Grand Space Opera Voting open!


hm… because of this competiton… ah nevermind… forget it … i am doomed…


It was the Butler in the kitchen with a knife.


I thought it was prof. plum in the laboratory with the lead pipe!? :wink:


my dear children , it was staged


I agree with you.

And I want to thank again cg-talk crew for giving us this magnifique opportunity.
Also to the other challengers for making this posible.

Great people I have found here.

:bowdown: :applause:

Hope someday I can bring something in return with my humble “stuff”. :shrug:


I am waiting for the next contest already :slight_smile:
Anh hey-markovicd-U did a great job-
This was my first bigger 3d competition ever and i am not “in” just because the prices & stuff. Main award at least for me is that i really developed my skills and i found lot of great artists & individuals here :slight_smile:


This is what got me from being a wallflower to a participator. This challenges theme was incredible I can only imagine what your cooking up next. Perhaps something from the fantasy category?


ive been away for a few weeks
did they tell us who won yet?
didn’t get mine finished.
plus it looked pretty bad.
well good luck anyway


Ok am still doing the egghead [maya tutorials] and what I see is awesome, prizes are also awesome so good luck all you participating.


Hey! Not sure if this is a good place to post this, but here is a suggestion for the next challenge. How about going with the theme of “Cyberpunk” and have peope focus more on the character designs. I personaly would like to improve on those skills and what better way to do it then the challenges. :slight_smile:

Just an idea I guess.


nooo…that’s like a combo of 2 previous ones…let’s go fantasy…that…would…rock…


Then I’d suggest “inner space” instead. Adding any elfs or fairies will result in immediate disqualification :smiley:


:surprised …dammit that’s actually a cool idea :bounce:


lol , o comon u don’t wanna make so many people unhappy

just imagine the green fairie forest with little elveses everywhere, trallalalaa



ok ok , I got something for everybody :

[b]The Other Side
[size=2][color=MediumTurquoise]CGTalk Challenge XVII
[color=MediumTurquoise][color=Olive]Who are you? What happens to you after you die?
Is there life after death ?
Will you come back as ghost to haunt us ?
Only you know.
Show us the other side.

[/color][/color][/size][/b][/color] [left]how about dat ?

[size=2][color=MediumTurquoise][color=MediumTurquoise][color=Olive] [/color][/color][/size][/color]


:eek: Heavy stuff!

Maybe the religious aspect is a bit to big. It could happen at the end you have a lot of religious interpretation rather than individual content. I think this topic is too specific. But I of course could be wrong. :slight_smile:



it’s just up to the religious people to think unreligious, unless they feel
that’s blasphemic :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t count on any reigning theories about the subject :slight_smile:


I think that they have ready subjects for a few next challenges:) I also think that the Squibbit’s idea is interesting, but must agree that some poeple may find it unproper for such a challenge.


well they’d still make each their own version of it ,
or they could think of how it could be in another world …


Let’s make it

The Inner Space Of The Other Side