Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


Hi Wong (or is it Mun?..trying to write your first name, but have heard something about the last name is the first in some areas of the world…:))

Over again;

Hi keetmun:)

Thx for the kind words on my work, and yeah the slight angle difference in the suns position when lightning the earth and moon just presents both objects best. So I´ll leave it at that. Thank you for supporting me on that issue.

About your work there isn´t much to say…it´s just awesome!!!
Like the whole mude you present in it(Also like the bird…:)) And to put robots on these classic boats is great and creative. I have nothing to crit, as it´s not what I normally do, and I have no clues what I´d do next. But it´s art, that´s for sure.

Keep on the good work in here.:thumbsup:


very nice atmosphere, i especially like the foggy city poking out at the top, it gives it a real sense of being right at the bottom of the city.




Merry Christmas Keet!


Smooth-Criminal - yup considering the glow effect, thanks!

Kragh - My last name is Wong, and my first name is Keet Mun, but most friends call me Keet! Keep up the great work man, you’re doing great! Thanks for your compliments and encouragement!

hydrocell - Thanks, glad you like it.

Climax, markovicd. - Merry christmas to you too!

To everybody celebrating Christmas, I wish you all a great time and happy holidays!


Merry Christmas!


Nice going there mate! Keep them coming! Merry christmas!! :slight_smile:


||) |V| |^|, terraarc - Thanks guys, same to you too! :beer:

I’m so so sorry I haven’t been able to drop by everyone’s thread to say merry christmas, I’ve been really tied up with domestic affairs and I recently caught the flu bug (on christmas day too!) So please accept my humble apologies. I will make my rounds now.

Also, I’m still working out some decent human illustrations to populate my city, I’ll post some in the next few days. Cheers!



Hope you are feeling better now. I was (still) sick during Christmas but getting over it now.
Your piece is looking very nice, it looks painted.:thumbsup:


Right now I don’t see the Space theme here. I guess that will come when you
add the space ships? Are they going to be way back up in the sky? I hope you
make them big. The birds on the wires may interfere with the ships to come.
I hope to see those ships.

my 3d entry


I regret to inform everyone that I can’t work further on the Challenge as I have so many other commitments…

My thanks to everyone who have provided me with all your opinions and feedback. It’s been absolutely priceless to me. It’s been a truly fantastic experience.

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Thank you guys. It’s been one helluva ride! Keep up the inspirational work


SNoWs - Thanks I’m feeling much better now, looks like I can play some ball soon! You keep up the great work!

userBrian - Heh heh, the Space Opera theme is not really clear here, but the ships are quite small at the top. hopefully it works out. Keep up the hard work, you’re improving really well!



Hey Keetmun,
Thats too bad you couldn’t do all you wanted, the final image does look really good though . It has a very nice look to it, it looks very much like a work of art. Congrats on finishing the challenge, that was one of my goals at the beginning was to just finish.
I agree that this challenge is a great way to learn more about 3d. Good luck with the judging and congrats on the fine image.


Don´t worry this is a challenge to learn and you have made a great work here!! I wish you the best luck and have a happy new year!!:thumbsup: :bounce:


i think this kind of “challenge” is very very good learning experience , i can learn from professional artist comment and put the work to another level and that bad to hear that u can’t work on it , but your final image look great , and thanks to your comment in this challenge!! good luck!


mmoir - thanks, yeah this has been a fantastic place for me to really improve. There’s just so many resources and so many helpful mates to provide feedback and opinions, it’s like a real school with real education! Really glad I joined this challenge. And yes I’ve fulfilled my goal as well, and that’s to improve. Thanks, you keep up the good work!

Smooth-Criminal - yup it’s been a great learning experience, happy new year to you too!

monsitj - couldn’t have said it any better, cheers!


A shame that you can’t continue really…good though that you got your image this far…it looks very nice…a good balance of action and peace,I like it ,thankn you for the support in my thread…hope to see more of your work in the future…happy N :twisted: Year


Your final looks just great! To bad you can’t continue the way you’d like but you still have made some great work here - many wishes for the future and a happy new year!


:bounce: :beer: :bounce:


essencedesign - yeah…this is not close to my vision, but i guess I’m fairly satisfied with what I’ve got. I can definitely improve further (in fact I must). There are so many things I’m still incapable of, like detailed muscle definition on characters etc, something you happen to be great at! You keep up the great work, respect it a lot, and Happy New Year! We’ll see more of each other I bet.

Gunilla - Thanks so much, for your support and feedback, and you keep up the good work! Happy New Year!

Climax - Happy New Year to you mate!