Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stéphane C.


Your work is great, the work with the texture is amaizing because I can appreciate the beauty of simplicity, with a very nice color and a good ilumination the textures look very pretty. Good job there!!


I love this. The modelling is elegant and full of detail and the textures rock. I love seeing your texture maps.

I can’t wait to see the final.


Fantastic modeling and texturing. Wow, this is going to be one tough contest. So many excellent artists. Great work!


oopus, je me suis perdu dans l’immensité de ce contest… pas vus avant… W:eek:W c’est superbe!

Impressive textureing and until now lloking at the first sketches and the result that looks really amazing ! :thumbsup: congrats is really a :buttrock: work !



before starting the modeling of the pilot I made some 2d concept to choose a design for the helmet and cockpit…


Great progress so far… the helmet designs look very cool too … I prefer the third one in the row. Keep going !


Nice Sketche… the look of the helmet and cockpit equipment agree me at 100%… go :thumbsup:


looks great mate… but the helmet looks a little bit elongated… anyways… dude u got ur thing going…the cocpit setup is amaging… cant wait to c it all in 3d…good luck :thumbsup:


Great job man, i l ike your texturing and your models too.
They re awesome.
Congratulations !
I wishe you the best for the contest.



Great work , love the drawings and the design style I hope to follow this tread

check my link, its different…in style

all the best Paul.P. Patina!


I’m liking the scope of this whole deal here… Some nice posts today.


Modeling the pilot, I have to add some details… the cockpit, and next step texturing…


Now that is what I call a pilot model… great! as I saw your previous textures, I can’t wait to see this guy textured:twisted:



grrreat ! sketches , modeling , good stuff !


another cool thread I seem to have missed until now, very nice work, love the designs and you have some very nice sketches in here too :bounce:


So many cool artists around here great modelling and i really love your concepts

this is a very fine job very nicely done:buttrock:

keep it up :thumbsup:


what? u got that modeled already?.. damn!.. i’m struggleing with my ship for a week now… and wen i c ur wrok it totally freaks me out… this is gonna b one hell of a GSO!!!.. keep it up man… modleing loos really good… :thumbsup:


In the dock image, i’d get rid of that ground plane, and extend the buildings downwards. Then i’d have some fog or haze there. That’ll exagerrate the sense of scale even more.


A render test, to see haw interect shadows etc…pilot + cockpit… need to add more details to the cockpit…


I´ve finished the modeling of the pilot and cockpit… perhaps after finishing mapping-texturing I will add some little props… will see