Grand Space Opera Challenge FAQ / Questions / Answers


The page of all entries does’nt work any more !!:sad:

It was working yesterday ! :eek:

What’s the new link ? (I’ve allready sent it to 60 people !)


60 PEOPLE? Yikes. Let me guess: “Quick, go vote for my CG piece!”

Leonard, Leigh, I’m sure you have some way to prevent that kind of vote padding, right?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA…oops …sorry …for useless post …


I agree…

maybe you could only restrict voting to active cgtalkers with over 25 posts… what’s stopping ppl from registering fake accounts and just voting for themselves?


Well , I thought it was actually open to the public so I’ve send this (broken) link to my friends familly and actual clients …
Too bad !:sad:

I don’t really get why this page was “on line” ! or why we allready have the “vote” button on the pictures ?


…somehow I knew that this would happen…unfortunatley this is not a good sign for an
objective vote.:curious:

I just hope that´s not normal case.

best regards


Hey don’t do that !

What about us, the “new” rising generation of … you know what. I just don’t want to post fifteen I-have-nothing-to-say-but-still-want-to-espress-my-ignorance posts (like this one) just to get a chance to vote for these masterpieces!

Even we are new and unexperienced we still have our rights :slight_smile:


So maybe registration date caould be taken under consideration or IP of the computer? But I think that it is hard to make the public voting objective as there always are some relations between people… Besides I’m not sure how many people votes here, as I’m new to cgtalk(my entry was my first post), but there are 138626 registered users, so I don’t think that a few votes added illegaly wuld change much… but of course it’s unfair and should be unabled somehow.

And as far as “what should be judged by me, skills or content close to the subject” I think that people won’t look much at the subject realisation. I know that the subject is a guide line and it’s impossible to set the border between the subject_OK and subject_NOT_OK pictures. I will try to choose the best art works, and among of them I will choose these which in my eyes fit to the Grand SPace Opera theme.


How about just counting votes of those registered pre-competition closing date? Would cut out the majority of canvassed votes.

Well I’ll be judging on the quality of artwork primarily. The main intention I got from the brief was the whole grandness and pivotal moment thing, rather than only a sci-fi themed image with no sense of ‘event’ or narrative, which i’ll use as a guide to picking my favourites as well.

Looking forward to seeing them all together.


Hmm somehow the idea of the judges finding 15 images and THEN there would be a public voting eases me a bit more…

just a thought.


hi, Im looking forward to voting, there are plenty of awesome pieces in this challenge :scream: ... so sad I didnt make it :sad: … the theme was really great

well, maybe next time … good luck to everyone :slight_smile:


That’s not exactly a fair way to go about it, getting votes from people just because they know you or are your freinds. It should be based soley on the quality of the image itself. Otherwise, it’s just whoever has the most friends wins, even if they put together some 3 hour project. Well, I’m sure the higher-ups will know what to do to prevent this.

arturro- Your first post was for this contest and now you’re past 1,000. Dang, that’s a lot of posting. Nice job. :smiley:


Sharga, You are right. The quoting should be as objective as possible. We have put a lot of spirit & ideas & time into our works. The cheating would be unbearable. :banghead:

Arturro, congrats indeed :slight_smile: 1000+!


Hi everyone…:wavey:

I really can`t understand all those concerns about this public voting thing. Did no one read
how the judging system works…

50% - Jury scoring
25% - Public scoring (phase 1) weight
25% - Community interaction scoring

I would say this means it depends a lot on the voting of the Jury and I must say I really am
looking forward to this step… cause for me its a great honor when such "famous" people watch & judge my artwork. BTW as a former webdesigner I could bet that this first voting page was just a WIP of the Admins or what do you guys think how this voting pages will be done... by magic :) and for all those who takes this a little bit to serious dont forget…
the journey is the reward :slight_smile:


That’s nice to know; even though I tried my best to minimize compression, I had to decrease the size of the image which resulted in a loss in the details of the entry (I know a lot of other people had similar issues about this as well). That should keep you guys busy till tomorrow. :wink:

arturro: Geez, you’ve been one busy boy! :smiley:

theuni: The first judging phase is the public voting: in order to move onto the second phase (the Jury voting and final scoring), you have to be in the 15 most voted entries as decided by the community.


yeah, I totaly loved the challenge:) You have no idea how much I have learnd. My 2nd work in 3d, and I’m very happy about it. And how was the public voting organized previoulsy? If it worked, then we should have no worries.


I think that jury should receive more works than 15… I don’t think it would be a problem for the jury to chose among the 30(for example) works… And it my opinion it would be more fair. But the best would be of course to give all the entries to the jury… or the half with most voted… I don’t know:shrug: Now I just don’t care about it, I’m a winner because I did it on time and made a huge 3d progress:twisted: Just would like to see the best works prized.


I like the idea of more entries making it to the judges. 30 or 40 sounds good, even if only the subsequent top 15 of those got whatever the prize is for the ‘shortlisted’ entries. I think it would just give more of a chance to those pieces that are really good, but maybe get less votes because their thumbnail is beside somthing bright and colourful that makes them look muted by comparison, or receive less attention because they’re on the last page. There’s a lot of really good stuff coming out of this contest, and it would be a shame for some of it to get passed over simply because of random thumbnail placement.


I tend to agree with Arturro and ChrisThatGuy , maybe the top 30 or so for 3d and the same number for the 2d entries. Then the judges can pick the top 15 for the prizes . Someone else mentioned having the closing date for entries to the contest be at least a week before the closing date of the contest. I think this is a good idea whoever’s it was. Just putting my 2 cents in about the contest.
Cgtalk, great job again with the contest, well run and organized, looking forward to the next one.


I hope that it will be changed. They wrote the judging rules before the competition. I think that there are much more final works than they have thought.

When the voting page was on-line I have downloaded the pictures that I like, There were apx. 50 of them, and I had no problmes with viewing them and deciding where to give my vote. So don’t see the reason of such a small amount of works which gets to the jury.

So maybe we all could ask the great stuff on the other side of the competition to think about it? The more people would support that, the bigger chance they will change it…