Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


Haven’t been able to do much over the weekend, but here’s an update. I’m redoing the textures of the two main buildings on both sides of the river, and lighting has basically gone back to square one.

Starting out with a target direct light as sunlight and some omnis illunminating the darker parts.

Oh, and I doubled the texture size for the right building as well, now it’s around 4000 by 4000. Hope this works…my system’s already choking a bit…


overcontrast - Thanks, yup I’m working away at redoing the textures! Cheers! :buttrock:

ARSA - I hope so too…I hope so… :buttrock:


hey man with those textures it’s excellent… it’s a little bit dark but may be it’s just your idea :slight_smile: WIsh ya luck


Hi keetmun

Thats an interesting submission, It feels like old, but modern, If you include some
spaceships ect… It would have a nice Bladerunner feel to it, It has some wonderful modeling but I think it needs some modern elements,

Check my link, Paul P.Patina!


I really love it its like a painting or a comic book very nicely done on textures :buttrock:
are you going to put some light on windows or along river ?

really great stuff i will be checking for more:thumbsup:


Wong…I mentioned before that your piece has a touch of whimsical to it…I think you should perhaps open the scene up a touch with recess lighting…Some soft ambiant lights from lanterns along side the canal…I think a few lights pointing on some primary models also is needed,more light on main objects,the light and dark will both become more by working against or for each other…Possibly you could consider setting the camera a little lower,and get a more “Vertical look” to the final shot,showing off more space by using the vertical angles more…:arteest:

Textures look nice,but light is needed here,soft glows,or twinkle lights alongside the canals…But most importantly on your primary objects,or bends in the paths…All the best to you as you move forward,I’ll check back later to see what you come up with,it’s got potential,I hope to see you reach it…:arteest: :cool:


Divaise - Thanks man, I’m still in the process of redoing the textures. Lighting will come into play later on, but don’t worry it’ll definitely be brighter! Cheers

patina - Yup there’ll be some futuristic ships flying around (at least one). labouring away as I speak! Thanks I’ll be checking out your link soon.

Lelantos - Thanks, yup there’ll definitely be more light coming. Just need to finish the texturing…

Virtuoso - Yeah, the light is coming. I’m redoing the texturing so that I can better work on the lighting. I’ll just have to use a makeshift one for now. And yes definitely there’ll be more soft lights. Camera-wise, I’ll try and experiment more. Let’s see how it goes.

Cheers all…


Haven’t updated until now, but here it is! The background and the river are just placeholders, I have yet to finish them yet. Lighting is still not done. It’s constantly wip, so I please do give me all your C&C.

Texturing’s done I guess, but I could redo the textures of the base if the building if I have time…hmm…

Cheers guys


Nice lamps, but I would advice to use different colors(yellow, blue and red ), and lower the saturation a bit. Those lamps will give a great mood to it! I’m waiting for next updates


Nice lightining man I really like it it looks very chinese :stuck_out_tongue: Cool man…
arturro-> I thini it would be great with that colours if those think were traffic lights. Keep going man I stay connected :stuck_out_tongue: :thumbsup:


• Great updates!, but It is a bit too dark for me, you should paint with lights a bit more, in some specific areas so the contrast with the edges of buildings and shadows is more visible.

• I also Think, the red lights should be not so red, you may try a translucent shader so it gives a paper like translucent paper, you shoul know how they look better than I do.

• Great! keep the hard work!:thumbsup:


yeah very nice updates! this future / china town is coming nice!:slight_smile:


arturro, Divaise - Yeah I agree the saturation is a bit too high. I think the lantern colours will stay the same, since these are the colours lanterns usually are, but I will put in more different colours, like traffic lights Divaise mentioned. Thanks guys I’ll stay coneected too! :bounce:

Climax - Yup the lighting’s still wip, I’m taking my time to fine-tune everything. Hopefully they add up and look sweet. I’ll also soften the saturation. Translucency is damn tough. I get what you’re saying, like some kind of paper lantern where you can see the frame of the lantern right? I’m trying to fake the translucency with texture maps. I’ll see if I can make a shader as well. Still quite new to SSS…

markovicd - Rock on man… :buttrock:

Cheers guys
:buttrock: :wip:


Been doing lots of tweaking tweaking and tweaking. Hopefully I got the lighting down nice and clear. Please do tell me if lighting is still lacking something. Added the river, so hopefully everything’s coming together.

My old mom told me to add more signboards, so I’ll probably do that tomorrow or something… Now I have GOT to get some sleep…

See you all in about 10(?) hours…


This is beginning to look great! Really nice updates!
To me it still seems a bit to dark, and also perhaps to little contrast in the lighting. I suggest you brighten up the foreground a bit. This really comes along well :thumbsup:


Hey Keetmum,
Everything in your scene looks good, I like the layout and composition of things. I am having a real hard time to see things in the scene though. Somehow the lighting needs to be brighter,the lamps don’t seem to be casting enough light although the lamps are bright enough.
Keep up the good work.


Whoa still too dark? I’ll get right on it.

Thanks Gunilla and mmoir! Gonna go fix it now…

Cheers guys, and thanks!


I really like the ambiance of your scene! I think your lighting work just well, there’s nothing wrong that I can see!:slight_smile:


Been a little bit since I visited in on you keetmun…I must say that I really do like your progress…my sugesstion might be addition of a small bit of mist/haze rising from the water and creeping around the corner from the background to add depth…I’m sure thouh that what ever you do will look great man. :applause:


Kraull - Thanks! I want to make the scene moody, but if most people can’t see my work then I better brighten it up a bit more!

essencedesign - Thanks man. Yeah the last piece actually has a little fog added. I’m trying to be careful with the amount of fog I use. I’ll play around with it a bit more. Gonna put a bit more fog in the bg like you suggested. Thanks man…

Cheers guys