Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stéphane C.


Thanks guys, yes finaly I believe the final image will be as the daylight render… it look like more realistic and show more details…


Whaouw… quelle avancée… c’est vraiment magnifique que j’en perd le peu d’anglais que j’ai… that’s so much fantastic Stef… congratulation for this masterpiece :thumbsup:


wow, the dock looks incredible… great work with the ship textures also!

waiting for more updates…


excellent designs you’ve got here. really impressive work.


impressive stuff stefgrafx , nice details and modeling , i really like the space dock with blue light . The Pov is cool in tha last update.

Keep on :buttrock:


Some map a realize for the docks, 60-70% of the mapping-dock is realized…


Great work, fantastic detail on the models. Can’t wait to see the final image. :applause:


mapping of the docks, this is a quick default scanline render, to apreciate the specular maps I will made tests with Vray. I have to merge more details for the dock… bottom, more technical props, and also merge the space-ships…


Very detailed models you have there… great job!



I like your camera angle… really interresting view.


stefgrafx, your texturing is awesome!!! very good, very good. and i like the daylight version than orange one.


test with V-ray render system to see how react the specular-maps, I will merge ships later… and next step starting modeling the pilot… perhaps some detailed 2d sketchs before…


That is very impressive modeling and texturing. think it’s great work! Am inspired to see how effective good maps can work out. Am looking forward to seeing the pic come together. Good luck! :applause: Claireabella


amazing texture on the amazing model!! simply amazing:bounce: It has an unique mood, which I like very much. I’m not sure about it, but I would make some tests with a small lights on this building. Some small lighing elements could make this image more real, and gice a bit live to this building. But it could destroy this unique mood… so I advice to simply try:)

good work so far!


I like the vray test rendering… a sweet mood but with a lot of contrast… I adore… I’m so curious to see the scene with ships…


superbe, tout ca bien eclairer ca va taper


arturro: I don´t think I´m going too put too much lights I whant a dark “atmosphere” not a blade runner style… and the pilot that will be in the foreground, will have some lights on the helmett etc to give some contrasts to the final image, how say the guys from the mars-rover web page “stay tunning” :wink:

Lemog: I hope don´t have too much problem merging all the elements… my CPU is a little afraid :frowning:

I´m doing some render test to see at how resolution I can render the final image… For the challenge the guidelines ask for 3636x2657 pixels… I don´t know if people here remember that :slight_smile: For my part Y believe I could render the final image at 2600/2800 pixels Hight…


eeeeeee. i dont konw what to say…just…wow…amazig.
great work:eek:


nice texturing mate and great lighting! :thumbsup:
keep it up and cheers! :beer:


grat modling and great texturing