Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


hi Keetmun…
very nice updates mate…! looks better and better…! :thumbsup:
keep digging and you’ll do it…!
really very good job…! :beer:


river looks incredible…
congrtz mate! :slight_smile:


Ok after yet another day filled tweaking, i think I’ve got the lighting down nice. I hope. I pray.

I think I’ll move on to the bg and the flying ships and the walking populace…

On an unrelated note, great day for basketball…

Cheers people


GreenTek - Thanks mate, could use some encouragement once on a while! :bounce:

markovicd. - Yeah…the river…Thanks brother, check back soon! :thumbsup:



great atmosphere… .looking really cool

i agree with your mom… adding more neon signs could look awesome


Very interesting like always… but it is not of my taste. everything looks… the same … the light situation has to tell a mood in the atmosphere. There is nothing going on in this picture… sorry ! I don’t want to sound mean or rude at any time. If I do my apologies, that is not what I want to do. I’m trying to be really honest with you.

I dont see any reflections going on on the river… I don’t see bouncing lights… I see these glowy shapes but (bluish) but they arent casting any light. I would make those light under the river, and make it so the river is kinda glowing and emiting light (like a fusion)… sweet!

The lamps are way too shyny for such atmosphere. They look too red in my opinion. And the amount of light these lamps are casting is not enough. Plus I cannot see them reflection in the river.

There is a spot in the whole picture I can see it really nice. where the lamps (the round ones) are closed to the camera. In that row, count from left to right 4. There is some sort of light situation going on there. It looks decent, I can see the shapes of the stuff back there. Look into the properties of that light around there. Looks like a spot light to me.

Mate you have a great compo here, but IMO is not working at all 100%, use those lights to bring certain objects to visivility and to emote a mood in the scene.

EDIT: Maybe posting a larger image will help solve some of the light situation. Maybe is because is way too small the resolution gate is mudding the image… just a suggestion.

- Cheers mate!


Versiden - Thanks man, yeah I’ll prob be doing more neon signs soon. :thumbsup:

ARSA - First of all mate, there’s absolutely no need to apologise. I take everyone’s opinion’s seriously! And I know you’re being honest all the time! Let’s take this one by one.

Yup there’s really nothing going on in the scene right now, that’s prob because I haven’t finished modelling the rest of the ships and stuff. lighting wise, I’m trying to make the scene moody and depressing, that’s all I want to achieve through the lighting.

You brought up reflections on the river, and then I suddenly remembered I haven’t tried the caustics yet! So I’m going to try it out now. the bluish shapes are actually casting bluish light, maybe I have to make them stronger…

i don’t really like the idea of lights glowing underneath, because this is supposed to be an old river, and I want to make the river look old and dirty. Putting lights underneath will make it kind of ‘new’, you know? It’s mainly a preference thing I guess.

The river reflections are kind of limited, because a dirty river doesn’t reflect as much as usual. I’m using a regular raytrace map for the river plus noise for bump. I think the lamps are not reflecting off prob becuse of the distance, it’s probably too far away to be seen. I dunno maybe I’ll play a bit more with the river.

And yes I agree the lamps are too shiny. Actually brought down the shininess a bit but looks like I’ll have to bring it down somemore.

Overall looks like my lighting could use more work here, thanks mate. I’ll get right on it with your suggestions!



I don’t get why it is so dark. There would be street lights
and the apartments would have window lights. I may be
missing something here. Maybe a doorway is open and
casting a Light? I guess when you add the ships it
will change? I know you want a moody, depressing look
but I think that it is just to dark to set any mood except
danger, in my opinion. I’d put spot lights with falloff, maybe
volumetric lights with fractal noise. Maybe lights doing a
poor job of lighting, but now it is like no lighting almost.
But I think it looks cool, and is very close to setting your
mood. Very interesting look coming here. I can’t wait to
see just what you are up to with those ships, you got
me very curious…I’ll be back!

On second thought I have to add that I am actually
talking of just adding a couple light touches of light!
Not anything major! This is very close in my opinion
just a couple misserable puny lights that actually
make a pathetic attempt to show the way, and actually
light up the bottom level, but just a tiny bit. Just my
feelings here. Great work though, I don’t mean much
of a change at all! Just my 1 and a half cents.

my 3d operenzony


Ok here’s my next fix. Put in some caustic lighting, which actually made the scene much prettier I feel! Credit to ARSA for the idea!

I also made sunlight more apparant at the top. Might need to adjust that volume fog though… In case anyone’s wondering, the base of the scene is supposed to be a bit darker than the top, but should not be so dark that nothing can be seen. PLease do keep the feedback coming!

Cheers people!


UserBrian - i get what you mean man, like the lighting is not headed in any direction. So here’s my latest fix! The big ship floating over will cast even more light over the river, so please be patient, it’s gonna get exciting over the last few weeks.

Cheers man


Wow, thats coming along great! Ridley Scott would be proud. Ill just put something out there for you to think about.

Youve got a lot of very strong flowing lines in your composition, the curves of the building make for a lot of movement, and taper down towards the bottom right. If you were to move your figure on the boat a bit more to the right, you could utilize those lines to draw attention to the small figure amongst the towering buildings, and make it more of a focal point.

Its just an idea, it may not work for your own idea of the piece. I love the lines, Id want to see them used to their fullest. Great work!



Man! You sure know your composition. You make a really good point there, i’ll try it out soon. Thanks man, you keep up your kickass modelling! :buttrock: :thumbsup:


The last lighting of the image is very good i like it very much gives a very nice mood to the picture:thumbsup:

you really rock in the last update keep it up man:buttrock: i will be checking for more


looking better and better each time i check in… :thumbsup: waiting for the final piece to blow me away : )


Ah yes! The caustics did the trick - looks good now! Great work :thumbsup:


God I love this update. That picture reminds me of bladerunner mixed with the oriental flavor and depth of quality found in Ghost in the shell. Very beautiful work. I am keeping my eyes open for more updates from you. This stuff rox.


Wow, thanks for the encouragement guys! Really glad you all like it that much.

Lelantos - Thanks about the lighting, but I couldn’t have done it without ARSA’s suggestions.

Yina - Heya, welcome back, I hope to blow away eveybody as well!

Gunilla - Indeed the caustics, again it would not have come about without ARSA’s honesty!

||) |V| |^| - Thanks man. Those are the exact feelings I’m trying to convey to people.

Cheers guys!


OMFG! :eek: AWESOME! I LOVE IT MATE! its… its… its… prettyfull… ( I dont like the fog) but everything is sweet! the light the caustic, is not dark anymore… what was the problem?..

Now I will suggest adding a thirs element to the scene, something at the top, or a corner REALLY close to the camera, like 3 pipes going accross, and add some algae growing there and some sort of alien rat walking by it :slight_smile:

The lamps are AWESOME!

I love it… I told ya the caustic will give the scene a nice touch :smiley:


PS: sorry I’m late for the update … lol!


Thanks mate, I’m glad you like it now. Yeah I think I need to adjust the fog a bit. I’m really not too sure what the problem was, but the caustic really did help, all thanks to you mate!

And about the rats, heh heh I’m not really into that, maybe I’ll replace the rats with some birds resting on the pipes, wanted to do that a while ago, maybe I’ll do it now!

Thanks again friend, couldn’t have done it without your help!



You are welcome mate, No prob!!! :thumbsup:

mmm… a bird in such a place… I dont think it will survive… I bet there is hunf=dred of hungry creatures around… besides the place looks… very moody… I think if you add a bird might kill the mood… create a creature, something that lives in that kind of situation… maybe some sort of frog/fish/slime creature… just to add up…

If you want to go with the bird :smiley: I guess its ok… but all I will be thinking is… mm… meet for those poor peoples/ creatures :smiley:

- Cheers mate!