Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Stéphane C.


This is exactly what i thought.The whole thing blends in way too much.The whole thing needs way more just melts into each other.
Still it’s some real fine work,just needs much more contrast.
It also would have been nice to see some sky.not just wall.Possible a piece of the sky just over a part of the wall.It’s too confined looking now.
Just give the textures more contrast so they set them selves apart from the wall more and add some sky,you got time.
Still real good work though.


Vinci disait
Les détails font la perfection, et
la perfection n’est pas un détail.

Vinci used to say
Details create perfection,
and perfection is not a detail… :slight_smile:

mais t’as raison si c’est du givre a l’interieur :)) LOL

pour faire partie du bananas club…arggg…faut passer l’epreuve…
pas facile :

moi je suis au sol la !!!


Kylebrn: I “retouch” my image with a LaCie screen and calibrated with a “X-rite DTP 92 monitor calibration” Its not the best hadware-software to calibrate a screen, but it give you a good-idea of what you get in printing… perhaps your screen is not well calibrated… or my image really need more contrast :wink:

baby: Euu… ben… finalement… mm… je crois que je suis garré en double file la… hein… héhé


Yes my screen as your’s is fine.I mean the colors of your textures are too much the same.The wall and the ships are blending in too much.You need more seperate color pallette for your models.They merge too much as one.I cant see the difference from the ships to the back wall.


This is a great image, but the black and white version creates more of the the contrast problem. I recommentd the color vesion for the final. But if you do decide to keep the BW version, i’d make the ships lighter and the docking thingy darker to seperate the layers a bit more.


Dude I love this image…I think it looks killer as is…you have done true justice to your concept…my vote is stay with the B&W as well …will surely stand out from the crowd…just one mans opinion… :thumbsup:


Dang bro,
This was so a shoe-in… I’m not sure if you have enough contrast between the ships and the backround architecture as other people have mentioned. The subtle orange light that is emitting from the ship’s console onto the pilot’s face could have been punched up even more, infact, a bright light source to the left of the image could be depicting a battle without even seeing one. This would just make your ships sing with color, thus seperating them from the BG.

I would love to see some more life in the ships. I think you could win.


WoW, WoW? wOw, very great pic, all elements are very detailled, and the choice of textures is very good, it’s very good mechanical pic, good work, professional work

Ben dis donc, tu touches ta bille l’ami, ta compo est au top, que ce soit dans la modelisation ou dans le choix des textures, c’est vraimment une trés bonne compo, “trés futuriste mecanique”, les détails des éléments sont excellents, j’aime particulièrement la finition du pilote dans le cockpit, je suppose que tu es un pro, parce que si ce n’est pas le cas, ton travail l’est, sacré boulot, bonne chance pour le jugement, mais je crois que tu es bien placé (voilà, tirade en franch parce que moi et l’anglais…)


I would suggest adding a slight difference in tint between the background and foreground, and perhaps a little bit of red glow suggesting fire where the sparks are coming from. Oh, and the sparks look a little bit large. And a little bit of photoshop work on the levels and curves might make the image “pop” a little more, it looks a little gray and washed out. Outstanding image regardless.


Hey Stepane,I have to mention that the contrast between the ships and the backround architecture is just not enough,not nearly enough.And it hurts the overall look very much.It all melts in as one,very difficult to make out the ships from the wall.It’s top 10 to me,maybe top 5 as is.But if you can only show more contrast you could be top 3.Just here to help with a good old fashioned crit.
Plus where is the pivotal moment I missing something? Still good luck to you,you have got some real good work here.:slight_smile:


In my opinion stick with the colour version, you seem to be losing energy and the feeling of motion with the B&W version.


I followed and enjoyed your thread. Amazing.

Good Luck,




congratulations “bad boy”.:thumbsup:


freakin cool.
I love the details!


I am so sorry that I missed progress of Your work. But Gr8. I like it.


I like your work, detailed well and original.



truely an amazing final

well done, u got my vote ;p


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown:
… its so beautiful…


thanks guys… good luck for all… and now its time for, beers, champagne… and caraokes :scream:


Awesome Work
You Had my Vote!:deal: