Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun



would agree that its looking a little dark. Result is its difficult to “get” the grand scale of the image




I would have made a blue sky, sure you want to create this dark feeling, but it often helps to have something beautifull, like a small glimpse of a beatifull blue sky with beautifull puffy clowds to enhance the contrast, to make the dark part even darker.

anyway, I somehow miss the grand! of this image. the assignement was to depict an image that brings forth legends, i really dont se anything iconic in it at this stage.

another suggestion. if your going to add something in the sky, I suggest making the image longer in height, adding some more space above the image, to reveal more of the sky where you could have some sort of battle going on or whatnot. seeing it as some sort of 90 degree vertical panorama

I hope I got the idea across

I have much faith in this image, and I am sure it will be a worthy entry


I envy your texturing abilities. Honestly, they’re beautiful! And the dynamic composition is great. I see also, as EVIL mentions, that it could use something more, without loosing the feeling of the scene you already have. Maybe if the buildings were really tall and you could see more of them going off into the distance, kind of an emense feel to it (truth be told, I myself hardly even know what I’m talking about concerning such things). As far as brightness, I do think it’s a bit dark. I think it’d be cool to have tons of little lanterns all over, lighting up some areas and leaving some parts dark, a sort of moody, rustic feel if you will.


Keetmun Your progress in your project is great , i love all the composition and the atention to details , the texturing process is going quite impressive mate . Can wait to see the whole thing finished.

Ill look your thread closely, and thanks for your support. :thumbsup:


Great work. The only thing I am wondering about is if this is

supposed to be all original and no colaborative work, how can
those beautiful drawings of the ladies be in it if they were drawn
by another artist? Or do 2d drawings not count as art? Can you put
3d renderings by other artists on the walls too? Or only if it is an ad
poster? Can I put a poster of the Terminator on a wall? Please let me
what you feel about this. With the rules of this contest. And again let
me repeat that the work is excellent! I believe there will be a lot
of atmosphere here! I think the lights will be very enchanting.

my 3D entry


So far it’s looking great, the scene is setting up nicely…goodjob.:thumbsup:


I’m liking this too! Spreading apart the buildings a little and adding something to the very back in the crevice would make this a perfect composition for me. Nice.


Personaly I think that the lighting looks good right now…it gives a good mood to the scene…if that is what your after then stick with it…If your looking for something brighter…then brighten it up…use your artistic judgement and it will turn out masterfuly…all looks great to me though…a great camera angle you have set up as well…keep it up… :applause:


Whoa lots of replies today…Here goes.

kaajey - Er…in actual fact those are the final textures! yup they’re supposed to be rusted metal :scream: But since it’s so late in the challenge, I’ll probably stick to them…Thanks for the feedback. Not very good with textures…

ARSA - Yeah I’ll rethink my while lighting setup. The lantern idea by Sharga sounds great, I might try to put that in. Now it might be a night scene… I’ll reconsider my setting and then post some wires nad the legend! Thanks :buttrock:

jamacsween - Thanks, working on it! :bounce:

EVIL - Yeah I agree it does not look grand enough, in terms of scale. I’m trying to show a cramped polluted city, with people all over the place. It probably doesn’t look grand enough because I have yet to add the other elements to the scene, like the flying ships and whatnot. I’ll think about my composition further, but I’m not sure if I can make any further changes to that as I only have about 3 weeks left. School starts by then…

Sharga - Yeah I agree the buildings ought to be even taller. And thanks for the lantern idea, I think I’ll use it :applause:

adr - Thanks, I hope it turns out well too! :smiley:

userBrian - Good question mate. Well here’s the answer:

I took the picture from my local chinatown. The painting’s been there for quite a while, and yes I agree it’s still ‘taking another artist’s work’. I guess I’m threading a thin line between copyright infringement and photo texturing! I hope it doesn’t disqualify me from the challenge…

Sleepinglion - Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

igorstshirts - Yup there’ll probably be a ship at the back, that seems to be coming out. Actually I wanted the river a bit narrower haha! :scream: To give that cramped look… But later, got to fix my lighting first!

essencedesign - Thanks for the encouragement! Yes I want to show some atmosphere in this scene, but my main concern is making sure the scene is visible, where it’s supposed to be visible, to everybody. And my screen is not helping to make things better for me… :banghead:

Thanks everybody for their help and support. Back to work…
:banghead: :buttrock:


going well mate! :thumbsup:
textures need a lot of work but you have to finish setting up lighting first… for that process this textures will work fine too… so dress left buildind too and go ahead for the lighting…
cheers… :beer:


Yeah thanks friend. Got so much to do, and time’s running out…



here’s the lighting setup from the last image…

Ok here’s the explanation…

The row of omnis on the river are all ambient lights to brighten up the river area, intensity being 0.25, 1 being the normal intensity

the right corridor omnis are normal lights, with intensity of 0.24

the left corridor omnis are also normal lights, with intensity of 0.07

the signboards are illuminated with normal omnis, intensity 0.4

the windows have normal omnis, intensity 0.55

the ‘train tube’ have normal omnis, intensity 0.1

All these omnis do not cast shadows. Only the omni at the top casts shadows.

Cheers people


Really an interesting concept, love the lighint and from sketches at this point it’s really a wonderful work !



jddog - Thanks! Appreciate it… :buttrock:


OMG! :eek: Why are you using so many lights at this point? Do me a favor, can you just render a scene using your “sun light only” And why r u using an omni light for the sun? I normaly use a “Directional Light” Also I’m wondering are all these lights emiting “Diffuse” and “Specularity”?

-cheers man!

PS - take it easy with the omnis they are expensive to render, they are good to achieve quick render results, but they will cost you much more render time. I’m not sure if you knew this, there are many ways to achieve the same result of an omni light by using a spot light. Spot Lights have much more controls than omnis and are more versatiles, and cost much less to render, since these type of light re-use the same map over and over. Doesn’t have to create a new one everytime you render a frame. You might say, well I’m only rendering one frame… I think at the long run, with all the textures you will be able to save you at least some hours of rendering time, by cutting down your omnis. Omnis lit up all the faces of different objects, regardless if you wanted that omni light to lit up those objects and there isn’t a way to stop that.


Hey - you’re doing some great progress here - really nice! :thumbsup:
As for your lighting problems - I’ve no good solutions for that. Perhaps it would look better if you aimed for a less realistic lighting and went with a more stylistic setup? Perhaps making the background darker and have the boat and the man being lit up by some beam of light - could be really nice.
Overall, I think this will be a great picture - really like the chinese style you got, keep it up!!

Alos, I think ARSAs suggestion is good - start with your main light only and go from there…


ARSA - I like using omni as sunlight as it kind of simulates a ‘real sun’ imo, spreading light everywhere. But I sometimes use spotlights when I want to have a projection map. I’m exploring those possibilities now. And yup most of them are emitting diffuse and specularity! Except for the river lights, which are only ambient.

Oh, and you were saying with omnis you can’t control which objects to light up…Actually, you can! All those lines that surround the omnis show far attenuation, that show the range of the omni. And you can always choose to exclude objects that the omni doesn’t need to shine on.

The reason I chose omnis is because they are supposed to illuminate the darker parts of the scene without casting shadows or hotspots. In other words all these omni are not from any light source in the scene, they’re just there to brighten places where they are too dark.

And yeah man I think I’ll explore spotlights. I haven’t actually touched them yet! :applause:

But I’m really confused right now. I find the lighting setup in my scene is rather ok now. I’m trying to make the scene quite moody, with some places darker than others. I’m confused because I don’t know if you find the whole image too dark to even see, or is it only in some places? I promise you I’ll make it brighter if it can’t be seen, but I can’t make the whole city bright, since that will kill the mood I’m trying to create. The city is not the main focus here, although it’s a very important one. I still have to model the main character and the mothership, and the people walking around.

So I guess the question is - is the scene too dark to be seen? Or is it only too dark in some places?(Which I want) I need to solve this quickly, because I’m starting school soon, and won’t have time for the challenge anymore. Sorry I don’t think I can start the lighting form scratch. Time is not on my side…

Please don’t be offended by what I’ve just said. I really appreciate all your help and advice, believe me it’s been priceless, but I’ve got to fix this now, so I hope you don’t take this in a bad way. And sorry if you do…

Cheers mate! You’re still my mate!
:buttrock: :beer: :wip:

Gunilla - Thanks man, appreciate the kind words. You should read what I wrote on the top… Cheers :buttrock:


Silly sugesstion…maybe it would look cool…one big light source at the back of the cannal just around the corner casting some soft volumetric rays down the cannal…would give a nice stillness… :shrug:


gettin better and better :slight_smile:
good luck with completing it!
good work!


Hi, you are really good, I like your concept, and your modeling is good and fast. The details look great, and when you finish the texturing it will look more complex. Only one advice that came into my mind when i was looking your images. This is an Space Opera contest, and you already have all the elements to make it well, I only think that that scene could be anywhere in the earth, I know that the earth is a planet from space, but you should enphatize the SPACE, maybe you could show more sky and stars, or maybe a planet or an spaceship, I dont know something that convince us that your scene is an Space Opera. Think about it.

Hope this helps.

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