Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


you mean you’re not? :rolleyes: domosaurus

keetmun, nice work so far! :bounce: i like the colour scheme you’re going for :thumbsup: keep the updates coming.


Smooth-criminal - Thanks for the encouragement, could always use some once in a while. I love Blade Runner btw!

Greentek - I’m still working out the signboards, it’s a rather important element of my illustration, but thanks for the positive words!

Dom and Yina - yep Dom’s ancient, but he sure can’t beat that yr 1, 43 yr old guy! :scream: He’s a junior, but wait! He’s a senior… Damn I’m bad…


Ok I just realised I haven’t been really clear about my concept even though I’ve posted some sketches, so I’ll now explain the full story.

Quite simply - in the near future, humans have learnt to live in peace with other intellectual species on Earth. These include ‘mermaid people’ and certain intelligent robots. Some parts of human civilisation have undergone urban development, thus we have the buildings that look spanking new in the bg. Other parts of town, though, have resisted change, and maintain its relatively old architecture - the buildings in the foreground. However change IS taking place slowly…

The main theme of my illustration is ‘new and old’. I want to convey this theme in a melancholic, slightly depressing way. People in town go about their daily routines, aware of others around them, but not really caring much. The people, just like the city itself, are being worn down slowly by the stresses of industrialisation and commercial commitments.

There you go - the concept properly explained.


very beautifull idea and nice start on it’s realization…:thumbsup:



Here’s my concept for the boats in the river. The robot attached to the front drives the boat as the merchants do their thing.

Cheers people!


DimitrisLiatsos - Thanks for the encouragement, feels good to have some from a veteran of so many cgchallenges! :thumbsup:

Right now I’m sweating buckets of cold sweat over my poly count. I haven’t even finished the boat and it already looks like i’m about to kill my processor. The pictures say it all… I’ll try to bring down the count later on, but all help would greatly appreciated!

Cheers people


very nice Wong Keet Mun…I like the style and idea very much.You have a very nice start,and one I would like to see get to it’s potential…Nice,keep this up,cheers to you…:arteest:


OMG…I think the fanboy in me just awakened. :bowdown: Really glad to hear from you Virtuoso! Really keeps me motivated.



Interesting! I love what I see so far, keep the good work! Regarding the guy in the boat, I think (personal opinion) The hat should be more bended - soft looking, like right now is way too stiff,like is made out of metal, plastic, give it some curves…

Great job!
- cheers!


hey, this seems to be very good, i hope you can all crazy with the detail and the textures, if you want some inpiration try to check the first movie “ghost in the shell” the bg there were amazin, and i think they may fit in this entry. and the robot, hmm it reminds me a little of the ones in the animatrix, i dont know why, but it’s ok…

good luck!!


hi keetmun… your progressing well…

i have one suggestion about composition… try to show more depth of the channel… don’t make hin hide so fast… longer vew of the channel gives a bit more perspective and depth to the scene in my opinion…

keep great work up and cheers… :beer:


Your idea is very coo!
Look’s like Veneza in the future…
The monument is great too! keep going:thumbsup:


ARSA - Do you mean the human in the boat or the robot driving the boat? The human will definitely have a curvier hat, while for the robot, I’m trying to create something a little mechanical. thus the straight hat. But I’ll try to make it easier on the eye, thanks lots!

3db2 - Man, I have no idea how I’m going to reach your level of detail. :eek: i love GITS! It’s one of the reasons why I’m doing a scene like this heh heh…Not very original though… :smiley: But thanks for the good faith.

Greentek - I’ll make some tests with the channel, it does look a little flat right now. Thanks for the suggestion!

LAURO_MX - Thanks, but sadly I don’t think I’ll be using the monument in the final illustration! I’ll see how things turn out later on! :buttrock:


Here’s an almost finished boat. I still have a few details to sort out, especially since it looks like a bowl from behind… :banghead:

i’m trying to be very very careful with my poly count, I still have so so so much to model…

Cheers people


Interesting concept… I think the robot should had a curvey hat as well… it looks too flat imo,

Great job



Kinda strange and all,but I like it.A interesting appeal and look.Nice going man.:slight_smile:


ARSA - Yup I’ll fix the curve issue, thanks!

Jeremypiven - Thanks man…Though I thought this was a tired concept used over and over again! But glad someone thinks it’s weird! :smiley:

Cheers guys


Hey really interesting idea you have here. Really like the boats. :thumbsup:

Btw. Is that a Mc Donald’s sign on the spaceship in you coloured concept sketch? :slight_smile:



Russell_Nash - Thanks for the compliments! Yup that is indeed a McDonald’s sign. But I’m not sure if I’m going to be using the sign, not very sure about the copyright stuff and all. Anybody know these things in detail?

Cheers man


I’m working really slow now… But this is what I’ve got so far. I’m really going to blow my processor this time. With GI, rendering takes a good 3 minutes, and I’m not even close to finishing modelling…Not to mention textures… A bit lost right now with regards to my poly count :banghead:

please ignore the weird lighting, I’m just trying to illuminate the right corridor to show details for now.

Cheers all