Grand Space Opera Voting open!


oh good
i need something to get me through the year
can we sujest ideas for the next challenge or is it already planned?
well cant wait for the next 1


Hahaha man…you´re cool
I just log to reply…I´m in Sweden, I love that country ! so me happy !
I saw your post and though…hahahaha…he´s very kind…
I have to reply even if I ran away from this thread…
I don´t think I´ll be in the 15…but it´s not so important !
and if I can only say something right now it´s : vivent la Suede et les suedoises !!!


Viva la gnocca e le gnoccone!!





The next one is coming up in April? Coolness, thats exciting. I’ll be there :thumbsup: I had a great time with this, and really enjoyed seeing and looking forward to new approaches to illustration from other members every single day! Too exciting! I’m so bored now…lol. :scream: One thing that blew me away was once the polls opened, my hit counter for my site (its those hidden ones) clocked 2000 hits on my site in one day. Thats really rare, hope they weren’t too disappointed (all the clicks were from CGTalk) with the lesser quality images on my site :argh: If anything I got to know alot of coolness disguised as CGTalk artists. I helped the best I could, I just couldn’t be online as much as I wanted.

Why take the CG Challenge? BECAUSE ITS THERE :bounce:



I’m pretty sure Leonard said the next challenge would begin in March sometime. He wrote that in the e-mail he sent out to GSO challengers.

Sure wish it’d begin now. Next week is Chinese New Year throughout Asia, and loads of Asian CGers are going to have some free time to focus on side projects. Maybe we can have a little hint on the upcoming theme?

Oh well, maybe next year…


Well One thing is for sure, I am going to need to pull the trigger and get me a Wacom tablet before the next challenge.


good luck to all , i hope ill win some software bryce 5 or so lol


Tomorrow is the day isn’t it? The 14th? A final good luck guys/gals! Will they email? Will they post it? What will happen?

Tune in tomorrow, same Bat time, same Bat channel… :smiley:




i am shaking l… good luck


Good luck everybody. (we’ll all be needing it…) :thumbsup:


Congrats for all winners and Honourable Mentions!! 2d and 3d!! nice stuff on this contest.

c ya!!


Let me just pop in and second all of that :thumbsup:


Oh my GOD!!

I´m speechless…

My little Brain collapsed just one Minute ago… IS THIS REAL?? Can somebody please hit me with something heavy (5t)…


This was my first big challenge and all the people in here are so great, and so awesome artists. Congratulations to all Winners. And all other Challengers. It was a realy amazing time during this Challenge.

In this moment i feel like a giant truck hit my body… i´m still shocked.


Stay tuned,


congratz all…
didn`t get Honorable … no more competitions for me… bye


Ahh… but that’s exactly why you should participate again.

Congrats to all the winners. All very well deserved.


Yap my friend… we will win the mext challenge, no worries:twisted: :bounce:

congratulations to winners and respect to all who finished the challenge :buttrock:


hm… yeah … i should… when i fall i always get up and become even stronger… but not this time… not this time … have problems now because of GSo…


congratulations vampeta!!!:bounce: and all the winers!! a great competition!!:thumbsup: i hope to be in the next one!


Where are the winners listed?