Grand Space Opera Voting open!


Now THAT was one tough set to choose from! Awesome work, people!


• I 've been out for a while, now I 'm back, and I Know it is not late to say this:
It was a real pleasure to work by your side, see your progress and all the fun we had
To the people who made my favorirtes list,
I Gave my votes to them, they deserve it :thumbsup:


yea ditto, dude :beer:



Well since so many people here on a site completely based on opinions have tried to chastise me for mine, I am glad there are at least a few people here who can accept that some people have a difference of opinion than them and do not “need” to attack them.

:applause:Thank climax, Dimitris, Arturro and a few others who can handle as an adult, that peoples opinions differ and that people are “ALLOWED” to have their own opinions.

To the rest of you who lack this ability you should listen to your own words as I have yet to attack anyone or anything. My opinions are my own and I am glad I live in America where having freedom of speech is allowed, if you had your way I would be in jail for having my own…:rolleyes::shrug:


Why I quote this sentence above is because that really tells one thing about you. YOU can’t see comments of others as opininions. Other people here have the equal right to tell you their opinions. If they don’t like your work, accept it. People here does not have to agree with you. How hard is it to understand that? You may have totally different style and eye for creating art and if rest of us don’t see it as wonderful as you do, ACCEPT IT!

There is freedom of speech but remember this, THERE IS ALSO FREEDOM OF TASTE. ACCEPT IT!

Best Regards,

ps. No, I did not like your work. That is my humble OPINION… and NO, this is not personal attack, it’s 100% OPINION.


O M F G :surprised

L M A O :smiley:


I am… thank you! :slight_smile:


Dude, let’s not even go there…
(in all the years I’ve belonged to online communities, I’ve seen too many threads erupt into flame wars due to posts like this)


It seems this discussion is going to escalate.:eek: Those things are not ending well for anybody. > Buddies, I think it´s the best point in time to stop this because I´m sure no one didn´t intend to bring this quarreling as far as this.

please remember what it sais above every post reply:
Before posting, please review the following:


[li]Be courteous and polite. :buttrock:Show respect to the opinions and feelings of others. Use of the forums is a privilege, not a right.[/li][li]Engage your brain before your mouth. You are responsible for your own words and any harm they may cause.[/li][li]Don’t dilute the forums with irrelevant and unnecessary fluff. CGTalk is a professional, moderated forum. It’s a place to talk about all things related to computer graphics… [/li][/ol] best regards


Something is true, something is wrong but nothing is 100% one or another (imho)

Freedom, a beautifull word it is and also reminds me Aldous Huxley book called “A Brave New World”.

LittleGranny peace please and use your real username while criticizing comunity members.

Fahrija my apologies for this message but freedom happens.


Yep!, funny algorithm. :slight_smile:

Something like…
select * from ENTRANTS order by SUBMITION_DATE desc.


p.s.: I like it that way.


I have to second that. STOP THAT BULLS**T:banghead:


:bounce: This this being the most entertaining of the topics of the whole contest.
it is very funny to see the people fight for such banal reasons.
Artists, contest companions, he sweats her image is good she with the whole certainty will be seen!
i would like to see all in a ring of barbed wires and weapons of medieval war… it would be a true carnage hehehe
do as me, say for your girlfriend that you love her, visit their relatives, begin new projects, skirt with the friends, see a good film and if you are in the end and to catch a good placement, cool, if no, at least it took advantage of the time better with the people that it likes!

Good luck to all and less stress!



I had fun doing the challenge! :thumbsup:Look foward for the next one.:applause:


I wonder if some of the great artists here in this Quest are messing around with each other…?! :sad:

Well 4 me it was my first Challange, and it was a great experience.
I made a lot of new friends, and learned a lot more about CG.

Remember… this whole thing is completly FREE. Where else in the Internet, you get a platform like this one, where you can post your work and get honored THIS WAY?!

The People behind this are pushing us to get better and better and better…! :bounce: .

And that is the main Idea behind all this all!! (Forget the stupit gifts!) If you are the first time in here, and got your first few qoutes about your work… realy… isn´t this awesome?!

Thank´s to everyone who supported/critizised me. And all other Challangers!

See U, Alex


… realy… isn´t this awesome?!

…well…they say i got alot of ideas and I don’t think
i could’ve come up with anything better…



I really appreciate CGTalk for doing this whole challenge thing- I was feeling pretty trapped when a guy at work showed me this site right when Space Opera was starting. I felt like a kid again, I used to get so excited whenever there was an “art contest”. Never won one, but loved them just the same. Mostly because it gives you an excuse to sit down and work on something cool, I for one really needed that excuse this time. I got a full illustration out of the deal, and confidence that I could do it again.

I cannot wait for the next challenge.


From one of the many people that “started” the challenge, congratulations to all that “finished”.

I suffered from to ambitious a project. Way too much for me to finish in the alotted time. So I’ve learned something, next time I’ll plan better.

Good luck all!


• :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
It’s not that they wouldn’t be great…but…hasn’t it be fullfilling enought yet??
So, let’s forget about everything
Bring the peace, no hard feeling everybody
and stop quoting about the issue :slight_smile:


yea it’s supposed to be a happy occasion,
so let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who …

hehe had to say that, python rules :slight_smile: