Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


Wow, great work keetmun!

I like the boat guy alot, and your texturing and lighting in the scene is very good. Can’t think of any crits, except maybe you could add a small amount of glow to your lights?

In any case great work! :slight_smile:


Ooooh…I’m so mad, I spent half a day modelling, unwrapping and texturing the buildings in the bg, and after rendering the file somehow got corrupted… so what you see in the bg is all I have, unless i redo the frickin’ thing again…

If I do redo the bg, I’ll do it later on, got to work on the next main element, the big advertising ship floating above, then I’ll see how I can improve the lighting and the bg…

Cheers…Yeah right…


ARSA - I’ll see how it goes, I’ll work on the big ship now then I’ll see what small nifty details I can add in. Cheers man! :buttrock:

Eagle_e7 - Thanks, I’ll think about the glow thing. :bounce:



Wow keetmun it is so strange to me, your concept is.I guess the
message is this constant stranger interaction. And you say it is
supposed to be very depressing! A constant feeling of being lost
in a place that doesn’t quite feel like home. Just the way I feel about
San Francisco! A very realistic place, with dream like extensions. A
dream I often have that I am lost and lonely. The rediculous blending of
cultures. Yes, your place is depressing, it is a nightmare. No need for a war!
Existence is pain enough!

my 3d entry


hey keet!.. i think that u should change the bacground … to be more futuristic!
some space ships maybe ?


userBrian - Yeah…existence is pain. But there is always hope in sadness, we all have a deep desire for a better tomorrow, no matter how hopeless our situation is. And this is what keeps us going through the pain and sadness. At some point we’ll all feel like giving up, or running away, but trust me there’s always a reason to keep going. You just have to find it. That’s why I used pink for the bg, which is a brighter colour.

Sounds like you’re having a tough time in San Francisco. My advice is to think of your loved ones, wherever they are, and just keep going. We’ll all be alright… Ok this is sounding really mushy…guess I’m in the zone right now, or I’ve watched too much Casshern… You keep going man… :wip:

markovicd - Don’t worry the flying ships are coming…i actually thought of more wacky buildings, but I realised I don’t want too much attention on the bg, so I used towers instead. You keep rocking mate! :buttrock:


Awesome work friend…me likes what i see very much :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


hey this is great!.. that water shader looks really good,a nd u also added a nice coustic… very well done man…but buddy i got one concern, where is the space opera?.. i mean it looks good but there is not galactic battel/peace-making or flying space crafts… i hope u know what ur doing… dont take my work for anything, its just me… :thumbsup: keep up the good work mate


DimitrisLiatsos - Thanks mate, glad you like it! :beer:

overcontrast - Patience brother, patience! The ships are coming really soon, the theme of my piece(besides the obvious spaceOpera) is new and old. I want to show the contrast between the past and the future usinfg subtle elements like small ships in the bg and such. Thanks for the encouragement, there’s plenty more to come! :smiley:

Ok here’s a verbal update. I’ve actually finished the advertising ship that will float above the river, but I’ve tried many many different positions for the ship, but they all seem really hideous in the final composition… :banghead: So I’ve scrapped that idea, I’ll just move on to making the smaller ships and the hi-tech critters commuting along the river. After that comes the people walking around… :scream: :scream: :scream:

Cheers people…


Hello keetmun! Been following your thread since the beginning so I’m quite aware of the great amount of work you’ve done already! :thumbsup:
Your image so far looks great! Waiting for the advert ship you’re working on right now!

Some thought…I think the scene fits in with some local lights…wired bulbs (like those used on christmas trees)…standing over the canal…


Wow, this is looking sweet! I love the background with the tall buildings, I think it’s just what the picture needed. The water and light reflections on the wals look incredible. The one thing I’d say is tone down the lanterns just a tad. Red is good, but I think they’re a bit too bright to fit in with the sceen. I’d give them more of a dim glow than a fully lit look. Just my opinion though, it’s really great either way.


ahhhh mannnnnnnnnnn you rocks I like it that’s very cool piece of art. you should work lots on it and improve it it becomes great… the only think about the compo I don’t see the conflict… :sad: anyway the image is great


Moving really slow…

Ok I gave up on the large ad-ship a few days ago because there was really no good way to fit it into my current compo, and I really can’t stand that…

So here’s what I’ve done, it’s a sort of mini-ad-ship, that floats along and above the river. Texturing and modelling is not very detailed, becasue it’ll be somewhat far in the distance.


Here’s a scene update. Man I’m going slow these days… Doing a lot of other things lately. I added ships in the bg to show that subtle touch of space opera theme. Also added the mini-adship thingie. The picture on the mini ship’s a tad too bright, got to bring that down somewhat…

There’re more elements in the scene to add, mainly around the river area. Stuff like people walking around are coming soon. Just have to plan this big obstacle…


This is my rejected Advert Ship that I did. I did it until this stage, then I put it in my scene to try and make it work with my compo, but there wasn’t any real way to put it into my scene, so I’ve dropped the idea.

Going to focus on the living population in the scene. Got to plan that carefully…



terraarc - heh heh unfortunately I’ve discarded the idea of the ad ship. I do have a small one though! Thanks for the idea, I’ll see how I can fit that into the current setup. :thumbsup:

Sharga - Yeah I want the red to seem a bit unnatural, just to give it some mood. Maybe I’ll bring it down a bit… Thanks!

Divaise - Thanks for rocking my thread too! My concept doesn’t have any conflict, actually. I’m hoping to bring out that epic space opera feeling with a living, breathing city. Hope iot works out in the end!

Cheers all


blah… u shouldent have dropped that ship out of scene :frowning:
but anyway… lets see updates!:slight_smile:


I like what you 've done with the background…fills in the scene nicly…also am niticing some of the subtlties of your texturing…like the causic reflections on the side of the canal…nice work my friend… :thumbsup:


Nice work keetmun!

You’re doing a great job on the background, it’s giving it a much more lived in look. Having some people walking around is a good idea, looking forward to seeing them.

Keep it up! :slight_smile:


wow… thats a sweet painted texture you get going for your models… adds so much to the over all look when you can make everything painted… is it all image mapped ?