Grand Space Opera Challenge FAQ / Questions / Answers


Phase 1: Public Voting/Scoring
Outcome: 15 shortlisted entries in each category (30 total)

Phase 2: Internal Judging
Use shortlisted entries, the internal judging will be weighted accordingly
50% - Jury scoring
25% - Public scoring (phase 1) weight
25% - Community interaction scoring (how well each shortlisted challenger interacted with the community, gave information about their work and helped others, how early they started submitting work in progress)

jury only has looks like the guys most helpful in others threads will have major advantage too.Plus the peoples vote has some good weight.:slight_smile:

Whens the voting starting :slight_smile:


Due to time limitations I had to up my final milestone jpeg image in a rather small format, from what I gather here now this will probably influence my “score” rather badly even if I added a link to the big one? since you say community voting happens based on the final thumb:surprised and not any posts on the forum or links…

or can I still try to compress and upload a big version in jpg based on the tiff?
hehe, certainly something I’ll keep in mind next challenge :blush:


All uploaded on the final Tiff. at like 4:23 EST. Its now about 5:07 I just thought of coming in here and posting it up to let’cha know. Anyway, thanks a million cgtalk guys / gals. It has been a fantastic learning experience for me. I have grown alot as an artist and I just wanted to thank you all for challenging me to do what I always thought I could, but never finished anything of until now. For that I am eternally grateful. I will be back in future challenges and I hope that my teaching experience in real life can help me help the community as much as you all have helped me.


Number of submission:
Size: 64MB


Thanks but I knew that already Kylebrn I was actually referring to, what is the url of final sub page, voting date starts, notification of winner… you know the stuff not readily available “ATM”. But thanks for playing… next… ;)_


just wondering… how you will be judgeing the community interactivity…? It’s impossible for you to read all the posts and search the most helpful guys… or you have some clever way…? just my curiosity:)


6800AD Uploaded my final image zip file on Monday but after checking it the image is grey and corrupted looking…I again uploaded it twice this morning but how will I know that you have received the proper file…the name of the file is…Any help is greatly appreciated


6800AD: check it here by loging, confirming personal data and clicking on the thunbail:

if it’s still the old one try to refresh your site holding shift(strong refresh). If it is still corrupted check if your tiff doesn’t have any layers, alpha. etc. Just RBG:)


I just had a look the file is still corrupted on the site but I’m resending it just now…the tiff did have layers on the channels part…didn’t know about that…anyway I hope it loads properly will keep you posted…would be a shame to have all the effort wasted because of a glitch…Thanks for your help!
Cheers Mike


Hey Arturro…A big thank you on the help! It was layers in the tiff file that were the issue…You saved me from myself


Hi Mibus!
I happened to read this thread and one problem popped into my mind:some people (including me) have posted one (or2) pics afrter submitting final jpg to their thread.
I presonally added some close-ups from final pic. I understood that the final jpg on the thread will be visible during public voting? Is there still a change that i can use non-cropped and really “final” jpg during voting?
Sorry about my crappy english- i hope I managed to explain the problem :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!. I feel kind of boring since the challenge closed. A question: The public voting is only for members or its open to all the people?


I have been watching the challenge page for the past few days and noticed a bunch of late entries and was wondering what was up… was it a time-zone thing… what?

Then, happily, I came here and realized that an extension had been granted because of upload problems etc… I think that’s cool, let everyone get their images in after they’ve worked so hard… I just would have preffered that everyone who entered the competition be notified of this extension.

One other thing, I also have some detail images that I’d like to post but don’t want to screw up my Final image to be viewed.

Is there a way we can do this without jeoporadizing the final image to be viewed during the voting process?

Thanks for everything CGTalk-ers! This was my first challenge and I had a blast… it was very well set-up and supported.

Looking forward to the results and the next Challenge!



Hmm, looks like voting is starting: (-link removed by me-)
Good luck all. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Voting did not start yet (it was just a test of the system & organizing the entries together): public voting begins on Friday the 21st. :slight_smile:


How the heck did you find that link? I don’t see a button anywhere on the menu to get to that page.


Snows: the link shows up when you want to submit an milestone entry:)

so vote people:


How long does the voting (public) go on for?

How do you find a link to the Challenge voting page? Where is it from the main CGTalk site?

Good luck everyone!


I think I’ll hold on voting until it is public on CGT main page… They might still be working on it for all we know.


SNoWs: I just found it off Lemog’s thread this morning when I checked the threads. :slight_smile:

Just thought I’d throw out this question to you all:
What do you look for in the entry you decide to vote for? Is it purely on what is the best looking image (from a technical standpoint) or do you look the entry that best expresses the theme of the Challenge?


both:) but the expression and content is more importand to me… there are lot of great skilled artists, just look to the finished works gallery:) It wouldn’t be good if someone made a grea timage not exactly to the subject and won the competition. The theme was given with a certain reason. There are a few really great and amazing works here, but which in my opinion don’t fit exactly to the theme, and I won’t vote for them.


so… stupid question alert :rolleyes:

Do I have to pick one single image and vote for that image or can I pick more than one? If so, how many do I pick? :shrug: