Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


wow… now your channel looks great… good depth and perspective…
great improvement mate! :thumbsup: really looks more impressive in my opinion…


P.S. i think lighting is also very good… especially in the depth of the scene…


Thanks man, but I’m really stumped on the poly count issue, got any suggestions for that?


i don’t think your poly count is very high… i think long render time is because of GI… honestly i don’t use GI or any other advanced lighting… i preffer simple lighting schemes… well, not simple but with standart lights… they allow me to “paint” with light and shadow… so i can’t suggest anything useful in this case…

for example for my planets i posted right now i used four lights… two (diffuse and specular) for planet and two for clouds…


I see…Your planets are impressive…I think I should try that as well, painting with lights…Thanks matey! Stay Green…





I really get a good feeling looking at your work,the update is cool,and i look forward to more…It has a charm,a nice whimsical touch in a way,just unique and thus far executed really well…Keep it up Wong,your doing a real nice job here…:arteest:


This is a very original entry. Sort of Venice in the Future look… I like a lot the sketches and the modeling so far. Mostly, I like the mood that comes out even at this early stage.

Keep going, I’ll stick around 'cuz I really want to see how this progresses.



Virtuoso - Whoa, I didn’t know my work was so emotive, even at this stage. :buttrock: Million thanks for your comments and encouragement so far Mr Madic!

DoubleCrash - Thanks for your kind words Stefano, i’m glad you like my work, really keeps me going!

Cheers all!


I’ve just finished modelling the shophouses in the sheltered walkways. Might not seem really apparent as they’re mostly blocked out by the pillars or are really far away. Most of the shops were low poly, those that were closer to the screen were relatively high poly. I also tested out the lighting of the corridors and the whole scene in general.

I’ve actually made a rather major change to my composition. I felt that my previous comp didn’t give that epic feeling that we’re supposed to achieve, even if I did put in tower blocks in the bg. So I’ve decided to make the buildings in the foreground taller, so now there’ll be flying vehicles and motherships flying through and all. I hope this new comp gives a greater sense of vertical scale.



I love your composition, very “grand” and i like the idea of the little river sorta thing with buildings. Keep up the good work :thumbsup:.


Sophisticated, Wong!:thumbsup: I like the i dea and concept a lot! The modelling looks great so far!
Can’t await to see it textured… Oh man, so much cool threads here in this contest- here is the next one I’ll subscribe…:slight_smile:

Keep up your good work…best wishes


hhssuu - thanks mate, you’ve got good stuff as well!

Saschi0815 - Thanks Sascha, i’ve still got lots to model. Texturing might not come so soon heh heh… :shrug: love your work!

Alrighty then. Here’s my next stop. I think I want to add a train on the top of the left building, something old, yet new. The windows on the right seem incomplete as well, I’ll probably keep working on them. I now heave a sigh of relieve. I seem to have my poly count in control. I’m using about 25,000 faces, so I can afford to push my processor lots more. Cheers people!

I somehow seem to have an obsession over my composition, I spent about an hour just arranging the signs and some other small items…

Cheers people


hi keetmun really nice composition i think ther’s a very good one!:thumbsup: the only thing it’s maybe the “little bridge"crossing the water just upper the character it’s too straight… maybe it’s better if it was like " break " or 'bend” in some parts i think you have to pay attention to this object cause it’s in the foreground anyway it’a verycool pic hope see more soon!!


great updates man! :thumbsup:

now your composition looks really very solid and deep! great improvements in the perspective and lighting… also high buildings look much better…
overall excellent composition! :thumbsup:

keep it up mate and cheers…


Jaba153 - Thanks, I don’t think i can make too big a bend or break on the bridge, as I think it’ll be too drastic a change. But I understand what you mean, it looks too straight or perfect right? I’ll try to break up the shape of the bridge with some cables and other objects. Million thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it! :applause:

GreenTek - Thanks man, keep going as well!

I’ve just finished fixing the windows, now I’ll start working on the train going past on the left building.

Here’s the modelling left to do…
-towering buildings
-big advertising ‘mothership’
-small ships flying around (number of ships to be decided)
-main character (heh heh, you’ll see)
-people wandering around ( :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: )

Cheers people


hey man nice to see some other concept then regular… battles :slight_smile:
nice modeling so far continue!


I wasn’t sure about the first compositions, but I must say I really really like the new direction, damn cool. Are you going to incorporate any other ambient or bounce light sources into the scene, to give it a more “city” feel?


hi wong, you’ve done pretty good job on modeling. and of course great concept. keep going:thumbsup:

p.s. i think it’s better if you submit your entry images for milestone here:



markovicd - Hey sexy man! (that sounded very gay…which I’m not) Thanks, you keep up the hard work as well. One day us young punks will rule the CG world! :scream:

SVMaerospace - Thanks, I’m constantly working on my lighting to get that city feel, but I haven’t decided if it should be a day or night scene. Maybe a night scene would be better, makes it more moody…

uwil - Thanks, I haven’t actually submitted any milestones yet heh heh… The link you gave me didn’t work, maybe I’ll submit some later…

Cheers all.


hey man, looks good so far! thumbs up what a pity after you put in a fair amount of effort on the boat and its pretty small in the main composiiton. looking foward to seeing more :bounce: