Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


hi there…
i think there is nothing wrong with omnies… i use them a lot as wel…they’re great for ambient light… but for sun light you have use directional light for sure… omni makes spreaded shadows nand they’re looking not correct… directional light suits the best for immitating sun light…
going great Wong! :thumbsup:
keep it up friend and cheers… :beer:


Nice environment mAn :slight_smile: keep the good work I can’t wait to see tHe final result…that’s very interesting concept really ! :slight_smile:


essencedesign - Yeah I think I know what you mean, like some kind of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ effect right? i’m planning on putting in a LITTLE bit of fog when I’m done with everything else, to sort of show how musty the air will get. I’ll try your idea out, who knows it’ll look good! Cheers :thumbsup:

3D-ima Green - Thanks man, appreciate the encouragement!

SnakeFarlow - Yup I’m putting two large planets at the top of the screen, as a way of suggesting the space opera theme. It’s a rather subtle effect, hopefull it comes out right! Thanks!

greentek - Damn, you’re right friend! I was thinking about the light rays and yes, omni light casts the shadows and rays totally wrong! Thanks for pointing them out, I’ll get right to it. Thanks again ARSA for pointing it out too!

Divaise - Thanks, glad you like it!

Cheers all


Great work you have here
Nice scene so far i really look forward seeing more of this
Very nice concept also:thumbsup: Keep it up


Yup thanks, I hope it comes out good as well!



Looks like good progress here :thumbsup:

As for sunlight, I tend to think that the best thing to use is a parallel spotlight with hard (raytraced) shadows :lightbulb


Very unique mood here keetmun… but I have one doubt. You must finish the textures as soon as possible, to define the lighting. I mean that now it(the lighting) looks good, but there are big light grey areas… when everything will be in dark colors, like the wall on the right side, the picture will be definitely too dark… and it would be difficult to see what is presented there. that is only crit I have, because textures and models look perfect now, and fit to your concept.
good luck man!


omg if you do something like Venice I will effing cream.

PLEASEEe stay with this idea, this is going to be hardcore =] LOVE IT!!


Ok here’s the update for lighting and texturing. I changed the sunlight to a directional light as advised by everybody. The texturing is basically done.

There’ll be more changes to the texturing though, I find it lacks a bit of realism. I’m not going for an all-out realistic look, but it needs to look believable.

Regarding the lighting, please do tell me if it’s still not visible or if it’s too dark to be seen. Thanks, and Cheers guys!



JamesMK - Yup, the deed is done! Thanks for the advice!

arturro - Yup texturing is now basically done. Lighting is more or less settled, just need to tweak it if it’s still not bright enough to be visible.

adonihs - Yeah, it’s sort of a combination between Venice and Chinese culture. And don’t worry this concept is not going anywhere else! Thanks for the encouragement!

Cheers guys


- Cheers mate and Good Luck!


I see you last update a little darker keetmun . The texturing process is coming along really nice , maybe you can add a little chinese lamps or somethng like this along the river to illuminated it and give a nice contrast with the upper of your scene .

Just my 2 cents here , i ll stay close in your progress mate . Really good work :thumbsup:


ARSA - Thanks man, for your constant support and advice!

adr - Yes I agree, it’s getting darker…Yup the lamps are coming soon, thanks to SHARGA for that great idea! Thanks for the advice :bounce:

OK, I spent about the whole day looking at my work and thinking about the suggestions and advice given to me. And honestly, the more I looked at my own work the more P!$$ed off I felt. I guess that can only mean one thing! I’m unhappy with my work! (duh) I realise it’s not just the brightness of my scene that i was unhappy with, I also hated the way my textures turned out, so now i’m gonna redo a good majority of my textures and rethink my lighting setup. This delay will probably affect my schoolwork a bit, but I don’t really care anymore!

Back to work…Cheers!


Thats the spirit :smiley: mate!!! My only suggestion regarding the texturing is. Maybe you need to use higher size textures. I’m not pretty familiar with the way you have been texturing. If you want you can post some directions in how you achieved the current result. Some size examples and so forth.



hay man, i haven’t checked your thread in a while sorry. It’s looking alsome, and i really like the Venice and Chinese thing your doing. My comments on the previous posts are the same as what people have already said but i bet you’re already working on it. Anyway i really like the way it’s going.


hi Keetmun…
i think the first you have to add textures to the sky and water, and only after that it will be seeing what you have to reduce or increase… adding dark green texture for the channel will make buildings look lighter… from the other side, the blue sky will make the walls looks too dark…
so i think it’s beter to complite adding basic textures and only after that it will be clear what and how to do…
keep this great work up and cheers mate… :beer:


Keetmun it looks great but still too dark… making the lights stronger won’t change this feeling for the beter one. I have an idea. In my opinion it would be great, if on those walls there were some small sources of light. Very local ones. For example some oil lamps(or just lamps, but oil ones would fit to the existing mood), gently light from some windows… just a thought:shrug: think it over:)


ARSA - It’ll probably come as a shock to you, but these are pretty high-res already! The reason they look low-res is probably because of my sloppiness, I haven’t put in enough detail yet. That’s why I’m going to redo most of the major building textures.

Some of my better textures I’ve already posted somewhere in my thread, when I’ve got time I’ll post more! Cheers mate :buttrock:

hhssuu - Relax man, no harm done. And thanks, working away… :wip:

greentek - Yup friend I’m going to complete the textures first and then fix the lighting. Got some new ideas on what to do, now I might not even put in a sky heh heh… Thanks as always!

arturro - Yeah it’s still too dark, and yes indeed the lamps are coming! Cheers!

Cheers people…


Yeah man I know the feeling… for my Drone / Scout Ship I was using a huge texture at the begining and ended using something smaller. I was like " The bigger the size the better the quality of the texture"… to a point that was ok, but I couldn’t just follow… My texture looked bad, then I desided to take the time and redo the friking texture the way it was made to be done… slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwly! But at the end… man! I tell ya… it’s worth every single minute you spent fixing pixels all over the digital canvas…sweeeeet :arteest:

- Cheers!

PS: I’m sorry if I did not made any sence, I just finished tweeking UV’s and Darkening/lightening one of my textures and I’m very tired… sorry Z.z.Z.z.Z


hey dude the update looks really good… but i got some crits for u…
#1 ur lighting is too dark, i suggest u make ur scene more bright

#2 ur textures are looking too messy everywhere… u might want to clean it up somewhere… it looks really greesy right now…

well thats abt it… i hope that helps… keep up the good works mate…