Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


Hello again keetmun! Droping by to tell that the last image is really working great! :thumbsup: Lighting works preeetty well to the scene mate!

Keep them coming! :wavey:


nice work mate! is getting better and better. Are you going to add people/ robots walking around the place… will look nice if you do.

  • cheers!


you created a very good composition :thumbsup:


markovicd. - Yah well if it doesn’t work, it’s dropped! :twisted: Hopefully I can get the crowd in nicely… Hopefully…

essencedesign - Thanks mate, hopefully it all works out in the end!

Eagle_e7 - Thanks, and cheers to you! :beer:

vrhead - Yup it’s all pretty much all image mapped. I take photos of usable textures and do some careful cloning in photoshop. It’s slightly more complicated than that, but it’s basically careful cloning of pictures of real life textures. Hope to have helped!

terraarc - Wassup dude, glad to see you around again, and thanks!

ARSA - Yup definitely I’ll be putting in the live population really soon, once I figure it out in the first place! :scream: thanks again mate!

glim - Thank you very much!

Ok once again I am at a standstill with regards to this challenge. I’ve come to the ‘true challenge’ now, and that’s putting in people into the scene. Right now I think I’ve got 2 options

  • Model every single person rather low poly (may kill my processor)
  • Paint alpha maps to represent people (more efficient, but may turn out ugly)

If anyone is wondering i’m not going to do the main character anymore, she’s really just eye candy, which is not the purpose of this piece. Help me…!


my recomendation would be low poly models… just focus the polys on curvs not alot of detail… since they are going to be far away wouldnt be too much of a problem


Hello keetmun! On to the subject:

Low poly or alpha mapped faces?
Do it all! The LOTR, Return of the King style!! :bounce: In their scene where the Rohirrim march to the field in front of Minas Tirith…the threw randomly CG cavalry and real in any distances!!:bounce:

You can model some low poly citizens (2 at least I say…male and female). Depending on the distance they sit you can choose between…texture replacing or vertice moving…for variations…
Then alpha map those low polies citzs and fill the empty spaces…:thumbsup: Hope I helped a little…



vrhead - Thanks, I think I might have to vary poly counts depending on the distance to the camera…

terraarc - Oh my u want me to do a LOTR! :scream: U think too highly of me! But I am flattered no less. Yeah I may have ot mix and match now… Thats’ a good idea i’ll consider it, thanks again mate!


Looking great. And what’s really fun about it is that those red lanterns, though fairly simple and non-scifi things in themselves, they REALLY make the whole image complete somehow.


not hopefully … u must get it :slight_smile:


Here’s a little update, where i tweaked some small details and added some extra stuff.

I know the boats have to be changed a little, since they seem to be in the same pose.

I’m still sort of procrastinating on the people walking around. Now I’m actually considering 2d illustrated characters for the population, kind of like GITS:Innocence. Still have much more to plan out, and it doesn’t help that school’s started…


JamesMK - Thanks, glad you like the lanterns. I realise my entry has a rather subtle Grand Space feel to it. I hope everyone likes it in the end.

markovicd. - Indeed brother indeed… :wip:


It looks great, I like your idea. Maybe you can add more lights in the street and buildings becuase it looks a little dark.
Very cool :thumbsup:

Grand Space Opera


its looking very good. I would just suggest making their hats a bit less bright white it draws your eye away from the scene. Just my opinion, but I think it should help. Keep it at!


I think it would be good if the boats have a little bit brighter color. It would make the bigger contrast and they would be more visible. Now the dissapear in the image. It’s hard to see thtem if you watch it for the first time… or you could add some small lamps on the boats also, that could be a nice idea!


hi! very good update , nothing to crits about concept , but it’s look very dark in my monitor , maybe it’s just me , good luck


Great update!

Some nice changes here, I like the idea to add a second boatman. Love the birds aswell! :smiley:

Interesting idea to add 2d characters, definitely worth some testing.

Keep it up! :smiley:


it’s nice to see that you stick to your plan/concept. nice update here. like the bg comp. it’s nicer if the 1st boat is a little closer to the cam. good luck!


Haya there mate! nice and good looking… I dont like the little bird thing you got going on there in the middle of the scene…

Happy holidays to you man! :applause:

Keep the good work

  • cheers


ered dium - Thanks I think I’ll add more light to the bottom part!

||) |V| |^| - Heh heh I thought that would’ve been an interesting effect, turns out probably not. Yup I’ll bring it down a bit. Thanks!

arturro - After reading what you said I think I’ll show the people in the boat carrying some lamps, to help brighten the area and objects. Will look quite cool as well. Thanks!

monsitj - Yup as always I seem to have this problem with the darkness of my work. I’ll probably brighten it up a bit in photoshop for the final, thanks!

Eagle_e7 - Yup thanks, working on it!

uwil - Thanks I’ll try that out!

ARSA - Heh heh I had a feeling that you might not have liked the bird, but I guess it’s really a personal preference thing. Thanks for dropping by mate!

I’ve just come back from school and I’m feeling really worn out… I’ll try and post my feedback to all you guys later. And why do I have sch a few days before Christmas? I don’t know…


i like the very much the image, and the textures, the oriental style, the only crit: maybe add a glow effect in the blue tubes, that the light notices in the walls, and i think that the light in the
boat will be a good idea!! keep de good work!!:arteest: