Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stéphane C.


The last model looks quite interesting! :thumbsup:

Waiting for some santa textures!!:applause:


Hey stefgrafx, what a excelent work you are doing man! I’m very anxious to see where you are going! Great work!


Very good ship design! Hope to see it textured soon!



ca fait mal…

tres tres impressive…


Excelent work! Very clean - I don’t know how you manage to model some of these things so fast!



Finished textures… exept for cokpit… I will render in a other pass “cokpit-pilot”, not enouth Ram… and next step, composing all the elements for final images… add some more details etc…


hi Stéphane,
deux mots : très gentil.:thumbsup:


your texturing skill is awesome! but where is your latest ship position in the scene? just wait you to put everything together !:thumbsup:


what resolution of textures are you using ? that ship looks awesome, i want to see it completed too!!!


pt1… tes textures… to much powerfull… la puissance à l’état brut… :thumbsup: je suis fan…


monsitj: very very soon…, This ship will replace the others ships that you can see in the firsts threads…

shiela_G: deux mots : très gentil??.. I´m a bad boy :wink:

turbinea: the highest texture is 1800pix by 1800pix… my CPU dont whant more :frowning:

Lemog: moi aussi je suis fan… de tes zavions…j´irai bien faire un tour… dessine moi un mouton :wink:


Textured the ship is a real beauty! :thumbsup:
Nothin to crit at all…waiting for the composition “WOW” image… :slight_smile:


hahaha…“very nice” passé dans un traducteur donne littéralement “très gentil”, c’est dont ton texturing qui est très gentil :scream: MDR

It’s not that all… don’t stop… we’re laughing… but you must work !!! :wip:


Hi stefgrafx,

I was curious about how it would look textured, but now I`m just jealous :thumbsup:


Hi there Stéphane!

I’ve been wanting to post some comments on your awesome work for a long time now, but I always ended up being totally numb drooling over your updates, unable to write a single word…

Exxagerating, am I? Nope… imho your modelling and texturing work is some of the best I’ve seen to date, bar none. And I’ve seen some amazing work…

The fact that you can handle modelling and texturing at this level is already a great achievement, but when complemented by good solid concept design and visualization it really makes all the difference… what more can I say, congratulations! You’ve got yourself another fan :slight_smile:

Ok, now enough complimenting, let’s do some crits…
The only thing I can point concerning your work is shading. While being a fantastic texture painter I think that your surfaces tend to look very similar in terms of shading. This happens a lot with 3D artists which have strong traditional painting skills, there is the temptation of doing everything in the texture itself…

While this does work to a level, there are certain properties of a surface that have more to do with specific qualities of the material they’re made of, and this is translated trough shading setup.

I’ve seen some people mentioning this on your thread already, for example, imho your “metal” surfaces should be more reflective (shiny) and have more darkened edges. You can use reflection masks to make your material shine underneath your paint since paint and metal surfaces behave very differently. These liitle subtleties really go a long way in creating a truly believable look…

Fallof maps, masks, blend materials, blurred reflection maps, multi layer paint shaders, you name it! Everything goes as long as each specific material is easily identifiable…

It’s with the utmost sincerity that I say that your work is among the most impressive I’ve seen lately, so I hope my feedback drives you to excel even more and gives a small contribution to an already overwhelming talent…

Take care and all the best to you :thumbsup:


sweet modeling - wonderful textures - awesome work so far!
What renderer do you use?


Rui_Padinha: I agree with your critics about my textures, for example for this challenge I use V-ray, and Don´t use vrayMtl, only Difuse-Metal textures with specular-levels… I will have to do some tests, metal shaders etc… and also render this scene with Fallof maps, masks, blend materials, blurred reflection maps as you say will take mi lot of time that I dont have :frowning: and the time render will increase a lot also… for each tests etc… but you are right, I must spend more time investigating Shaders… also would like investigate animation, particules effects etc… no time, perhaps in a other life :wink:


Some textures I realise For this model… diffuse-maps and specular-maps… next week I will post The rendered scene…


hi Stephane,

I love the textures…now that’s better. tsk…tsk…tsk so lazy to think…hahahahh…and what a post! Anyway, just take it like i was talking to you not the art work. AHAHAHAH Lemog, yeah that was terrible…what am i thinking??? and stop laughing. I wasn’t even drinking. Well, keep working now Stephane…i know your smiling…HAHAHAHAH. ooops HAPPY NEW YEAR!

p.s. I’m a bad girl.:wink:


j’espère que la teuf a été bonne gars… :thumbsup: