Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stéphane C.


looking good. Nice detailwork so far. I like what I am seeing. I will check back for more.


Pilot textured… and lightning-test, next step…lightning the dock-port, I will paint over the final image to retouch some textures, give more details etc…


Nice work, very impressive models.


Nice update, nice progress, Stefgrafx! I like pilot’s helmet, i like lightninng, i like textures color scheme. Good job!


amazing stuff, the diffuse color of these materials are awsome… but in my opinion it should be more metallic. I mean bigger specular and shiness(thinking mainly anout the ship, and a lile bit about the helmet)


It looks great, I like the color and lights. The textures are very nice :thumbsup:

Grand Space Opera


It looks great, I like the color and lights. The textures are very nice
I don’t have critics :thumbsup:

Grand Space Opera


New space-ship I will merge them, en render them at last, and compose them in the final image…


Salut Stefgrafx, your stuff,
It’s looking just great!!..
I like this cool technical stuff so much,
the only one think is that your metall shaders looks a bit stonely
(but arturro tald already about this)
So, I’m just really interested in your next posts, and waiting for your progress…


Just stopping by to tip my cap to some very nice art/work here Stephane…Your style and work here match other very nice work of yours I have seen in the past…This is my first sighting of your thread,they can get lost in the sea of threads very quickly…But I am happy to have found it,it’s a very nice piece of modeling and textures,with a well thought out scene,nice balance…I think eye candy,pivotal moement,and action will be the most important,and you have this all covered…All the best to you…And now that I know you are here,I will be back for more for sure…Work hard and well…:arteest: :arteest:


I like a lot your texture-work! The last one is great…:thumbsup:
Nothing to crit…


update of the ship… perhaps will add some changes in the structure…


Wow, what an awesome model. I can already tell I have no chance in this competetion, lol.

Good work.


i lost this threat:sad:
nice style:)
the texturing amaizing:eek:
good modeling:bounce:

:drool: :drool: :drool:


Hi Stephane!
Whoah, now those are amazing textures on that pilot, just awesome!
And a great ship model btw :applause: No crits yeat :thumbsup:


Update modeling… I believe I will finish it soon… to start texturing…


:scream: woooooooooooooooow excellent excellent work modeling :thumbsup:



Man, you’re incredible!!! :eek:
oh… qu’est-ce que je pourrais dire d’autres,… c’est tout simplement excellent, autant le modeling que les textures et le rendu,… simplement incroyable… :eek:

It’s a very nice work!!!

keep going!! :beer:


W O R D L E S S!!!:eek:


Always good modeling here… :scream: