Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


Wow man you are doing awesome work here :slight_smile: I’ll watch this thread closely!


Simply beautiful. Have a safe and happy new year Wong.


Ultimatebadass - Hey man sorry to disappoint you but I’m just about done here! :scream: Thanks for dropping by anyway! :buttrock:

||) |V| |^| - Thanks, have a good 2005 as well! :thumbsup:


keet wish u happy new year!


Happy new year, Wong !!!

Best wishes for the new year 2005:beer::beer::beer:


sorry to hear that mate…

I really like your entry, and it looks really good as it stands at the moment.

best of luck for 2005


[color=White]May all your wishes come true on this new year!

Best of luck and happy creativity on 2005!!

I think it’ll be a pity not to finish this one! In any way I think you should work towards your vision of the final image…either you make it or not to the finish line! (I will do the same for sure!!) :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Dark Mark - Thanks mate, all the best with 2005 as well!

Saschi0815 - Cheers man! :beer: :beer: :buttrock: :beer:

Versiden - Thanks mate, have a great 2005! :thumbsup: You keep up the great work!

terraarc - Heh heh, right now I’m not too sure if I’ll continue, because I have a whole new bunch of ideas I want to flesh out. We’ll see how it goes…Thanks, and Happy New Year!:thumbsup:


hi there! I agree, it’s a very good entry. I like it a lot. My congratulations, I hope I will finish mine on time as well:)


Hi keetmun!

Congratulations on completing the challenge, it really is an excellent entry. :smiley:

Keep up the good work, looking forward to your next piece! :slight_smile:


• Hey Keet! Your Final Image is super, though a bit too dark to me, Just light it a little bit more, try GI and don’t touch the scene, C’mon man, I also have tons of work to do and I work in my thread only at night, and not all nights, you just have to spend one more day, don’t missunderstand, your whole image and concept are great but it would be even better with more illumination, give a try! :thumbsup:

• I hope we could keep contact somehow after the challenge, And I wish u all the best in your new projects:bounce: YOU ARE A GREAT ARTIST AND PERSON, so I know everything will work fine for you, your entry had been very inspirating and your support not only for me but all the people you replyed have been very important!

:beer: Cheers for you, I congratulate you for your amazing work in this Challenge and hope you stay with us until the end! :smiley:


keetmun- I’ve saved your work so I can always meditate on it, it has so many
symbolic messages to me I will be looking at it a long time. I’m doing fine and happy
in San Francisco now, as I survived thru the winter rains where i sketch cartoon portraits
in Fisherman’s wharf and I sold a couple paintings to a doctor from South America so
I don’t have to sell my Warwick Bass to pay the rent! That was what was bumming
me out as I had to sell my Fender last year. My parents went on a newly wed ride
on a Venice boat. And the red lanters everywhere remind me of the asian symbol of red
for financial success. As my father was a rich oil explorer of the amazon jungle and my mother
said love doesn’t exist only money, your image with the birds flying up out of the darkness
are symbolic to me of the truth.


thanks for your great comments on my work, i wish i could have commented your work more often… but i’m not a person who speaks alot and my english is awful - and that’s a very bad combination … hope to see you again



arturro - Ahh, thanks man, I’m sure you’ll finish your entry! :thumbsup:

Eagle_e7 - Thanks, hope to see something new from you too!

Climax - Yeah friend I could use some more lighting. And after all you said how could i not try one more time?:smiley: Expect another update real soon!

Of course we can still keep contact man, I’ll have you in my Buddy List and I’ll be watching out for new work by you! Yup I’m making preparations for my next piece of work, which focuses on two characters. Still in the planning stage, but I hope to study anatomy and muscle definition, so it’ll probably be quite an erotic piece of work!

Really you’re being too kind to me with the praise man! You should be kicking my ass about my work more! :scream: And thanks really for all the help you’ve given, and i’m just glad I’ve helped out all you guys with whatever little advice i can give.

Don’t worry I’ll be hanging around till the end, and I’ll keep giving feedback when I see there is a need! Cheers to you! :beer:
userBrian - Man that is something…Almost seems too coincidental…But I’m glad you’re able to share so much with us. I’m really very happy you can feel so much with my work, that’s always my aim when I do art - to trigger emotional and intellectual reactions in every viewer. Your words are truly encouraging to me…And all the best with your new found home, and remember, home is where you make it! :wise: :buttrock:

maxin capra - thanks for the kind words! And don’t worry about not giving feedback, you just keep up the great work!


Great stuff feels like a cross between bladerunner and ghost in the shell to me… :stuck_out_tongue: Two of my favorites… I love the darkness the creeping blanket mankind throws over all we touch with technology and its toxic byproducts… I can’t wait for your next piece. You gotta fan here man.


OK here’s the adjustment of my final, brightened the place up a bit, hopefully it’s enough…


||) |V| |^| - Thanks man, and I like Dark Mark once said, I would rather have more mates than fans! Keep going with the challenge!:thumbsup:


Very nice. Best of luck.



Things are a lot more visible now, good job.


and it is final! yeah baby shake it ! :smiley: nice … progress nice finish! ! :smiley: i like it