Grand Space Opera Voting open!


I can see I obviously hit a sorespot after looking at some of “the people who want to personally attack me’s entries” were so far off theme no wonder, talk about childish to personally attack people. Just be glad I don’t feel inclined to lower myself to your level and start pesonally attacking you!

My gripe is in one area only. People straying from the theme, these are my opinions and apparently shared by several others. Now I did not say that your art stinks. I said some of the entries are getting voted through to the finals based soley on what they did! NOT what they were supposed to do! Also look at W.I.P. images, many of the coolest ones lack any kinda progress, its like wham, theres a finished section, and there and there and there…

The Point of this challenge is for the artists and artist hopefuls to be capable of learning from our progress.

The voting being the last phaze where prizes are awarded.

I was just noting that based on the turn-out of this, I may totally ignore the theme as so many have here. As for your attacks, well, I laugh at them, because it shows you are still immature and need to learn how to interact with others without fighting, wow I feel like this topic is a 3rd grade school yard scenerio. Whoopie, lets start the insults… I will enjoy laughing at them some more… Oh yeah btw, even those childish enough to make personal attacks, I forgive you for you lack the control over your fingers and know how to exercise your brain muscles first.

PS. If you want to see the actual final at the resolution it was intended for…the please click here!!

(note it was not known that the size of the finals would be so low resolution until the end! As such I designed my image to have 4 completely self-contained regions of combat. Plus the overall main image.) Basically you can trip on any part of the picture alone or back away a bit and see the whole thing. If its not to your liking, oh well. After all some people actually dislike H.R.Gigers work… doesn’t mean I have to.


well, I would say that “grand space opera” is a bit of a broad catagory. I think most everyone’s work could be easily defeneded in that respect. Its all in how you look at it I think.

If it were the Machine Flesh challenge and a person submitted an entry of a person with no machinery incorporated into the photo, you might have something there.



Images will be judged on originality, storytelling, how well it conveys either a sense of awe and scale or action, technical process.

Images need to be imaginative and loosely based on the theme. We’re not interested in giving absolute guidelines to work with, we’re interested in seeing original works of art that suits your vision.

Is this plain enough!Stop trying to underscore others to give you a better chance.You woulda done this and woulda done that,stop your whining man.Or I’m gonna have to ak you if you want cheese to go with that whine LOL.Chill out,let it play out at least before you go haywire.

The key word or phrase here is: imaginative and loosely based on the theme

Basicaly i will vote for the best modeling,textures,originality,and imagination.Thats it folks,Good day.:slight_smile:


All I can say is roll on the 14th Feb when all this bickering will be over :slight_smile:
I’ve already started on my next piece, so until then i’ll hopefully see you all at the next challenge ( roll on March ), or in the 3d works threads if I manage to get this new scene finished…


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PS :scream: :scream: :scream: whoops forgot :banghead: :banghead:


||) |V| |^| : Stop this, you’re getting ridiculous .Your overly defensive attitude and the fact that you constantly bring up your own entry makes you lose all credibility… even if it’s not intentional, you seem to be very disappointed that your pic isn’t making a better score.

But you compete in an international challenge where some of the top cg artists around participate… What do you expect ? you should be proud to be in the top 100.

No need to blame the voting system, or the cg community for not “understanding” your piece ; Cgchallenges have been running for a few years now, and this voting system is the best. The judges can definitely not start reviewing a couple of hundreds of entries !

About the pictures being off topic or not. This is a graphic contest, and a beautiful picture will definitely prevail on a repulsive image , may it have the most original story and concept underlying it. But you can be sure that between two beautiful pictures, the one that fits the theme better will prevail :slight_smile:

You should show more respect to the community, this attitude won’t help you .


||) |V| |^|

Remember that if enough people like you share the same mentality and vote for basis of the challenge topic and how do they each fit to it.

Just assume there is something like 18 guys off 100 thinking how important is it to stay true Grand Space Opera… All of them decide not to vote for cool pics with no theme in whatsover. That would mean that certain challengers would suffer 18% lower expectations one with picture going with that current theme. It is always impossible to please all.

My point is that everybody votes the pics on different basis its impossible to judge a contest unless we are all expected to draw exactly the same picture.

About the new challenge i really wish it would start soon. Its so hard to find motivating force as good to complete stuff. Maybe there should be “cool-off challenge” in between :slight_smile:
We would all just receive a topic and just do concept art until the next one starts! :thumbsup:


…you wouldn’t like it.



Amazing works. Good luck to all.


a beautiful picture will definitely prevail on a repulsive image

u taken a look at the MachineFlesh pics ? :smiley:


lol you said it! Squibbit you rule! :slight_smile:


Great work! Voted for quite a few actually. :slight_smile:

A shame I bailed out too early (guess I’ll be blaming GTA: SA).
Next time I’ll finish and compete. Yay!


And you’re certainly one poster who can help improve the situation. Please stop whining about what you see is a popularity contest. The best pictures–both technically and those that adhere to the theme–will rise to the top. It always happens. Have some faith in the system, or don’t bother getting involved in these things.


Guys This is getting a little crazy over here… :shrug: …how 'bout we all be friendZ… :smiley:

…I too couldn’t help but vote for a bunch of entrys…there where alot of great epic works made here…we’ll get you 2d guys back though next time… :wink: ))))


we’ll get you 2d guys back though next time

not if us 5D guys put all 5D in the 2D …


||) |V| |^|

You want cheese with that whine?

No, seriously… let it be and try to do better next time.
Your work will get all the votes it deserves, no less.

A “mature” person like you should realise what you really are babbling here. Think man!


I have a question, would it possible to reveal the number of votes for let’s say top 30 from each category? I would like to see which works were appreciated. But if you keep that for yourself, I have nothing against:) great job done by you nevertheless.

I’m cleaning my computer for the next challenge:twisted:

edit: and thanks for making random viewing more random:thumbsup:


arturro that aint going to happen :))


No, but it’d be pretty nice. (hey, whatdaya know, I came back… :smiley: :rolleyes: )

I’m just looking forward now for the next Challenge and the new CG Challenge books… :thumbsup: