Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stéphane C.


great drawings and great modeling.
I look forward to more!


very nice. I want to point to one thing - cockpit has much less amount of detail compared to rest of scene, especially hangar wall. considering this is foregorund it should be more detailed or interesting - (my humble suggestion is big barrel of gun from right to left just under bottom of window and that minor details move more down. barrel can cast shadow on side of hull to break flat side). sure, textures can improve things a lot and this only my suggestion so it’s up to you. anyway great progress


:applause: Keep on going
You are a real artist. :thumbsup:


turbinea: thanks for the sugestion, but I´m not sure tu put more details or as you say a barrel-of gun (really don´t like too much those typicals designs)… look at a real pilot or cockpit (or star wars-pilots)… and there are not full of details… but perhaps I will add some little more inside… and work on textures… logos etc…


I like that… it’s powerfull… I love the design of the helmet Stef :thumbsup:


looking great you might win this contest good luck


I’m astonished with your detailed pilot… great job stefgrafx.


The amount of FINE detail is insane. WOW.


wow man :argh: ,following this thread :buttrock:


ur presentation of wips are aweosme and so are ur works… i’m get very inspired looking at ur works… very clean modleing and amount of detail… very nicely done… keep up the ultra fine works mate… nothing to crit :thumbsup:


Thanks Guys…

VHashishV: I´m trying to do a “planning” for each part of the entire image, time I can dedicate to the modeling, texturing, lightning, composing and final render… I could add more details… but don´t whant to have surprises at the end :wink:

overcontrast: I´m very happy if people can be inspired by my works… like I´m inspired by others people here… it´s what i call “a real community”


Start texturing the pilot… add more details to the cockpit… and finishing texturing…


Great stuff here! :thumbsup: I like your work all the way! Designs are great and models really come to life with that insane textures!!:eek:

The near ship you’ve started texturing looks awsome so far!
I’ll be watching! :bounce:


:thumbsup: very beautiful textures… the next step now plizzzzzzzzzzzzzz :scream:


You remain very true to your concept sketch… The modelling details are very cool…:thumbsup:


early sun rendering effects always impressed me, your milestones are very inspiring! good luck


Hi stefgrafx

nice textures I like all your details, look forward to seeing the final image, you could have the control lights reflecting on his face, only a thought,

check my thread
Paul. P.Patina…


Very nice balance of light and midtones across that surface! Really brings out the details.
Cool concept!



patina: yes I´m going to put some lightning into the cockpit… that will reflct on the glass off the helmett… perhaps a gloss-silver textur… reds-orange lights that also contrast with the whole scene “dark-ambience”

Others guys thanks for yours " :applause: "

Tonight I will post a finished version of this pilot “with lightnings… how say the nasa team " stay tuned” :wink:


yeah baby, yeah… you are one of my absolute favs. hope to see more of your work. impressive and excellent stuff you got there. love the ships and the char. keep it up