Grand Space Opera Voting open!


Well done on the voting page! COngratulaitons. And well done on the images dear challengers:) Jury will have a difficlt task.


Good luck to everyone !
I’ll vote for sure, the images are freaking awesome :bounce:


For 3d Gerardo Damian Barbero Breat Image quality ( a cut above the rest ) And outstanding attention to detail.

He was the only one I felt that really put his sole into the project. Alot of the entries were good and had alot of detail on one or two objects in the sceen and the rest were low rez and kinda unfinnished looking some of them ( just from the thumbnail ) looked so baren of objects I didn’t even bother looking at the high rez.

For 2d Daryl Mandryk

This one was alot tougher for me to chose and I had to go with the subject matter.

tranchefeux had tons more detail but I just did’nt care much for the subject matter and it looked a bit washed out. But that was probobaly intentional There are too many good 2d artists to name all of them that I really liked but daryl mandryk just eaked out ahead in myopinion. All of the 2d artists were better in composition ( I feel ) then the 3d artists.


and yeah it is great because there is possibility of voting for more then 1 image! … well… my vote goes to :smiley: … manny works :smiley:


Since the theme itself is being taken soo completely into account less are getting my vote than I expected or really want to but that short list is too important for those few really on target bad ass entries.

My way of voting for all of them is going to be creating a music video for the GSO on DVD for everyone here:

Grand Space Opera the Music Video


DonHuan: I did the same thing, I hang the picture in my room, this is a very pleseant experience. I hope in a few year i will have an entire gallery. All the participants should do this.


Good luck for all, Amazing works, I view to vote section many times, wonderfull images
this was a great competition!!
again good luck for all!!!:bounce:



Good luck all; it’s been a blast. :slight_smile:

grundelboy: you do know you can vote for more than one entry?


I had a look through all the entries and was amazed by the quality. Well done all of you. I voted for quite a few :slight_smile:


I’m very proud to be among so many fine entries. Good Luck to all. It’s an education just seeing them all together.
What’s the story on the book being made of the GSO works?


Voting time…weeeeee…time to take some time and check out all these images…great work everyone…and good luck :thumbsup:


What book? I don’t think there’s going to be one.


No book, at all.

||) |V| |^| offered to make a dvd with a lot of features.


Yeah, that’s what I thought.


That was an awesome challenge and a great experience. I hope I can join in the next one soon!
Good luck everyone!


I thought I read that Ballistic was doing a GSO challenge making of the challenges book.


If this fact was not directly posted by Leonard it is just a suggestion/comment or something like that - but not real :slight_smile:

best regards


Ah. I am standing corrected.


Oh man, what happened to me…:scream: my image gone down the wall and had a scratch.I take it as a bad sign for being voted:) .
Take care of yours, its interesting and i hope for you a greater progress in future,Like your name too:) .Good luck for all!


||) |V| |^| ( Richard`s) idea is great… as i said i am in making of this dvd can be great…