Grand Space Opera Voting open!


What a wonderful pieces! I feel a bit proud now to be part of this community and that I’ve finished this challange. My first ever! Looking forward to the next.

Good luck to all!!


This was an awesome challenge.:thumbsup: I wish everybody the best and hope that I can soon compete with all these great artists(You) again!

Tommy Lee


It´s very exciting to watch all the finished pictures together in one big gallery.
I will take my time to access the highres images of every image. It´s a pleasure to watch
and vote.

Once again :slight_smile:
it is a perfect presentation of all images. you did a wonderful job

best regards


to be honest, I never looked at the progress of the Grand Space Opera Challenge … the more I am now overwhelmed by the mass of entries AND the high quality of the works

some outstanding work
Congratulations to all participants


It was for me an tremendous experience to participate in this challenge. I was able to confront in of very good artists, and fact of trying to equal them allowed me to learn a lot. Now, I am going to admire all the magnificent works which were created and I am going to take my time to vote
Good luck to all the participants


Congradulations everyone who finished. What a wonderful journey we have been on. Wow. There are just sooo many beautiful images. I love that you can vote for many, but what about the people who show up last everytime? It says random but its always in the same order, is that order just for that individual. Just wondering. Anyway, thanks for sponsoring such a fantastic contest. I have grown so much here. After all I finally finished my first 3D piece of “art”, vs graphic design.

I will be back in future challenges and I plan on sticking around even after the challenge has ended. Good luck to all and I hope to see you around regularly now!


certainly an amazing collection of quality artwork (enough for a book?), congratulations and good luck to everyone who finished. thanks a lot to mibus and all the organisers, once again a great challenge


Before a while i have taken my image from a print company in the size of 70 x 100cm.I am sure everybody should do the same because seeing the image in its real size makes a big difference:thumbsup: .
I was very happy to take it and now i have to figure out the wall in my house to put on.I am thinking to print another inage one of my favourites, maybe the winner who knows?, maybe one of you i don’t reveile it:) , offcaurse i have voted for more, because many of them are so great and competitive with each other!It’s a happy day today:) .

More of the my work is made in my mind and less on the virtual canvas.
My 2D entry:


Hmm, looks like my large image doesnt work also :confused: Is there any way to upload the image again?


It was my first CGt contest (and bring at the end), and just only for the fun and wonderful friendship instored thanks this contest… this was a wonderful experience…

Thanks for the organization ! :applause:
Good luck to everyone… :smiley:



Hi Mibus

Looking through the images. The 2D entry by Krzysiek Kamrowski (Kengi) - hope my spelling is correct - seems to have some construct lines on…

Great images all round. Good luck to all


Gravity really gets me down


Ok I wish I could reset my vote count… and start over. After the first page I realized how many of these great pictures there are and continued all the way to the last page. After that I am now going back and only voting for the images which directly fit the theme GSO otherwise I will be voting for almost all of them. There are just sooooo many fantastic pieces of art! I would say less than half of them have anything to do with Grand Space Opera theme tho… What a dilema.

Can you guys add a not easy to hit on accident reset vote count button? PLEASE!!!


Wheew, done voting for the 2D section. It was great to see all the finished pieces side by side.

I’m still a bit sad that my piece suffers from the jpg compression here at cgnetworks.
I checked my tiff before I sent it, and it looked ok.
I really don’t know why this happens, the other pics look great.
If anyone knows why please let me know, just to be safe the next time I post a pic here.

I’ll be voting for the 3d section tonight, looking forward to that :slight_smile:


Just wanted to say top work guys! Thoroughly enjoyed voting for this challenge. Best of luck to everyone who entered.


Perhaps, at least a remove vote for this image count. Even though it will be hard to tell which you did and did not unless you remember exactly.

I am finding that there are alot of in my opinion equally good entries in the 2D category which are amazing, beautiful and fit the theme. In the 3D not so much of the theme…


Stunning images!:thumbsup: Good luck to all…may the best image win:)


For 3d Gerardo Damian Barbero Breat Image quality ( a cut above the rest ) And outstanding

For 2d Daryl Mandryk Very Nice.


Yes, great challenge with a lot of stuning works. Thanks very much as I have learned a lot here, and maybe will have enough skills to enter the next one:)

But I agree that jury should get more than 15 images from each category.

Maybe wait untill the end of the voting, and see if there is a bigger “jump” in number of votes between work number 15 and 16… I doubt that, but there could be a big jump between for example first 25 works and the rest… so maybe that would make you change your minds:)

Hope that some cgtalk guru will read that :slight_smile:


well… congratz everyone great works here…!
and i mostly glad because i finished my grand space opera on time… due all the problems … :frowning:
It is hard to have 17 years :smiley:


Good luck to everyone.