Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


userBrian - Yup it’s been a fun trip, hope to hear more from you soon, all of you!

Sharga - Thanks! Glad you like it that much. :bounce:

||) |V| |^| - Indeed this road is filled with bumps and potholes, but hopefully everyone had a meaningful trip. I look forward to the next challenge, hopefully I’ll have enough time to do that one!

Russel_Nash - Thanks very much! Now that you mentioned, what’s voting going to be like? How do we vote? Still new to this… :smiley:


Congrats mate!! I wish you good luck on the shortlisting! See you on the next challenge…


Hello keetmun, some long three months ah?
Really, really great meeting and chatting with you, watching your idea evolving to a final! :thumbsup:

Best wishes mate! :slight_smile:


Very good :thumbsup: Like I’ve said before, the red lanterns really make this image.


tzktime - Thanks! Hope to be at the next challenge too…and hopefully will see you there too, we’ll see!

terraarc - Thanks mate, and it’s been great fun for me too!:applause:

JamesMK - Thanks! Hope to hear more from you! :bounce:


Hi Wong, sorry to coming so late in your thread (I pushed so hard to finish my entry).
Please accept my apologies for that.
Man, I like what youve donne. Love the textures, and the mood in your image is so great and so real. The blur on the background and the red lamps idea are cool. Nice work mate. In one word, youve donne a Great Job. :thumbsup:
Congrats!! :applause: :applause: :applause:


I still love the painterly feel of your piece, nice job!


haha lol :smiley: sorry keetmun



Looks good.But too,too dark,and is it really GSO?


PROctavian - Lol relax mate, no harm done at all! Thanks, and all the best to you, hope to see more great stuff from you in the future!

SNoWs - Thanks man, never meant for it to be that way, but I’m glad you like it!

jddog - :scream: :scream: :scream:

Kylebrn - That’s it, no more dark pieces from me! From now all my work will feature bright RAINBOWS! Haha just kidding, but I know I’ve always had a problem with brightness. I’ll work on fixing it in the future. As for if it’s really GSO, I must say it’s not really according to guideline, but I guess this is really my interpretation. Thanks for clarifying! :bounce:


Interesting design and great use of perspective and camera angle. Keep up the great work!


I am happy that I was selected. But I have to say that there were so many great artists that couldn’t get the result they expected although they deserved it .Also it was so likely that those who got the award couldn’t be successful at all;I mean it is a matter of taste and other factors.Therefore,we shouldn’t take much pride in our acheivements nor be dissappointed with the result.See you all in other challenges and good luck!.


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