Grand Space Opera Challenge FAQ / Questions / Answers


yea I agree with walrus, for example Steve Newport gave a truckload of advice
to people , also posting images for reference. Here’s to you Steve and others :beer:

Maybe next time all parcticipants get to vote for say 3 people that they think
have helped themselves and others the most . :thumbsup:


I also agree. “Some member” even took the time to give me an image pointing some mistakes with my test renders.


Damn! I’m just saying DAMN. Why does that kind of thing never happen to me??? :smiley:


Oh, and I agree about the quantity thing here, it’s a bit skewed actually. Admittedly I did post some useful stuff in some peoples threads, but I sure posted a lot of useless fluff too, and it might be a bad thing to sort of reward that behaviour in the long run :smiley:


lol , hey don’t worry I voted for Dimi :stuck_out_tongue:


waahaa! Me too.


…curious to see what it does to that kind of behaviour in the long run …


… nothing good could possibly come from it :smiley:

Oh, and I hear you’re getting a copy of UT2K4 too, squibbler?


Yes I agree about the this community awards voting. I was also surprised when I found 5 names feom each category only. And some people on who I would like to vote weren’t there. I know that it was probably the best sollution during this challenge. But I think that the best voting system would be like that(please add your 2 cents to it, maybe cgtalk guru’s would read it:)):

If you wan’t to vote, you have to vote for each work, and give points(e.g. 0-5) for (e.g):

  • general impression
  • technical level/workmanship
  • concept/ida (originality, content, closeness to the subject)
  • community interaction (it’s obvious that all wyould get some 0 and probably some 5, because it’s hardly possible to be active everywhere)

and a weight of each category could be different, and I think that more categories(more detailed like modeling, lighting, texturing) would be to much and it would be too complicated.

Of course you could complete your voting in a few days, not at once. And I think that we would get smaller amount of votes, but those received votes would be better in my opinion.


I gotta say , tho, I value the daily comedy bit on the board as much
as a good artistic advice , so I could’ve easily given u the vote , wabbit

i do cg cuz its fun and if i become good at it in the process, all the betta :thumbsup:

yea , ordered UT, i’m cannonfodder too, so it’ll become easier for u cause there’s
either someone new on the other side that cant hit u that good or someone on
the same side as easy to shoot , so u dont get shot that often :beer:


I bet you both land on my team :cry:


ROFL !!! :shrug::D:beer:


We can make the pig very happy like this, you know


LOL…Squibbit is going to get FRAGGED…hahahahaha:scream:


I felt the same way. Another issue when considering quantity over quality – when looking at the post history for the contenders, most of the posts were made after the competition deadline.

Since qualifiers for the Community Challenge need to have completed their GSO entry the voting wouldn’t be TOO cumbersome, especially since people would vote for those who helped them in their own work. No offense to the 5 finalists, but I think only one of them commented on my work.


when looking at the post history for the contenders, most of the posts were made after the competition deadline

that sounds very weird , considering the boards went pretty quiet pretty
soon after the contest deadline …

i was pretty astonished to be on that CA list, cause i just went where i felt like and
said what i felt like , never was after a prize , although I really would like to get
one of those Exposé 2’s from the actual competition :slight_smile:


Quote> Squibbit

…i was pretty astonished to be on that CA list, cause i just went where i felt like and
said what i felt like , never was after a prize…

me too. :eek:


When I voted each of the 5 finalists had a link if you wanted to read the comments they made during the competition. For each finalist, there were 4 pages of post citations. The earliest date I saw was after the contest had ended. Maybe the list of finalists was generated by posts during the competiton, but the posts on display were not what I’d want to base my vote on.

You were still very active on the boards, though–your old angel avatar was
EVERYWHERE and you made some pretty valuable comments whether you meant to or not ;).


yea i got on a roll during the competition and just didn’t stop after it was over, lol.

anyways, i think it only shows 4 most recent pages of posts .

btw, as an after comment, i think your GSO pic was mighty original…
… it was looking at that pic when i thought “wow, this contest really beat
machine flesh in variety” … pretty bold move to go for a flat 2D pic, too


Yeah, I realized it was a gamble but I couldn’t think of a way to fit everything I wanted into a realistic picture and still have it make sense. I thought that a pictogram would solve the problem and would still fit within the guidelines. Even if I go down in flames it was a great competition.

BTW I just checked out your Machineflesh entry the other day. Brilliant! I haven’t read through the thread yet, but I can imagine an old timer saying “I can remember when I was a boy going to Coney Island to see the flying whales.” It’s got a beautiful antiquated look.