Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stéphane C.


Really exelent textures:eek:, loking forward to se the renderd scene:bounce:

:thumbsup:Happy new year:thumbsup:


Happy new year, Stephane Best wishes for the new year:beer::beer::beer:


Wishing the best on the new year mate! :thumbsup:

This texturework is awsome!!


thanks to all… and I hope to all a best year than this one… :love:

shiela_G: ho la la… :wink:


Putain, je suis deg de pas avoir vu ton thread avant ! ça casse bien comme d’hab ! Vraiment superbe boulot ! Tu as mon vote ! :love:
(Oh le gars qui se couche par terre !)

Waoo ! Amazing ! I’m sad not to see this thread before ! It is a great amazing work as usual ! really cool work ! You’ve got my vote !
(Am I becoming a carpet ?) :slight_smile:


The texturing is great, il like the dirt maps over the color layer.
Lightning is very good too. I hope it will look ok when you put those 2 together


here a quick sheme of the differents parts I render. I render 1º-the dock 2º-the ship 3º-the pilot, I can treat each part more easily, for exemple I Get darker the backroundd, sharpen a little the ships… etc


layers collapsed :slight_smile: now I will let this image sleeping 1-2 day, its a system I use when I´m working some time on the same image. I take again the image with a fresh look. I will paint some details, add a global tone to the entire image etc…


awesome!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: ,oh,very beautifull


Great progress here :applause:

The only thing I`m not sure is the ship on the forground… seems in strange position… like the roll was too heavy… difficult to explain… maybe when you add the glass to the cockpit that will be better :curious:

Great work from far :thumbsup:


mé un ti chouille de fog ca ferait pas de mal pour detacher tout ca…

meme 2d entre chaque vaisseau et le doc

a small fog would be good to sperated little bit and give depth and impression of grand :slight_smile:


yes perhaps some fog effects… dont know… for the glass off the cockpit dont believe I´m going to put one… with the reflects etc, the details of pilot will desapears :frowning:


In that case you should just put glass into the rear window. This way we’ll still be able to see the pilot clearly. And on the front side you should at least try to make the illusion of glass around the borders of the window, putting some reflections there and leaving the middle part completely transparant. Dunno how to do this though…

Good luck!


An absolutely stunning scene! :thumbsup:

I agree on adding a touch of fog to help separate the ships from the buildings. Other then that, it’s a bloody masterpiece.:applause:


bravo! just bravo! I wish i make pictures like that someday. Nothing to say more now… sory:shrug:


Bah… j’remballe mes gauilles… you killing me man… :banghead:

Separatly… I find all parts awesome… but together… I’m speechless… I return too cook… that’s a certainly a better way for me :scream: hahahahahaha…

Seriously… I’m fan… the feeling of depth is marvellous… nothing more to say, remain me just to watch your art my friend :thumbsup:


Fantastic pic ! Really a great work !

Au fait, content de te retrouver sur ce concours, je te connais de nom uniquement, et tu es dans les liens de mon annuaire depuis que j’ai découvert ton site… N’hésite pas à y faire un tour d’ailleurs ( premier lien de ma signature ) ! :thumbsup:


pourrais mettre un tit truc comme ca dans les coins…

you could put a little bit of dirt and scratch like this in the corners…

you still can see in the middle without any problem…

this is an old wip helicopter seen “3-4 sec” in Rainbow 6 - black arrow - copyright Ubisoft.

opacity & reflection


very nice work. maybe some more contrast [dark/light] will give more power in your picture. keep going!~


Really nice ! I really like the compo and the awesome textures you made … that lighting from the right is nice too…bref c que du beau ca ! :thumbsup: