Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


ChrisThatGuy - Thanks! Good luck with the challenge too!

mmoir - Groovy, great to hear things can be seen now!

Dark Mark - Heh heh, I’m not one to shake it, I’m quite a stiff actually!


hi there! my congrats. A piece of good work. I think that everything fits the mood. You can easily wait for the voting:)


Hi, Your image with a good atmosphere and the colors is very good, it
is a very good work, only small reproach the subject is you it really


well done mate :thumbsup:


lovely final image…very nice mood u have… all details in textures and modeling are really nice mate!..well done man!


Hello keetmun! :slight_smile:

Your final image is a great result! Lighting up things really worked fine! :thumbsup:

Wishing the best mate! :bounce:


What are those black smudges, lines on side walls?


• I am very happy to see your work coming to the Final Line! Illumination really does make a great diference now:bounce: , textures and elements can be much more apreciated, nothing to crit pal!

• YOU DID IT! :beer:


great lights!! Congratulations!!



arturro - Thanks, glad you like it. Btw how does voting go? How do we vote for our fave pieces? Very excited to start voting! :bounce:

Tranchefeux - Yeah my work doesn’t really follow the GSO theme. It’s rather subtle in some places, like in the sky where you see the small flying ships. Hope it works out, and thanks! You got some mad 2d skills!

Yina - Hey ya, thanks! :buttrock:

rattlesnake - Thanks!

terraarc - Thanks man, and best wishes for you too in the new year!

Darkone2652 - Heh heh. those things are actually supposed to be dirt, but alas it is but a failed attempt. but I’ve learnt my lesson now, thanks!

Climax - Thanks, you keep going too brother…it’s almost done!:wip:

lotaH - Thanks!

Ok here’s a little interesting news. I submitted my final tp for a bit of judging as well. is an elite gallery which has a very high standard, so I submitted this piece not expecting anything at all. And when the reply mail came in, I was surprised to hear that 11% of the judges accepted my work! :scream: That just means that my work is still rejected, but is was an improvement from my previous submission, which had 0% acceptance! Oh well, it’s an improvement, I guess. Back to work on my new piece…

Cheers guys!


Hi Wong, your final is very, very nice…lovely mood + colors:thumbsup: …and especially far away from the other entries like mine with ships and so on…i like your unique idea a lot - best wishes, mate and have fun as always:scream: :slight_smile:


Just realised that I missed to congratulate you on your final! Here it goes - big congrats! :thumbsup: You’ve really made a great job here and it shows well - I also agree with Sasha about how nice and different your idea is - uniqe and very pleasant. Good luck with your future work!


woow what a really cool result :applause:
big big congrats for this wonderful work kentmum :bowdown:



I really like your colors in this image and layering going on, gives a great mood. The water looks great too. I just think you need more Space influence to fit in with the Space theme. Any plans to add some?


Happy new year man excellent work the final image is just awesome i love that mood
nice lighting also

you rocked till the end :buttrock:


Saschi0815 - Please mate, who else could have thought of jellyfish and a flying castle in a space opera? Only you my man! Thanks so very much for all the encouragement and help all this time too!:applause:

Gunilla - Thank you so much as well! I sure hope to see yours in the final section too, you’re doing a great job as well!

jddog - kentmum?:scream: Hmm…that’s a new one heh heh, but thanks, really appreciate it!

neble - thanks for the heads up, but nah, don’t think i’ll be working any further on it. in fact i’ve already started my next piece! But it’s going rather slow…Thanks again!:wavey:

Lelantos - Happy new year to you too, and honestly if it weren’t for all you guys none of us could have rocked so hard!:buttrock:


Congrats on a fine entry. I think the lightening up a bit helped the image get
even better. And thanks for your help and support and making this challenge fun
as well as an enlightening trip.


Wow! It’s awesome! And you know what? I really do like the red lights. The birds were a very nice touch as well. And that water is just incredible. This picture really has a lot of depth to it, in both the literal and metaphorical senses.


Fantastic job man! That image is smashing. I love the care you put into each and every detail. The reflections look good, the attention to detail. Very well done. It has been a long road and not without bumps but when you see art like this, it makes it all worth while! Congradulations!:applause:


Hey, congratulations for finishing your entry. I like it very much. Good luck for the voting.