entries, lets hope folks are taking the care to view each image and not just scan through the entries. I would hate to think that this page format would influence future entries’ orientation and composition.


… and one more thing i forgot to say is that… this that u have putted out artic is like a commercial and u know what kind of effect do commercials have… “we see it we buy it…” so now manny of people can look at ur entry list and say … " hm… he voted for them… well i dont have time to look at all entries … i will just look at small thumbnail… and yeah that is it … same voting for me."


I read your post and if you had read my post, you would’ve read that I don’t want to vote for me just because I voted for them: if people think that they obligated to vote for a person just because that person gave them a vote in return, then they really don’t know jack-squat about competitions. In addition, the entries whom I voted for are my own opinions of who belongs in the top 15 and I don’t ask anyone else to share my opinions.

For the record, the entries that I voted for has nothing to do with any previous image or competion that that person my have entered or won!!!
(whats more, I find it incrediblely rude and condenscending of you to suggest that I voted in such a way…)

However, I agree with mistermac (but not you…) and, to retain the anonymity of voting, I will removed my list.


No peoples vote is the only weight. The people from what I am seeing are voting very differently than professional judges would. Professional judges would take into account many things that the unprofessional eye would miss.

I am just thankful I got out of this challenge what I needed most… something that made my abilities get many times better by the end. Because just thinking about this challene voting is depressing me. If I had realized that this is how it was going to be done. There woulda been many things different in my submission. Many that I counld have added to my entry for blatant “cool factor”, which seems to dictate votes here. I was trying to produce something that could be seen as a shot from a movie something like the day House Atreides fell! In that vein I have screwed myself for the competition. Because I knew professional judges would take this into account… while the community is voting for their friends. I am going to focus only on the Music Video DVD now, because I already realize I will not be on that short list. There are many “cooler” pictures than mine which have nothing to do with the theme. Thanks for everything everyone, I will see you in the official thread of the GSOMV, I doubt I will be coming back here because its too upsetting.


||) |V| |^|: You never know how these voting stages will turn out; it’s best to just stop worrying about it.

I mean, when I entered the 25th Annual College Photography competition last October/November, I didn’t expect any of my photographs to be choosen at all. However, just this last week I recieved a letter saying I was in the Finalist Selection group. Out of 30,000 photographs, mine was in the top 5% of what they recieved (just wish I knew which ones they choose…). If I had acted on my insticts and not submited any photos because I thought they weren’t good enough to be in the contest, would I have been on that list? No.

You never know how well you’ll do in something till you try. :slight_smile:


good luck for every body
sincerely your work are all great
good luck and for me you are all winner:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Before it was announced in the front page of cgtalk that we are allowed to vote i have tried to submit an image in the .From there the page was telling that nobody could submit anything because the competition deadline was over. There was also a link there with all the entries in 3d and 2d category and also all the images in one gallery like we have now. In that galleries my image was on the second page and now its on the 4th page of 2d gallery.All the images then had a different order the one we see now in the galleries.
This link was dead after some time and then maybe the next day the announcment on the front page was made. The pages with the final entries were changed.The order of the images was different.
The images of the first page i beleive have a priority to view or vote, than the images of the 7th page.This is not fair for some people for my opinion, what do you think?


DonHuan: The entries voting page changes depending on:
A. you’re viewing images for all Challenges, just the 2D Challenge, or just the 3D Challenge.
B. you’re viewing images at random, by author’s name, or by the author’s username.


Just to clear this up. I am very happy with my entry. Just not here. Not for this. I feel I accomplished something I did not even know that I could. When I started this I set my goals much higher than I had ever achieved anything in the past. If I showed you my previous work, I think I spent a week tops on something. I put 3 solid months of work into this. So I am very happy.

Its only the voting on this which is depressing me, which is why I am seperating myself from it. I need to stay focused ahead.

If you want to know if I voted for you this is how I determined whom I voted for. First, is it GSO? Second did alot of effort go into it? Third is it cool looking? Then I look at their WIP, if they showed most of their work steps, I voted. I voted for at least half of all of the entries. I do have to admit that I voted more for 2D because they were way more on target than 3D relative to the theme, which is dictating my voting very heavily, if it is not GSO it doesn’t get a vote, no matter how nice, pretty or amazing looking it is, and I did not seperate them into two categories, in the end they are all supposed to be achieving the same thing and so I judge them the same way.


Sorry DonHuan…

but you got to read the Grand Space Opera Challenge FAQ / Questions / Answers thread to :slight_smile:

no, no… here is your answer: This first gallery page was a WIP from our technical Admin angel Mibus. I already posted that in there… also it seems so but webpage do not come up by magic :slight_smile:

For the thing with the order of the entries. Try to read also the rest on the page and not just view the images ( as I always do :slight_smile: ) There you got the possibility to change the order by random, name or username. So no concerns about missing any artist here. BTW it is more fair to the contestants if you go through all of the entries and vote for them u like and which fits best with the GSO theme.


Ok randomly there was a different order before but anyway:). But i have to mention that i have voted the same images before and after the possible mistake.What happened for those entries that were voted twice?


Hello everybody, there are indeed some very great 2D artists here.Each and everyone are very good in a unique way as they have very different individual style and touch to their image.I wouldnt say that this one is better than the other one or vice versa as i respect each artists work.Some exceeds in one aspect of their work example concept, coloring, sketching, originality etc while other exceeds in their rapidity.However something bothers me about the voting method.I personally dont think that public should be given 25% voting. This because::deal:

i1. Some here already have a reputation as a well known artist and thus can be judged according to that.[/i]
i2. There are some competitors who have been active on the forum for more that one year and they seems to be very popular,they have many friends here so i personally think that the voting can be influenced by those who already have many friends here.[/i]
i3. Some of the competitors are students and as a student they have classmates and it is obvious that they will prompt their classmates to visit their work and vote without even considering their real potential.[/i]
i4. It is something obvious that if we have brothers, sisters or many close friends ouside, we will prompt them to vote for us and many of them do not really have those artistic eyes to vote. [/i]

So, what i think would be a good thing for the next challenge is to put the public voting to 10% which according to me is very fair and then increase the judges voting percentage.
I just hope that i am not wrong and i invite other challengers to state their opinion on this concern.
[color=silver]Many thanks to you all here and my regards to the judges who is doing a wonderful work.i:thumbsup:[/i] [/color]


great work folks, I’m really impressed at all of the fantastic entries. The diversity is really great and it was fun browsing through them all. And of course, I picked a favorite :slight_smile: Good luck all!



dean080580, fair points. The way I see it is that any form of public voting which has a direct bearing on the outcome of the challenge proper is bound to mess with peoples’ ideas of what constitutes fair, considered voting. The trouble is I can’t imagine how the public vote could be done better, save for some wholesale change. The only way I can see people being happy with the voting (read: feel that their hard work was given due and equal consideration on it’s merits within the specific challenge guidelines) would be to have the official judges in charge of every stage. Perhaps as the stakes get higher this will become a necessity.

The public vote could be shifted into an essentially irrelevant, but worthy activity where they could mark each entry out of ten for say style, technique, originality and relevance to the topic. This could be collated and some kind of scoreboard posted along with the final outcome. That could be interesting! But I guarantee there would be differences of opinion even then.

And I’d just like to clarify: I have no axe to grind - I’m very pleased with my entry, I feel like I learned a lot, I enjoyed being part of a very large group of talented and supportive artists, and I enjoyed the banter! Anything beyond this is a pure bonus for me. This latest was my third challenge entered, and it seems to me to be getting bigger and better organised every time, so hats off to the organisers for refining the system, and I hope there will be many challenges to come!


I would just like to say that you 2D guys kicked us 3D guys’ asses all over the message boards. Some amazing work in there.:slight_smile:


Hi everyone! I also agree with dean080580 about the public voting. I think 25% is quite a lot to allocate to public voting for the same reasons that dean pointed out. And also the Community interaction is quite unfair to people who’ve just joined the CG community and don’t really know many people. It usually takes time to know people on the site and to interact with them. There are many who are well known on this site and have lots of interactions. I also think that 25% for the Community interaction is a bit too much for new comers.

I think Speaky’s suggestion about breaking the public’s voting into concept, style, technique, originality and relevance to the topic might be a good idea. But then there might still be people who might not have an artist eye and still be voting.
I guess that’s quite a difficult one to solve! :eek:

Anyways, I’ve enjoyed this challenge and learnt a lot through it (although I joined quite late as I came to know about it quite late). It gave me something to do after work! I’ve made friends too! :wavey: And I look forward to the next one! Good luck everyone! :thumbsup:


In the entry for Dymitr Wielgoszewski, the big image didn’t show up.


I agree that public voting could be done like that:

if you wan’t to vote, you must vote for each picture and give number of points for different elements. You could do that in a couple of days and only when you fill points for each guy your points will be added.

And still I think taht more works should get to the jury:)

About the interaction, I think it’s a good idea to take it under consideration. I was a new cgtalker and my entry was my first post, and I had no troubles with interacting:)


Well said! I personally have no hope of winning anything, so if anything otherwise occurs, I will be very surprised. I think the best part about the contest is just being in the contest. And if you put you full effort into it you will have a nice artwork to take out of it, prizes or not.