Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stéphane C.


I add some specular-maps and made some tests with V-ray…


Waouw excellent sketch… and the vehicule is very good, amzing modeling and texture!!

Keep going! :buttrock:


Textures screenshots, some textures I create for those spaceship, next step will be the dock… and some lightnings tests…


the ships and the textures loos really great…good work here!!!


Holy smoking pygmies dude you are good.

I like the harsh look of the models.

Y si, me dio cuenta que hay muchos hispanos en esta competencia!!


Nice textures.


wow! :buttrock:

Very good!


Wow dude you sure know how to texture. The color scheme on that ship is awesome and everything flows together.


Really good-starwars quality!


hey what up. I love that ship, its nicely modeled and textured. You making the competition more challengeable. keep it up. I can’t wait to see the final project.


Your ships is fantastic with these texture… true good work man… I like that :thumbsup: good color choice…


awesome work man. I really like your style of modeling and of course your texture skills.
hope to see more of your stuff…


Your stuff is going well, real cool from the start. I really love you models. I happen to stumble onto you site the other day, there was heaps of great space stuff, man this theme’s probably your best strengh :scream: we’ll all have to watch out for your stuff. Super great work though, i can’t wait to see your final image.


hey that shpis are nice and the idea too.
keep working


Modeling the dock, I dont model the bottom of the dock because in the first plane I will put the cockpit/pilot as you can see in the 2d conceot sketch…


I made 2 test for the lightning, one like the 2d concept-sketch and the other one as day light, before starting the textures of the docks and merge the space-ships and others elements.


o my god!!.. taht is soo insane detail…!!! m completely speechless… :thumbsup:


hey man i think that the dylight style is better. It looks more realistic, but the other one is too cartoon:D


amazing…no more to say!!



dylight style is better…
much more realistic… and whith ships!.. will look excelent!

you are runing to win!.. :thumbsup: